We need more for the high elf aesthetic

You were given multiple patches of art and dev time in new things while others suffered and the upgrades for the ones who only recently got new things still pales in comparison, you got given a bone to stop complaining so time can be spent as it needs to be elsewhere.

Again you are not high elves, I can put a Merc body on a gm chassis doesn’t make it a Merc it makes it a GM pretending to be a Merc


stop feeding. high elves have been playable since 2007 and everyone knows it


Because players wanted the options to have a void elf that looked like a high elf. So they gave players the options to do just that and that satisfied most people because they now have the elf model and the ability to make it look non voidy.


Can we look non voidy? Cause every time I go into combat I look super voidy. And that just takes me right out of whatever fantasy I may spin up.

Actually any time assets are changed it takes from both art and dev time so stop it, You have been given far more support and had far more requests filled than anyone of the other allied races.

Even NOW you have more options than the recently updated Allied races, So you really need to stop being so greedy, As i said, You can Put a Merc body on a GM chassis, It doesn’t make it a Merc.

You are not high elves

You WERE given a few extra goodies so you can look semi like alleria and play a better game of pretend fake high elves

You are still not high elves

LITERALLY EVERY OTHER RACE should be getting dev time before you including vulpera no matter how much i hate them.


Not voidy enough.


You’re very rageful. And I see you are completely pointless to discuss with because you have 0 sense of an open mind. So we’re done. You aren’t worth the effort.

You are greedy and unappreciative.


I’m sorry, but the void aspect is insanely unpopular. Look, I don’t even care. There’s very little support for it here anyways.

I am just wanting my finished race. Not half baked junk, and I don’t want useless void monstrosities that never were wanted, never were asked for, and still are but a joke even now in the lore.

Yes, be a Blood Elf.


If you don’t want the racial then roll a human or blood elf. Or just live with it because it’s not a big deal



You are a Ren’dorei a Void elf

You have the void Aesthetic

You have also Multiple high elf aesthetic options to look a little less voidy, YOU ARE STILL A VOID ELF end of discussion.

helfers have demanded more than any other race, And gotten more than any other race, Those that were neglected were grateful to get a few new options in the patch that was meant to be about them and yet the helfers ~STILL~ got something in a patch that wasn’t meant to be about them because they complained so much

YOU are still complaining now

This is the Essence of greed, Entitlement and unappreciative behaviour aswell as ungrateful because instead of letting everyone else get a turn you still demand more like a child.


You should actually look at that thread. For one it’s got some amazing concepts that might inspire some love of void elves in you. But for two, it also includes some ideas for people who like to look less voidly. Which I am all for. The idea of being able to turn the void tentacles in their hair into braids for example. That’s really cool.


I will never support void elves, sorry. There’s absolutely nothing appealing about them at all. Merely rip-off high elves. That’s what they were designed for you see. Just to appease high elf fans, but failed miserably. A creation that is a dumpster fire and deserves to just get retconned in a WoW sequel. Which it probably will. Let’s be real.

Says the Void Elf.


Not for long. Hey. I remember you said we’d never get the hair colors, never get the skin tones. You’ve been proven wrong again and again and I can’t say seeing you shut down doesn’t make me pretty happy.

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By playing one you are supporting one lol.


Well, the truth is I am not playing an average void elf. Blizzard keeps statistics of what is popular appearance-wise that players choose. Obviously, the high elf appearances have been the most popular. So, these statistics lead blizzard to believe what? That high elves are very popular. So this actually helps my case.

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I don’t disagree with you on that. It was blatantly obvious at the time they were first added. But you are fooling yourself if you think the majority of players feel as strongly as you do still. Plenty of people love the void idea and want to see it further expanded upon. At best most people are just ambivalent about them. And threads like this are not winning anyone to your side.


Threads like this just makes everyone hate Helfers more than they already do.

Most of the hate comes from them screaming and demanding everything instead of letting others take their turn.