Index/Compilation of Amazing Customization Suggestions Threads

I’ve recently been scrolling through the GD forums for threads associated with cosmetic suggestions from the community. Thought it’d be nice if we have some kind of compilation or index of all the great write ups people have done.

Hopefully Blizzard has some of this in the radar, as we’re seeing the customizations part gain a small traction for 9.1.5. If I have missed any feel free to add!

Dark Ranger Customization Options Request Thread by Balesong-ArgentDown

Easing Transmog Restrictions - 9.1.5 Wishlist by Simaia-Wyrmrest Accord

Forest Troll Race/Customization Megathread by Zurogrusel-Darrowmere

Forsaken/Undead Customization Megathreadby Baalsamael-Turalyon

Lightforged / Draenei customization Feedback Thread by Averyx-QuelThalas

Male Night Elf Faces (and Other Suggestions) by Straiso-Stormrage

Nathanos-style Forsaken: Vampirates Customization/AR Megathread by Fallynn-Wyrmrest Accord

San’layn/Darkfallen Coagulated AR/Customization HORDE Megathread by Fallynn-Wyrmrest Accord

The Unofficial Stonemaul Ogre Playable Race Discussion Megathread! by Bagzak-Rexxar

The Unofficial Saurok Playable Race Discussion Megathread! by Bagzak-Rexxar

Taunka Allied Race Megathread by Zitga-Wyrmrest Accord

The kelfin love/allied race discussion thread by Gnomest-Sargeras

Unoffical Playable Ethereal Discussion Thread by Lore-Herod

Unoffical Playable Saberon Discussion Thread by Lore-Herod

Unoffical Playable Sethrak Discussion Thread by Nadezhdha-Proudmoore

Upright Forsaken Models by Banshih-MoonGuard

Warlock Customization: Stables for Demons/Aberrations by Baalsamael-Turalyon

Worgen Customization Mega Thread by Keori-MoonGuard

Void Elf Customization Thread by Fenelon-Wyrmrest Accord

Some other interesting articles from Wowhead featuring fan-art concepts for customizationözyurt-320356özyurt-320561özyurt-321178


Thanks for linking my thread! You should check out the Saberon thread as well. :smiley:


Thank you for this both in general and for linking my thread.


Thanks for the effort you put into this.


We should be the ones thanking you and the other writers! Amazing dedication and research. I’ve added the Saberon to the list! Can’t believe I missed that one.


Fallynn of the San’layn megathread has list of all the race request megathreads if you’d like to see what all is out there:

Some that need to be added to your list include the Saberon and Arakkoa megathreads, both created by Lore-Herod.



As well as the Jinyu/Ankoan megathread, created by Rorrand-Wyrmrest-Accord:

Keldar-Sargeras also has a Wildhammer/Dragonmaw megathread:

I think that is all, but please be sure to check out the list Fallynn made too to make sure!

That said, thank you for linking to my megathreads! :meat_on_bone::crocodile: :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


Made a more general pan-Troll one yesterday too!

Thanks for linking my Forsaken and Warlock threads!


I appreciate that. I’ll be working on the OP for the Dark Ranger thread to improve it with image links (no trust 3 yet.)


Aw! Thanks for including my threads! What a wholesome this one is. This is very kind to do, and it’s awesome to see people looking at customization and our ideas enough to be put together and shown in an index.

It also shows how much work our communities put into these things which is so neat. Love you folks who give ideas like this on the forums.


Thank you so much for including the worgen mega thread!

I hope that Blizzard really takes all these amazing threads into account. Let’s see some more customization!



My thread got called amazing, hehe :flushed:
Thank you! And thanks for this awesome compilation!


No no no no no no no no something is wrong here ,this isnt happening . We are not gonna tolerate all of this thankfull ness or gratitute or liking posts . Stop it right now its giving me anxiety !



Three cheers for more player character customization options!


When it comes to any MMORPG, the player character is the most important part of the game, and as you can see throughout all the race request and customization megathreads, there is a lot of passion that shows this perfectly.

The work we put in shows off our dedication to our player characters, whether it’s to improve our vision of our existing characters or to create brand new ones. Several of us have this passion for specific races as well that would make for wonderful playable races and add a lot to world building in general.

It makes for a really diverse community. Moreso when you get people who really get into their character. Whether it’s the player that likes to be his rowdy Dwarf character, the player who likes their elegant elf character, or the player that wants to smash things up as his Ogre character. It really adds to the world to have players like this in the game.

I do not consider my megathreads to be perfect by any means and I do not seek fame of any sort. I do so out of passion for specific races that I would love to see playable. It’s the same for the other race request megathreads I’m sure, where they too have similar passions and dreams of being able to add their characters of said races onto their character list upon logging into the game.

I view new customization options and races as long-term investments. They last throughout the game’s lifespan, and often can make a player’s day to see them become available. While I don’t expect all these requests implemented at the same time, I hope Blizzard keeps an open mind as they see the work that we have done on here to show off our support, often for the long haul. There are a lot of great ideas shown here that would be amazing to see become part of the game.

I sincerely hope people get their wishes granted, whether it’s customization options or their dream playable race becoming a reality. We all have different interests and passions, and that to me just creates an awesome community. I give my support to each of the megathreads listed here, and hope we all see the fruits of our labor grow and flourish in the near future.

Much love from the Saurok and Stonemaul Ogre megathreads! :meat_on_bone::crocodile: :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:



Saurok I’ll play. Ogres however are garbage and should never be implemented as a playable race. The horde has enough ugly

Your loss.

Thanks for adding absolutely nothing to conversation.

I don’t think ogres can top your current look in terms of ‘ugly’.

You do amazing work with your threads and I hope to see both added in :slight_smile:


Because you were so riveting otherwise.


Just to add to this, I measure the success of my own threads off of Bagzaks. I constantly wish I had the time and energy to write such well thought out and always thought provoking posts about the races and customization I support.

Saurok and Ogres for the Horde!
:meat_on_bone: :crocodile: :cut_of_meat: :japanese_ogre: