Unoffical Playable Saberon Discussion Thread

This thread is dedicated to discussing the possibility of playable Saberon, as well as Saberon in general, and all the things they might come with if they are to be playable. Such as customization and new lore.

Saberon Lore
Saberon Culture
Which faction?
Emotes and Voice-Lines
The Dance Emote
Racial Banner and Tabard
Racial Leader
Racial Capital
Potential Classes
The Female Model
Customization options
Saberon Heritage Armor and Mount
Saberon and Shadowlands
My personal interest in Saberon

  1. Saberon Lore - What we know so far.

Unfortunately, there is very little we know about the Saberon. What we do know, is that they are a feline-like humanoid race that lived on Draenor. They are said to have embodied the savagery of Draenor, a feat few races of Draenor can claim. They are incredibly adaptable to the planet’s diverse environments, there’s not a niche that the ferocious Saberon haven’t conquered.

One interesting piece that we’ve been told and shown is that the Saberon and the Arakkoa had gone to war against one another. Talon King Terokk, however, single-handedly turned the tides and won.

We don’t know what their origins are, but using simple logic for how most animal races originate it stands to reason a Wild God-like entity created them.

After the destruction of Draenor and it’s transformation into Outland, no known Saberon remained. However, after the Mag’har of the Alternate Draenor arrived on the Main Universe Azeroth, some are seen fleeing into the Northern Barrens after catching a ride through the time waves.

One interesting fact I’d like to throw in, is that they existed within the game files during MoP.

  1. Saberon Culture

Saberon outwardly appear more advanced than beasts; they have a social structure and can shape simple tools into weapons. Saberon hunt in parties, whose coordinated attacks, sharp rending claws, and ability to shadowstep behind prey make them very deadly.

Saberon are noted to have highly developed rituals and customs.

They have an affinity for magic, and hold these individuals to a higher social rank.

  1. Which faction?

This is a tough choice, as there are reasonings for why they could be either or neither.

For starters, part of their culture is cooking and eating other humanoids with Orcs being one example specifically mentioned. This could push them more towards the Alliance if Orcs are the race they find the tastiest. However, there of course are still humanoids on the Alliance.

Another piece of lore worth noting is that Saberon have strong hearts, and shaman of the Laughing Skull clan find many uses for them. This could turn them away from the Horde, as they’d have a distrust for them. Therefore they could have more of an open mind for the Alliance if contact is made.

Let’s take a look at some more Alliance leaning arguments. Another involves the Night Elves and their fascination with these kinds of races. They were the creators of the Worgen form, and a comment is made about how the “Claws of Shirvallah” mimic the Worgen form. The Night Elves may want to “tame” the Saberon and find them a place within the Alliance. This would give the Alliance a new “savage” race, plus a new animal race with a tail. It would also give the Alliance a new Druid and Shaman race which would help balance out the factions in terms of class availability as Horde have more races with access to Druids and Shamans. Additionally, having Saberon would give the Alliance another foothold on Kalimdor.

This isn’t totally a turn off from Horde however. Some Saberon join the players Garrison as a follower regardless of which faction you’re on.

Let’s take a look at their race and Druidism for a moment. If anyone played a Druid during WoD, they’ll recognize the talent “Claws of Shirvallah” which changed the Cat Form into a Saberon. Shirvallah is a Zandalari tiger loa also revered by the Gurubashi and Darkspear trolls. With that information in mind, recall the Tigon. the Tigon is a creature resembling a humanoid big cat, so far primarily seen in the form of troll priests taking on the aspect of the feline loa Shirvallah and Bethekk. By the time of the war against the Iron Horde, troll druids had created a way for all druids to take on a half-cat form like those of Shirvallah’s champions through the “Claws of Shirvallah”.

This would suggest that because Trolls (Horde) have more to form a relationship with the Saberon, they would be more likely to join the Horde.

Another reason pushing them to the Horde, albeit not entirely meaningful, is that they use the male Worgen skeleton. This would give the Horde access to the skeleton, which seemed to be a trend when it came to the Allied Races during their introductions.

The final reason for Horde affiliation is that they are already residing within Horde territory.

  1. Emotes and Voice-Lines

Unfortunately there was no YouTube video of all the lines compiled, so here is a sample of what a male Saberon sounds like. Female Saberon do exist however:

They have many emotes already available, plenty for a solid foundation. Given they also already use the male Worgen skeleton, it likely wouldn’t be difficult to port over any new additions from the Worgen onto Saberon with minimal tweaking.

  1. The Dance Emote

I’m not too well versed in dance, but a parody of the Worgen dance could work well. Feel free to provides some suggestions and I’ll come back to edit this section.

  1. Saberon Racial Banner and Tabard

Given the Mag’har scenario, it’s likely the Saberon that come onto Azeroth originated from either the Streamscar or Tailthrasher Tribe. We can knock out the Streamscar tribe as they attacked our Garrison outposts and would therefore less likely ally with either faction. This leaves the Tailthrasher Tribe.

There isn’t a known symbol they represent themselves by, but this just means it gives Blizzard room to be creative. They could even go so far as to say the tribe rebranded themselves to go with their new home.

  1. Racial Leader

For similar reasons above, there is no current known leader. Not only did we kill two of the potential leader during WoD, more were likely killed by the Lightbound. This again gives Blizzard the opportunity to name a new one that made it onto Azeroth and set up their tribe in the Barrens.

  1. Racial Capital

One perfect location to set up a racial capital would be inside the Wailing Caverns. Other suggestions include around the Stagnant Oasis or the Forgotten Pools.

  1. Potential Classes


  1. The Female Model

As I had mentioned above, female Saberon do exist. In game they are however represented using the male model. This can be easily resolved if they replicated what they did with male Worgen skeleton, simply using the female Worgen skeleton as a base for creating a female Saberon model.

  1. Customization Options

All of what I’ll be listing is what we currently have available through NPCs. I’ll be leaving out obvious things like various face options, just specific examples that can be easily described.

Fur Color

  • Tan
  • Black
  • Snow Leapord
  • Tiger


  • Cloth Eye Patch (various colors like red, black, and brown)
  • Tooth Necklace
  • Ear Necklace
  • Feather Necklace (various colors like red, black, brown, and green)
  • Loincloth color selection

Feel free to suggest more. Of course there would be eye colors, there could be hair/mane options. Tooth options would be a nice addition too.

  1. Racials

Drawing from what we know, here are my suggestions:

One obvious suggestion is a speed increase buff, like what Worgen have. Of course, it’s likely Worgen could feel cheated by having another race with their racial so it’s mostly off the table.

Wild Frenzy: A minor personal bloodlust.

Claws in the Night - Leaps nearby an enemy and swipes the air multiple times, inflicting damage to enemies in front of the caster.

Shredding Net* - Traps the enemy in a net, inflicting damage on impact and damage every 1 sec. and rooting the target for few seconds.

Intimidating Roar - Incapacitates/fears nearby enemies for a couple seconds.

Apex Predator - Passive increased damage against Beasts and Humanoids

  1. Saberon Heritage Armor and Racial Mount

For their Heritage Armor I strongly suggest keeping it to as close to their tribal attire as possible. They could have an option for “melee” theme or “ranged” theme.

As for their racial mount, the Garrison followers ride a Skeletal Raptor. As we already have that accounted for, I instead suggest a replica of Running Wild.

If they absolutely must have a mount mount, I suggest a saber mount using the WoD models. Another suggestion is a Ravager, especially given the only Ravager mount that’s been available was retired.

  1. Saberon and Shadowlands

This section isn’t for the involvement of Saberon in the Shadowlands, but more so what is possible outside of it. We know there won’t be a time skip, but given the average expansion canonically lasts about 1-2 years (plus the amount of time they’ve already been on Azeroth during BfA) that is more than enough time for Saberon to have gained a foothold.

With the long speculated Old World Revamp, it’s likely we’ll return to locations like the Barrens and come into contact with them. Assuming the expansion after Shadowlands is indeed the so-called Cata 2.0 this would be the perfect opportunity to gain this race as a playable option.

  1. My personal interest in Saberon

Similar to Ethereals, ever since I first saw Saberon introduced I’ve wanted them as a playable race. One of my main characters during WoD was a Druid, and I absolutely loved the Claws of Shirvallah talent. It was a major disappointment to see them get deleted.

To end off on a reason you may want Saberon, they have a tail. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please consider submitting an in game suggestion for Saberon (and Ethereals). This can be done by: In Game Menu → Support - > Submit feedback or bug report.

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Happy to see a Saberon megathread pop up. They have been one of my wanted races, as I’d love to recreate my Vah Shir/Kerran character from Everquest 1 and 2.

I will admit that I generally lean them towards Alliance, though I am open minded in them joining the Horde. The issue that I see with them and the Horde is that the AU Laughing Skull Clan, part of the MU Horde, did hunt them for their hearts according to this quest:

I would guess that Saberon would’ve had some bad relations with the Draenor Orcs as a result, and not likely to trust other Orcs. It could be something that could be written around, but if we’re using the Saberon from Draenor, especially the ones who came with the Mag’har and fled, then it would take a bit to write around that.

As I said, I’m open to them on either faction. The important thing is that they would make an awesome playable race. They have a lot of customization potential, and I’m sure they could be interesting if they were to be expanded upon with lore and such.

I’ll be sure to write more stuff later. :tiger:


WOOOOOT! finally someone else likes cat girls!!


FF14 is that way ->


That is a piece of information I did leave out, mostly because the MU Orcs of today don’t really classify themselves as them. However, there are indeed some part of the Horde. Another reason I left it out was because some Saberon still chose to join the Horde Garrison. I’ll go back and include that like I originally should have.


this would be awesome to see :slight_smile:

alliance need another savage race other than night elves tbh


na friend that way is a dead end.
we see there creativity and cry.
We want that blizzard flare. recreate the saberon brutality.


Normally I tend to disagree with most allied race requests as just not realistic, but saberon I think are very possible! They exist on Azeroth, use the worgen model and wouldn’t really be that hard to write into joining the Horde. I think they just fit so well in that faction, not really an Alliance style race. And it would be a way to give the Horde the worgen skeleton too. And cats > dogs

It would also be a good to develop them more as a culture. They don’t need a whole lot, but it’s totally in the realm of may potentially happen in the future. :slight_smile:

And that may be why Blizz brought them here, along with the botani and other Draenor beings besides just orcs. Keep some possible plot threads open in case they ever want to pursue it.


FF14 did create a cat men race (Hrothgar) finally, based on the Ronso from FFX, which is a great start, but their playable races really need a lot more variety. They seem more interested in adding things like generic anime doods and waifu races like the bunny girls as opposed to more interesting races like the Bangaa. A real shame. x- x

At least with WoW, there is a potential to add in races of different types that appeal to several interests. So many possibilities to really make an interesting character creation screen! :smiley:


so for mounts what about a ravager? big ol bug boys from gorgrond.

agreed!! they want to sell figs are something.


This is certainly a plausible idea, especially given the only Ravager mount we’ve gotten is no longer obtainable.

As much as I’d like horde saberon, I’d be worried that the whole elf swap thing was only done because people go gaga over elves in general. It’d disappoint me but I’d expect that it would be too easy to make them a sort of worgen AR for alliance. But as for why they’d want to side with the horde; it’s not like time hasn’t passed since WoD, and they could easily join for the same anti-draenei reasons the mag’har did in an “enemy of my enemy” way.

And while it makes sense to not give them the mage class, I’d admittedly be super salty over the lack of them because it’d make the horde 0-2 on proper monstrous-looking beastman races with the option (the other being tauren). Pandaren and vulpera never nailed that intimidating look I wanted, in my opinion.


wait its not obtainable anymore?
edit : oh snap why did they remove it? we are talking about that store mount right?

Correct. I believe they retired it, then brought it back for a bundle, then retired it again. And yes, the store mount.

preeeem! def could be a mount then for sabers!

Added in Ravager as a potential racial mount options.

Saberon for The Horde!
Grummles for the Alliance.


I think the Saberon would be great for the Alliance, going by the Saberons bad history with the orcs, the Alliance needing something new, and the Alliance symbol being a lion.


I am open to it being an alliance race, my main reason for leaning horde on them though is how much easier it’d be to gain a relationship with them through the trolls. Yes there is some bad history with orcs, but negotiations can mend that. And as I’ve noted, they don’t have an issue joining the horde garrison. Again though, alliance isn’t entirely off the table.

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