Velfs got their black and white

We’ll see. At this point they’re probably the most contentious and divisive race on the roster at the moment.

At least I can’t really imagine them doing much if anything MOAR with them (and I’m shocked they did so much as it is), but some people won’t be satisfied until -

⠀⠀⠀⠀a) The “Void” part of the Void Elves gets equal attention to retain their “true” identity,


⠀⠀⠀⠀b) They dump all pretense and just rebrand them High Elves and be done with it.

Even after all the work they've put in, substantial numbers won't be satisfied.

Who’s mad now? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


hey im satisfied for now i got my black hair im good for along while

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Here you go, I do like his ideas.

Not to mention it feels like false advertisement if they don’t add any voidy options. The tentacles don’t count, because it was already there and not new.


Stop putting high elves and void elves together as if they are the same group, they are not.

Ehhh… I disagree, void elves as a race is breaking at the seams now.


Hello, I don’t think we’ve met. I maintain a void elf void options thread.

Currently I am working on a new OP I hope is easier to read.

Many of us do want void options, whether it’s those on the pro helf side or pro belf side.

The doors are open to us. I ask blizzard to let us walk through them.


Imagine being a sad forum police.


Did you join 30 minutes ago just to use an alt and be mean to people? :woman_shrugging:t2:


Imagine thinking this makes any sense with what he said.


Oh, that one. I just happened to use that one for my thread. Small world. :neutral_face:

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Heyo. I’m Baridorielor Silvershadow. :slight_smile: :wave:

Indeed. :blush:


imagine trying to delute a race and upsetting void elf fans.

Oh wait, that happened.

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I’m against the alliance getting Blood Elves but if they are just gonna give them everything that makes a blood elf a blood elf then just forget it and give them High Elves. It’s an insult to beat around the bush like this. I doubt you could tell a void elf and a blood elf apart now.


We never asked for Sin’dorei it was always about the Alliance High Elf that has been fighting along side the Alliance, The Ds made the decision to create another race to try to replace the Alliance High elf. Thus we see the slow walk to what was asked for in the first place. There were other ways to just allow the Alliance High Elf to be playable for the alliance player, Hair styles, Hair Colors, Ear shapes, The Ds let there egos’ and wowdad mentality prolong this. Look we pretty much now Have Alliance High Elf accept for descent hair styles in the Alliance, and pretty much everyone that was against hasn’t quit wow because of it.


Blood Elves are high elves. They just got renamed children of the blood or some crap. nothing changed in them unlike the so called void elves.


I got an idea lets mana bomb their core town. Really get that Blood in Blood Elf pumping. Besides its only half a town anyway. No one will miss it.


Yah yah we know, but now they are in the Alliance to. Think our Alliance High Elfs will look good also with all our Silver Covenant Gear and mounts.


Well at the end of the day they are the same race….

Personally, I don’t see the issue. Both Blood Elves and Void Elves are technically High Elves. The distinctions are largely cultural. (And you know, the void corruption.) Blood Elves already got the eye color changes to allow themselves to look like more traditional High Elves so I see no reason not to give Void Elves the same options. Especially since Alleria, the poster child for Void Elves, doesn’t show any outward signs of void corruption unless she’s voiding out.

There are High Elves that have been associated with the Alliance ever since Warcraft 2. I think it’s absolutely fine to give people who want to play as them the opportunity to do so. I don’t think that giving options to Void Elves takes anything away from Blood Elves or from any other race.

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The thing is, the blood elf were already questioning the existence of void elf but the common argument was that they were different enough. That’s what Ion said, if you wanted an elf with light colored hair and fair skin, the horde was there.

Where are we now?

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But that’s not what “Helfer’s” wanted. They wanted an elf with light colored hair and fair skin on the Alliance. High Elves were an Alliance race before they were a Horde one and even after Kael’Thas’ schism with the Blood Elves in Frozen Throne, there were High Elves that remained with the Alliance as they had done ever since Warcraft 2.

I suppose I don’t really understand why it’s so important that Horde High Elves and Alliance High Elves need to be visually distinct. Like I said, they’re both the same race and there are lore justifications for them on both factions. Even if the argument is strictly just about Void Elves, players should be able to make a character that resembles Alleria since she is the paragon of the race.