Possible Ideas for other cosmetics for races

Yeah, its silly that Elves have gotten a High Elf appearance, a San’layn appearance, and some night warrior eyes when others races pretty much got nothing.

Im pretty sure Dwarves are the only other race that got a faction appearance

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Actually I made a post about this just last night. I would like to see some unique features for their human form, such as pointy ears and animalistic eyes. Like Genn’s model in HotS.

Plus I guess they could give them those tails that so many are clamoring for.


Ah yes, average unoriginal human post. :roll_eyes:

Pirate limbs for all races.
Mecha limbs for all races exalted with mechagon.
Racial haircuts for everyone. Maybe linked to rep of the original race that had it.


I feel like they really missed the mark by not having a whole bunch of cosmetic transmogs that just looked mechanical. Basically the same thing, since the serious mechanical parts on mechagnomes don’t show gear anyway.

Ooh, I like that. Maybe even have the styles only available in the particular race’s city. Just so we’ve got some reason to visit them!


Yep, only the finest braids can be done in Ironforge!


Interchangeable limbs for MechaGnomes to really spice up their looks, with preset colors/designs to help with mogging.

Void Elves: actual VOID stuff for once, look at 8.3 for guidance.

Draenei: skinny options and other body modifications, also eye colors finally… Manari skins as well.

Pandaren: red and blue tattoos for Alliance/Horde respectively.

Nightborne: Arcane markings and better hair/face options. etc.


Tall Dwarfs.

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Cult of the damned for humans, or long beards. Or both for that necromancer look.

Well there’s a 1,000+ reply thread in GD for tails… so… that maybe…

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Actual mechagnomes for mechagnomes.

This should be a profession.

I like most of your ideas.

I believe you may have meant Man’ari, the demonic (red) Eredar…?

They need a tail option, among other things. #giveworgentails

Yes! Hopefully, added as a neutral race to avoid perceived favoritism.

Pardon my ignorance, but…what is that?

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I’m already sick of the pale skin red eyes. Just got out of an epic bg, where 19 of 40 ppl were using it lol…its a cult at this point.

Like a worgen except the size of a gnome and the face of a pug

That-…that’s just wrong.


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I think we have enough heterogeneity due to our disparate forms. No need to include us.

Back to 10 million subs, just you watch.

Gothic Gnomes

Undead Gnomes

Trolling kid with ZERO ideas given lol average human post.