Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

The tentacles don’t even really move like tentacles anyway so whats the point

Eh. They’re pretty at least.

Just wish we had more options for them.

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I think Void Elves need to be distinctly different from their High Elf Sin’Dorei cousins. Otherwise it’d be convoluted and confusing. Also, there needs to be clear Void magic taint to the Void Elves to prove they aren’t just regular High Elves like us. After all, Blood Elves are High Elves that symbolically changed their name to honor the fallen. Ren’Dorei are literal Voidey boys who were exiled from proper society due to their meddling in evil magic. Their meddling warped and twisted them.

It’s like the Drenai and the Broken. There’s no “broken” that look like Drenai.


Please it’s hardly any more evil than Warlock magic.

And our meddling didn’t change us.

A group of void ethereals did.


So you admit you’re changed. Case closed. You got voided.

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You don’t know me do you?


Right, because the only Void Elves that matter to you are Umbric and his small group of followers.

Kettle, meet pot.


Yes. The void elves that exist.

What other void elves are you referring to?

What are you talking about? You are working off of assumption. I’m working off of what is there.


Mmm I find it hard to believe that there are Night Elf/Blood Elf Demon Hunters with no Demon taint on their bodies whatsoever except for Fel eyes. But okay, let’s imagine you’re right and continue:

It’s important to stress here that you do not know this, Fenelon. We have no confirmation that Void Elves with natural skin tones do not exist lorewise. On the contrary, we have developers insinuating they do (new recruits, Alleria is both a High Elf and a Void elf). And most importantly, the very fact that Void Elves have those options available in game is a direct evidence that Void Elves with natural skin tones are canon or, at the very least, lorewise friendly. Believe me, developers will not ever implement customizations or any other option in game that go against established lore. That’s why we don’t have Void Elf Paladins, or Blood Elf Druids, or Gnome Demon Hunters.

You guys really do not want to go with the “it’s not canon, it’s just for RP purposes” excuse, as that literally opens the can of worms and entitles everyone to ask for absolutely anything, regardless of whether it’s lore friendly or not.

It’s one color, sure, but it’s a natural hair color that wasn’t changed by the Void. And NPCs have that color, and following your argument, that means it’s canon. So it’s safe to assume that not all Void Elves had their natural hair color affected by the Void transformation ritual.


I don’t like how the tentacles can only be purple. I like wearing all kinds of colors and purple clashes too much with warmer colors.


Having it change colors sometimes would be cute. Or maybe have them be a sort of mood indicator


Not all of the orcs drank from the blood to get green skin, some was born with it and others gotten it from exposure to warlock magicks proximity. To discount that fel is a magic that acts like radiation more so then any other magic not only defeats your point, but makes it obsolete.

Actually while not shown in game, warlocks and necromancers get’s bodily changed the more they practice their magic. Fel eventually breaks down there bodies while necromancy slowly turn them to undeath itself.

So you want to ignore the other more defining aspects of the BE race that defines who they are? Also, light runes isn’t really a thing, that is an arcane thing.

But your not just argueing with one group, your fighting the anti’s and the VE fans here, you guys are literally asking for ve’s story to be meaningless and want to over-write them with high elves.

It’s like they only want the model to be 100% BE’s and can’t think of any other way to get the story playable… like half elves or something lmfao :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we doing this again? Do you not read your own qoutes? And even if they where, why are you ignoring what void infusion, and curruption, does to the body?

She also didn’t go through a mutating ritual meant to change the persons very race into etherals… Do the intro quests!

I want starcursed options, I wouldn’t mind feeling more void-walker-ish.

Ummm… your argueing with a VE fan that is actually making the case VE’s got changed? You ok? did you read the past comments?

That’s because the lore is represented through them and nothing else? because they are void elves?

Even if VE get’s more hair colors, they should not get warm hair colors lol. The void is a very Cool place :stuck_out_tongue:

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So they changed the canon. Big deal.


gameplay =/= canon

Same issue with wildhammer/troll tribes, you can cutomize as them, but your not playing as them as the game story tells you your a darkspear troll or a ironforge dwarf.


Except that we’re not asking for the Void Elf story to be re-writen as the High Elf story. If you can’t really bother to look at what Blizzard has said and what we’re asking, then what is the point of you being here on the forums arguing?

Yes, I done the quest. Only Umbric and his followers were the ones who were transformed, and that is because they were taken by the Void Etherals. If it wasn’t for Alleria, Umbric would’ve also become a Void Etheral.

Alleria absorbed the powers from the Dark Naruu. Alleria is there to help Umbric and his followers control there newly found powers, and to help any future elves who want to study the void into doing it so safely.

All you want to look at is the one group. So how is the lore going to move forward if you don’t want it to move forward?


First of all, we’re not fighting. We’re arguing like adults, i.e., in good faith, with kindness and respect.

Second of all, you’ll excuse me, but I am a Void Elf fan. You don’t get to decide who is and who is not a fan of a certain WoW race based on their personal opinions and preferences.


That’s why you refuse to accept that RP intended options are just that and not a representation of canon?

So you do know that she went through a complete different thing, yet you try to use her as an example?

Because you don’t want to move forward the lore of the group you apparently don’t want him to focus on.

Void Elves are Void Elves, anyone that joins them will be a Void Elf. It’s their lore and no one else’s as it should be, and as it is for the lore of any other playable race.

Adults don’t go around trying to dig out ways to sling mud on those they disagree with.

Then why do you keep on trying to erase what they are?

Why do you look like a cheap imitation of a blood elf if you like Void Elves so much?


Because his interpretation of what a void elf is is different from yours.


And that’s fine and dandy.

But don’t try to say you like something when you don’t even stick to the canon you claim to like so much.

It’s as if I wanted a human model for Forsaken.


They certainly did come close with the freshly undead options.