A Time for Innovation! - The Unofficial Tinker Class Discussion Megathread

Welcome! To the Unofficial Tinker Class Discussion Megathread :wrench: :clamp: :hammer:

Credit to Jason Kang for GvG Hearthstone Artwork

TLDR: The purpose of this thread is to collect ideas and suggestions into one singular place for playable Tinkers while having discussions of said concepts. The launching point being my concept for a Tinker Class for World of Warcraft from hearing multiple points of view, inspiration from the Tinkers in game, other game Mechanically inclined characters and my own personal takes.


It has been some time since World of Warcraft got a new class, it will be Six Years this August from the Legion Launch. An abnormally long wait time compared to how it has been in the past for new class releases.

Normally, the devs would only release a class if it aligns with the theme of an expansion, and we do not know the theme of the upcoming 10.0 just yet for sure.

But fortunately…

Tinkers are one of the most malleable classes, with a long history in Azeroth. They can pretty much fit in whenever, and wherever because they just build things.

Tinkers have existed in the setting of World of Warcraft since before the game’s launch in 2004 as the Warcraft III’s Tinker Hero. They continued that legacy with some cameos in novels & comics or as Bosses and mobs in Azeroth. Getting even more validity in Battle for Azeroth with the introduction of Island Expeditions as a three spec class.

The Tinkers would guns as their primary weapon, or bows or crossbows. For all of them, the stats applied simply change based on spec to fit the tanking or healing role.
Tinkers would also wear Mail armor.

Additionally, Tinkers would have a Universal Passive called Scrap

Scrap - As a tinker damages an enemy, they chip away at their armor and weapons creating Scrap. This scrap can be picked up to replenish some of their resource and reduce their cooldowns by X seconds.

Possible Races


Having new classes available to All races is fun, but to keep the class thematic I would argue only giving it to the races that have shown a level of intelligence and innovation high enough to create such machinations. [IE, we have seen in game their created Machines]
These being:

  1. Lightforged Draenei
  2. Draenei
  3. Dark Iron Dwarves
  4. Dwarves
  5. Gnomes
  6. Void Elves
  7. Mechagnomes
  8. Goblins
  9. Mag’har Orcs
  10. Nightborne
  11. Blood Elves

Universal Spells


These are spells that are available to all tinkers regardless of Spec.

I would suggest like the NPC abilities, spells for playable Tinkers should have different names based on Faction or even maybe even Race. I didn’t bother doing it for the concepts in my post but just throwing it out there.

Explodium Bomb - The tinker tosses a bomb on the ground that after a few seconds explodes for X damage in an area.

Death Lazor - The tinker can charge a laser with devastating damage that when fired deals damage increasing based on how long it was charged (caps at X damage).

Sonic gun - The Tinker interrupts the target silencing them for 5 seconds.

Fuel Bomb - The Tinker throws fuel attached to an explosive at their target, after a moment it explodes coating the target and enemies within 5 yards in Oil that slows them by 50% movement speed. (allies can be targeted but wont be slowed) - Targets that are coated in Oil leave an Oil trail for X seconds that slows those that walk into it.

Stim Pack - The Tinker injects themselves with a tonic of healing energies healing X amount over X seconds (similar to Outlaw Rogue healing tonic)

Grav-O-Bomb - The Tinker throws a bomb in a target location that sucks in enemies within a X yard radius and explodes stunning them for 2 seconds.

The abilities that already exist, cataloged by WoWhead and recited by MrGM.

Specs & Roles


The Tinker can handle any of the roles of the Holy Trinity. These are not fully fleshed out specs, just some concepts and spells to be thought provoking.

Mekgineer - Tank

Credit goes to Noah Warner from Artstation (apparently, couldn’t find it directly there)

The Mech Suit/Warframe spec for Tinkers.
Goblins, Gnomes, Lightforged & Mechagnomes already have Mech Suit models, those can be altered or the same for these uses. Other Races would require some foot work but something like the Dark Iron Golems, Elven Constructs, or the Draenei Guardians can be a starting point for inspiration.
Not to mention it would be a good opportunity for Blizzard to use the tech they did for druid forms so that Mekgineers can change their Mech appearance based on different ones they have collected.

Resource is Power, which is actually an overheat mechanic.

You generate Power with some abilities and have to release power/exhaust with others.
If you do not then the machine will overheat and momentarily become silenced while it cools down.

HOWEVER a skilled Mekgineer can ride the wave of high Power, because as you are close to overheating you do increased damage with the passive Critical Heat.

Arm Cannon - An ability that uses/exhudes power, the Tinker uses their Arm cannon to deal X damage to their target (Damage Scales based on Power).

Electroshield - The Mek suit charges with electric power dealing damage to enemies who strike them and also reduces damage by X% (Generates power).

LIFT OFF - The mekgineer after a brief channel lifts off the ground dealing damage to all enemies around him/her, this ability can be activated again to slam down in a different area within X yards dealing damage to enemies in the area. (similar working to heroic leap)

  • The ability generates Power upon activation, and continues to fill up Power until either overheating, or activated again to stop hovering.

Blitz - The Mek suit charges forward dealing physical damage and knocking back enemies in its path, if the target is coated in Oil they are caught ablaze taking fire damage over time, and the oil trail that the target had left behind is also set ablaze dealing fire damage over time to enemies that stand in it.

Defense Matrix - In front of the Mekgineer, reduce damage by X% for X seconds while channeled, only a few abilities can be used while using Defense Matrix. Additionally, the Defense Matrix shoots down projectiles, negating All of projectile damage (bolt spells, bullets, non aoe or non channeled abilities). Longest Defensive CD, Higher reduction than Electroshield ability.
I just thought of two more obvious ability choices if it were to go down this path

The Mekgineer overtunes their Warframe to generate X Power over X seconds, the Warframe gains X% increased Movement Speed, X% to primary stat and can no longer overheat. Once UNLIMITED POWER ends, Power will reset to zero.

Aggresive Venting
The Mekgineer commands it’s Warframe to drop all excessive heat, 5 times over X seconds channeling, the Warframe will burst X fire damage and drop 20% power. The Warframe can not move or perform other actions while venting.

Baseline passive - EJECT! Which will automatically trigger when the mech suit reaches 0% health, the tinker is forced from their suit dropping aggro and has a very small health pool (less than another spec tinker baseline).

When ejected a tinker has only a small amount of abilities. Their baseline spells that all tinkers share, and a couple new ones just to try to keep u alive (a short sprint or something).

A Mekgineer tinker can not rebuild their mech suit while in combat (this is to keep people from abusing tinker class to have infinite health by letting suit die and getting back in). Only once out of combat and a 5 second channel is used can you get back into the mech.

However, a Battle Res will allow the Mekgineer to immediately get back into their Mek without a channel and while in combat.

A benefit to being a Mekgineer in PVP is that if they can get out of combat, say in arena, they can successfully get their Mek back at full HP. More of a reason to stay on them after they get out of their Mek.

Munitions - Ranged DPS

Credit to Arthur Lorenz from Artstation; Please check out his Class Armor collection. They are very good! Arthur Lorenz Class Armor Collection

The Munitions Tinker’s Mechanical Arms/Backpack are for building sentries and animations for specific spells. Their Auto attack is using their actual hands to shoot their gun. Though again this is another opportunity for druid barber tech to shine, and the mechano-arms could be customizable in the barbershop based on different unlocks.

Munitions Tinkers Resource is Energy but they have additional interaction with the universal Scrap passive. Scrap for Munition Tinkers is needed as it affects how many turrets they can build and usage of other abilities (on top of the obvious benefit of energy restoration).

Munition Tinkers have a base level of Scrap to start with out of combat but to generate more for turrets & abilities it takes damaging and defeating your enemies.

Sentry turret - (Scrap spender) The Tinker places down a turret for X seconds (on the longer side, like 30 seconds) that fires at enemies dealing X physical damage. Tinker can have a maximum of 3 turrets up at once (start with enough scrap for two turrets, Tinkers have 3 charges on a CD).

  • Turret damage type and customization can be discussed by devs, but I’m thinking it should be normal physical damage like a gunshot than anything special.

  • Perhaps a talent that allows Tinkers to place more turrets down than 3 for the cost of a longer cooldown, or something but again just a concept.

Pocket Foundry - The tinker places down a foundry that has X health for X seconds and will churn out a mechanized soldier that attacks enemies with a 30 yard radius, if the Tinker activates the ability again before it is over the mechanized soldiers will explode dealing X fire damage around them.

  • Perhaps a talent can be introduced to buff the mechanical soldiers up, and perhaps add a taunt to them like druid Treants but again just a theory.

Land Mine - The Tinker places down a land mine that burrows under ground, leaping up and exploding when enemies get close.

[PVP Talent] Spider Bomb - The Tinker places down a bomb that burrows underground and when enemies come into X radius it will unburrow and chase down the enemy dealing X fire damage.

Siege Machine - Summon a Siege Machine for 30 seconds (Siege Engine, Iron Horde Tank, Trilliax mech - essenentially larger machinery models) that deals large damage to its target upon summon and AOE taunts every X seconds while also firing projectiles in a X radius around itself. Longer cooldown, idk 10 minutes. I’m a concept man not a balance man.

Homing Missile - After a brief delay the tinker fires a large missile out of their weapon (How did it fit??) it will home onto the target, even if the target goes into stealth, and explode for X damage to the target and any within 2 yards of the target.

[Talent Concept] Electrified Net - The tinker fires a net at their target that snares them in place for X seconds dealing X damage over time as long as they are in it.

Flamethrower - All Munition tinkers come prepared and have outfitted their guns to also function as a flamethrower, channel the flamethrower dealing X amount of damage in a cone for X seconds. Dealing extra damage and setting enemies ablaze if they are coated in oil.

[Talent] DragonFire Cannon - Sentry turrets fire flamethrowers as well.
[Talent] Lazor Grid - Sentry turrets fire Death Lazor as well.
(Same Talent row? One better for AOE, one better for Single Target)

[Talent Concept] Arc Turrets - The turrets to act like Symmetra turrets from Overwatch, shorter range but have transitioned to a continuous channel rather than pew pew while also slowing the target damaged.

Medic - Healer

Medic Tinkers resource is Mana.

Repair Beam - The tinker can channel a beam of healing to their target healing X amount for X seconds.

Shrink Ray - The tinker targets an enemy shrinking their size (nothing too major don’t want tiny enemies, bosses don’t shrink) and reduces their damage dealt by X% for X seconds.

Sterilize - Cleanses magical and other debuff effects from the target.

[Talent] Sterilization Matrix - The tinker sets up a grid that removes magical and other debuff effects from all allies that walk through it, lasts for X seconds.

Nano Boost - Amplify the primary attribute of your party by X% for X seconds also increasing the amount of healing received. Long CD

Healing Drone - Assign a drone to your target that follows them healing for X over X seconds.

Totally Safe Tonic - The tinker throws a container of healing at a target area, it heals all allies struck by X amount and damages enemies by X amount. If the ally or enemy is coated in Oil or standing in an Oil Slick, the ally receives amplified healing and the enemy has healing received reduced.

Healing Pylon - (works like cloudburst totem with a twist of serpent statue). This Pylon channel healing to allies for X amount and then bursts at the end of its duration (or if destroyed) healing the allies again for an amount proportionate to how much healing the Tinker his/herself has put out while the pylon was active.

Defibrillator - Brings a dead ally back to life with 35% of maximum health and mana. Cannot be cast when in combat.

Field Hospital - Brings all dead party members back to life with 35% health and mana. Cannot be cast when in combat.

But it doesn’t end there.

Tinker Order Hall


Personally, I think it would be an injustice if ANY new class were introduced to World of Warcraft and didn’t get the attention that all other Classes did back in Legion. An Order Hall with Artifact Weapons for Legion Content should be retroactively made regardless of new Class.


The Tinkers are called to gather in Uldum, along with the Reliquary and the Explorer’s League. The Legion has learned of Uldum’s capability to purge the planet and are attempting to gain control of the Coffer of Promise & the Halls of Origination to force the world to kneel, and if it will not, to purge all life atop of it.

The questline to unlock the Order Hall involves securing each of the Obelisks and their respective Sanctums. Then work alongside the Explorers League and the Reliquary whose combined knowledge with the tinker’s prowess with machines both ancient and new will bring on security systems and measures to defend Uldum from the Legion.

The end scene to unlock the Order Hall will be atop the Mesa where the Obelisk of the Sun sits. Defeating the Legion and their Commander (probably an Inquisitor Boss, they’re smart) to claim both the Coffer of Promise and the Chamber of the Sun.
The Coffer will sit in the center of the chamber (above the glass, and beneath the Titan machinery) which is what will use to empower their artifact. As the Coffer both holds the power of ultimate destruction and creation (as it brought life back to the Dead Oasis).

Afterwards, the respective races have brought their machines to work on, atop the mesa you see flying machines of the respective races and they have created a more robust airfield (replacing the existing Cataclysm one) in which more tinkers land and arrive. Inside the chamber they are continuing to study Titan Artifacts and technology while working on their own. Training dummies, command tables and the sort stationed around the Chamber.

This Area can be phased from the Cataclysm iteration for anyone actively doing the small part of the Questline that brings you to the Obelisk of the Sun. As for the BFA phasing, just throw all those bugs at the base of the mountain and move any objectives there, they weren’t really used for anything. Could also have the Tinker Hall remain in that phase and show the tinkers shooting down bugs.

Additionally, as all Class Halls remove any player not of the same class. I think it would be a nice touch if they reach inside the Chamber, non-Tinkers will be teleported out, and flying above the Mesa, they have a warning and short time to evacuate the air space before being shot down & dismounted.

Legion End of Class Campaign Title Unlock


Any of these three will do, personally I would vote for Mekgineer.

  1. Tinkmaster
  2. Mekgineer
  3. High Tinker

Artifact Weapons & Locations


I didn’t have a questline in the works for this, so for now again it is a rough concept. Simply where each Spec would travel to get the artifact or component needed.


Broken Shore, Core from the fel reaver that Varian Wrynn felled.


Ulduar, a visit to the original tinker Mimiron for the Munitions gun.


Mogu-Shan Vaults, The Engine of Nalak-Sha creates Life, so this is where they will get their artifact gun.

Class Mount Reward


The Class Mounts were an additional story unlock at the end of the campaign for all of the Classes, with color variations based on spec. I haven’t conceptualized all the details but I simply believe that this is an appropriate reward.

A Plane - There are planes in WoW but none of them are mounts, with the exception of the Recruit-A-Friend plane (but I made this concept before that was introduced, and it’s still limited). Otherwise they are only Taxis or quest vehicles in game.

Or a helicopter of some sort would also do, though there are chopper mounts of varying sorts. Just yknow, a good one.

Thank you all for your time to take a look at this thread :grinning:

And a BIG thank you to Fallyn, creator of the San’layn MegaThread for teaching me how to format my threads more clearly. (If it’s still an eyesore, that’s my fault not hers haha :sweat_smile:)

Please! Leave your comments, insight, suggestions, personal takes and inquiries below. And Please Share this thread with friends and Tinker Fans alike so we can brainstorm together!


I will Always be in Support of Tinkers, And I’m glad this thread is here.

This class is a staple of the WoW universe that isn’t currently accsessible to the players, and that hurts, Especially when we see NPC do this stuff all the time.

Blizzard Please give us a Tinker Class

:bomb: :wrench:


Good post, I’m on board, when we getting Tinker class Blizz?


Yes we do… it’s called Dragonflight and Alexstraza is on the promo art (and her new armor textures were datamined already)…the preorder reward is an Emerald Dragon mount (datamined months ago)… think that’s all pretty obvious that the theme is Dragons lol

According to this promising leak, they’re coming in 10.0 as a “micro-class” - one dps spec.


I really hope thats not the Case, having a single ranged DPS spec would be really dissapointing… :frowning:


Ehh, at least it gets them in the door. Always room for more later, if the leak is to be believed.

And as others have pointed out, it’d be hard to have an expansion thematically tied enough in with Tinkers for them to be the centerpiece feature of it, so having them sprinkled in with a whole slew of mini-classes would be a win in my book.

Of course leaks are just leaks until the 19th, so who knows!


If dwarf is an option, I’m on board.


In WarCraft 3, Dwarves were the counterpart to Goblins, as they created all of the Alliances guns, explosives, Tanks and Planes.



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It isn’t Hard to have a theme more fitting for tinkers, I mean BFA was literally the best time for them because of the war for Azerite, and Azerite machinery and technology playing a big role. But as I said Tinkers theme of just building things is a simple one. In my mind the simplicity is what Makes them so pliable to just go in at any point. They’re a hunter with a wrench.

Also a Miniclass would be their death, by that I mean Blizzard wouldn’t expand on it. That would be the end for them, something, which you can’t rub your nose at. But if you want real Tinkers you will be disappointed by their execution by miniclass.

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In my List Dwarves are indeed an option so congrats. Unlike Demon Hunters (which technically any race can be) where the scenario for them being Illidari was so specific that it could only be Blood&Night Elves. Tinkers exist in all the mentioned races, not as official classes always, but as the race can make machines of war that are fully automated, or have made Warframes before. It’s something that opens itself up to a lot of choices.

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I do feel that Tinkers are the next class. While I like the option of a Dragon class based on Wrathion, I simply feel that Tinkers are more likely due to their pedigree of being a WC3 hero unit. In addition, while Blizzard was clearly hinting at dragons for the upcoming expansion, they were also hinting at Tinkers and Undermine.

This deluge of Tinker hints alongside dragons hints is personified with the Steamscale Incinerator and the Timeless Mechanical Dragonling, two mechanical dragon items that released at the end of BFA and the middle of Shadowlands respectively.

So while the next expansion is called Dragonflight, don’t be surprised if the Tinker shows up as the next class.


Full support for a Tinker class from me. Tinkers are one of the few classes I’m really interested in seeing, along with Necromancers and Bards.

If they were available, I have a few ideas of rerolling some characters I have into the specs for them, depending on what races are available. I see they’ve been getting a lot of popularity on the forums, so I hope people will be able to make the Tinker characters of your dreams!

Seems like there have been a lot of hints lately for the next expansion. While I don’t know what to expect specifically, we’ll find out in 13 days!

Wishing the best for y’all! :wrench: :robot:


I already have names on standby.

Here’s hoping


I like tinkerers as well.

Hope to see em someday.

Heres some pictures of draenei Tinkerer I rather like.

by Overnoes

by Adam Karaffa


Here to show my support. Tinker as a class has been a dream of mine for a very long time.


As Always, I’m happy to see you Clockworth.
Any support for Tinkers is good to hear. I’ve been waiting so long at this point.

I’m Love.


I need Tinkers in my life.


Hopefully Soon, It would be nice to finally be able to RP as the class that I want.

This is an RPG, but the Role I want to play isnt available. :confused: