Why the lack of Customization?

Blizzard please look at the Void Elf customization thread and get inspired to do more for them.


I still can’t find the part where I blame the victim or express desire that what happened to you is acceptable.

You are native to America, yes? Shouldn’t you know to contextualize?

No. Because as I state here:

That you interpreted it the way you did is on you and others who interpreted it as victim blaming.

Even Avarie states had I said it more plainly she would have agreed.

With Blast stating my take is correct, my take being my interpretation of what he tried to say (and miscommunicated).

I’m not victim blaming, plainly put. If you wish to see it that way, it’s on you.

Hence everyone’s responsible for their own reactions.

Speaking of LFD mutations, you guys should get inspired by the OG demon goat:


LFD getting multiple horns would have at least reflected that they are different than Draenei.


I said if you had stopped at people being responsible for their own reactions, we would agree.

It’s the whole spiel about provocation though, that’s what feels like victim blaming.


Can all chargers fly? I thought it was just the one from the Order Hall?

Its recently been revamped! (Some work still being done, I’m sorry its slow but its guild night.)

To get their attention again. :smiley:


Is…is that tentacle giving the presentation…???

Dude Fen the update looks so gooooood. Well done!


I’d like to see Blood Elves get a second visual theme before I see Void Elves get unique void options, as Blood Elves didn’t get an array of unique options ourselves added, we have jewelry for female characters only.

Blood Elves should receive something for having lost visual uniqueness, and Blood Elves and Void Elves deserve new exclusive options for their main theme too but it’s hard for me to make the jump to VEs getting that after they were just gifted options at the expense of BE visual uniqueness and our unique new exclusive options during core race priority was some jewelry males can’t even use.


And my point is you’re obviously free to feel that way regardless of how many times I state it wasn’t victim blaming. Just like I tell Lann.

That’s the main point I was making to Blast, people will react how they wish and there is no point dwelling on it because people can do/feel how they want just because they can.

It’s unnecessary to make an inquiry about it. It’s how people are.

Yeh I’d like to point to the LFD Thread as well, which since has gotten more ideas thrown and asked about

And the second pair of horns curling down towards the mouth would look so cute OMG.

Only the class hall one, that’s why I said, hope they make it so they all can fly. So paladins can choose any mount they want in flying zones.

OMG just noticed that! lmao that’s amazing.

Yeah, I want LFDs theme to be expanded in some way and after you mentioned wanting mutations I immediately starting thinking of at least two pairs of horns. That to me would be an excellent ‘mutation’ to at least obtain to make the Draenei and LFD look different.

Fen has a lot of amazing feedback on his Void Elf thread and I hope to see them get inspired to do more Void themes before moving on to other races since this update is supposed to be focused on the Legion ones. :slight_smile:


Since you allowed VEs to jump into the time you claimed was for “core races” and it resulted in a second visual theme at the expense of any sense of visual uniqueness for Blood Elf players could you take a look at this thread. Thanks


Fiercelord is to thank for that first bit. its all from his Album. Wonderful stuff.

Thank you, but I could not have done it without the Void Elf community and all their amazing ideas and desires.

Thats fine.

I don’t expect to get anything else at this point in time. (except maybe finishing out that tentacle toggle so it hits hairstyles without tentacles so they can have them…)

More than happy to wait for Blood Elves to get something at least.

Oh I got ya! yeah Id like that too.


At this point the misunderstanding has been solved and something always gets lost in translation. I will work on it.

Blood Elves did get an array of unique options added, sorry you feel it wasn’t enough. Your Blood Elf for instance can’t be emulated by Void Elves since the hair, facial hair, face you’re using are all unique options to Blood Elves only.


I’m personally not willing to wait. I would like them to finish up the Legion races in a fair manner first. Even if it’s just giving us a few Void color themes as a pass.

Some people got theirs, I however didn’t get mine and I will continue to request Void themes while they are doing this pass on Legion Allied Races and then ignore them for 8 years.


I am liking this post mainly for the Blood Elf thread because I support it strongly, the minus part for me is the Mag part you linked because I wouldn’t ever like anything from her anymore and I don’t.


i really want forsaken blood elves now because of this

idk. it belongs to the forsaken but i really want them to be an allied race so they get proper heritage armor even though they would only be melee type classes

dark rangers are just a dark twist on a farstrider blood elf after all. even their take on farstrider tattoos looks gloomy

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Very fair, I mean it’s how NB got glowy hands :raised_hands:


Here’s hoping belves get some good stuff, sooner rather than later.