Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread


Look ma´am, no matter how “mature” you pretend to be with your attitude, fact is, trying to dig over and over again your own inmature triggered reaction post won´t hide the fact you are just trying to bait me for the lols and for pettiness -I suppose-.

If you think calling me “Karen” gives some sort of validation to your arguments / petitions / suggestions /whatever, good for you. Personally I couldn´t care less over the opinion you have of me.

Go bother someone who actually gives a censored word, right now you aren´t even amusing, the joke is too old to continue being entertaining.

You using one of the Shaman tier helms (i know cause I used it last expac with my DK Troll).

Pfff, doubt so, The problem with customizations wasn´t player feedback or lack of thereof, it was the very working policy of Blizzard Entertainment and the bad behaviour fomented by the very executives in charge.

Right now there´s a better chance they are at least watching this place, but before? :joy: :joy:

Model cosmetics literally have no relevance in regards to this. The reason why the Alliance races feel like slightly different flavors of the same formula IS because this is the way they get written and implemented in game. To put it simple for the devs is waaay more important to make all and every Alliance race an ode to Lawful White Knight who can do no wrong (and if they do we will deny, retroactively justify or ignore) to the point of idiocy than for them to give each race their own characterizations and virtues and weaknesses.

The Alliance races feel like bland Humans because that how they are written. All and every one fo them.

The Horde suffers from the opposite, our races get clearly deffined unique characterizations but will get tossed onto the villain bat wagon when the narrative demands so.

Dear, I don´t even have to bother with questioning this premise. This very thread´s petition list is virtually finished (and I´m talking about the player demands, who as you correctly put it are even less relevant than Blizzard choices) sans the tattoos, feathers and other minor stuff for the Helf RP experience.

The poster that asked me -contrary to you- did read my post, ergo he knows I reference Fen´s thread about the VOID petitions (who were never relevant in this thread… and OP even mentions it).

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At least they don’t have any time more to look for Sex opportunities.

It’s a mix of all of this, including my statement. The Alliance is just such a dumb faction which never get what they want while the Orc-fans get exactly what they asked for: Straight backs and Maghar Orcs, Vulpera and Zandalari Trolls. The only highly requested race they got where a copy of the Dwarves which have at least suitable racials. Kul Tiran are great but should have been simply humans with a new pose and body feature.

They have absolutely to step up their game regarding the Alliance.


Have you seen my thread?

Somand provided a nice mockup for that.

All noted.

Might go fiddle with that tomorrow…

Honestly I’m on board. I want to know more bout them too.

Or just yeets folk into the air. Lol


I have not, but seeing an ethereal mummy elf mock up will just make me sad.


hmmm ok

why not just not use those options then if they do get added .

then idk what to tell you obv blizzard is fine with these hair colors and they are coming Tuesday and that is that regardless of how anyone feels

If you feel the desire to be sad then.

Otherwise carry on.


Thanks. Am sad now. Loved that pink hair as well. So many good ideas in that thread, well done.


Hopefully, we will never know for certain. It all depends in how Activision “manages” this issue.

Will kindly remind people that DO bothers to at least read that most pending VOID customization issues are mentioned in your thread, not here.

Well man… sometimes the stuff you guys ask for is tricky (or more properly, it involves heavy work like the Arrakoa).

And pre lawsuit Blizz were allergic to ethical working environment. Or working in general.

Mechagnomes have some of the best racials in this game. I concede their customization IS lacking but frankly i think this happened because the devs (in their perpetual persecution of making the Alliance only bland lawful white knights or GTFO) didn´t took into account that maybe people wanted to look like freaking Mimiron (ergo 100% robot) when they asked for Mechagnomes before.

Both factions have their own issues regarding the customizations (while straight backs are nice, racials for Mag´har are downright mediocre, and the customizations pretty limited. Vulpera are basically a low bait done to catter to the “cute furry” market, cause they are customization wise as boring and thematically irrelevant as the poor Pandaren (maybe worse, Pandaren at least have different nice unique haircuts and didn´t need a quest chain that ridiculed other races to look as a relevant aset… if “pseudo jack of all trades” is even relevant btw).

Cause as any other person I get the right to take my own choices and keep my own beliefs regarding this game I pay with my own money? (especially in the matters related to how I PERSONALLY AND INDIVIDUALLY enjoy the game).

I mean, your post is you basically complaining that I´m such a nerd the lore supporting customizations makes cosmetic stuff unnapealing to ME and somehow implying why can´t I change my PERSONAL and INDIVIDUAL point of view so it matches yours or GTFO.

That´s how absurd your point of view is. You basically jumped to call me inmature childish names cause I “dared” to disagree with the status quo you support.

Ergo, why you were at the end the ultimate Karen dear. Cause not only you massively missed the point, you crossed the line up to demanding I took your stance or GTFO. And that´s not only rude and ridiculous, it´s nonsense and actual harrasement.

Next time bother with reading or asking for clarifications if you don´t understand the arguments, period.

You don´t have to tell me anything, i obviously wasn´t making an allegory to Velves NOT getting normal colored hair, dude.

For like the n-esim time: read before jumping to demonize, otherwise don´t make /pikachu faces when people points to you the foolishness on your posts.


Nobody wants to play a Mechagnome, not even good racials will change this. I still find it ironic that the Alliance got the fair-skinned Void Elf skins just because how badly everyone reacted to the diaper gnomes and I cannot blame anyone for this.

Our family leveled their Mechagnomes together and they are indeed fun… but this nothing what casual players actually want to play. The instant heal passive and damage output is great - but nobody will play them if they are gated behind the Alliance and no free faction change ticket.

My understanding of the Horde racials is that truly wanted to give the Alliance races and abilities which can compete with Orcs, Trolls, Goblins and Belves which dominated for too long which is why our AR are lackluster. But it didn’t help the situation either. Only free character transfers and faction changes will rescue the Alliance.


lol is all i gotta say


Must be such a burden to know how everyone feels so you can speak for them.

I like how you left humans out of that.

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Oh, I certainly agree that pre-existing assets are a lot easier than building a new race essentially from scratch, which is why we got these guys here.


But more seriously, I’m aware why ogres aren’t being added at this moment, but Wildhammer and high elves are or already have been.

But you could say the same with adding forest troll skins, since a unique green skin for them already exists on the updated playable model used by Darkspear.

But I’d rather that all these races should be added as separate races, or in the case all of them minus ogres, I would certainly take sub-race provided a proper system is added. But on no day of the week will I take nothing ever over just the skin even without the proper stuff like unique druid forms and class options added.

That’s speaking realistically for modern day at least. When we look at this from the past, there’s not a good reason as to why ogres haven’t been added yet. All recycled arguments people use against them (most notably the ‘not in Horde’, ‘too big’, ‘no one will play them because ugly’) have all been proven incorrect or are just opinions rather than proper arguments. I feel the same about the other races.

I can’t tell if you don’t know there’s forest trolls who aren’t Amani, or if you’re specifically asking for Amani.

In the former case, there’s numerous other forest troll tribes, most notably the Revantusk, who’ve been with the Horde since Classic.

In the latter case, you should ask for Amani alongside Revantusk.

If this refers to a proper sub-race system as I mentioned above, then I’d love that. If it’s just customization with headcannon, I’ll only take that if Blizzard comes out and says we’re never going to get a sub-race system or proper race for forest trolls.

If we’re going the sub-race route, we might as well add all trolls under a single troll race, rather than keep the Darkspear and Zandalari completely separate as we are now.

With that out of the way, sorry if some of this ends up not really being clear, I’m not in a mood to agonize over every bit of wording to make sure there’s no holes in what I’m saying like I ordinarily do.
Also, my sub ends in a little under nine hours, so if I end up unable to respond, you can see my full thoughts on the forest troll ordeal here.


I mean, we 100% should. No matter how you dice it, there are just some weird omissions with the systems already in play.

I mean that’s the eternal question. Do you push for a race to be added as customization, or do you wait it out until they are made into an Allied Race?

The reason why we don’t get all the races that the lore supports really boils down to the amount of resources they are willing to spend on, specially contrasted to the popularity they’ll receive.

Even tho “expanded customization” is still the most efficient way of adding more racial fantasy, I do think AR have a place for races like Vulpera; distinct enough in concept, yet reuse many of the already existing assets. Same could be true for Ogres, starting from the Kul Tiran model.

Just using Amani as shorthand for Forest Troll.

Isn’t that the intrinsic problem of basing present choices on future events tho? You really can’t predict what systems will be implemented in the future, the fact that 2 out of 3 Allied Races could really just have been customization options. Lightforged Draenei and Highmountain Tauren the most egregious cases.

There’s no way of guaranteeing, and while I think there are far more better customization options, I simply think it’s more feasible to make new races and ideas work within the already established systems rather than pitching a completely new system as fanwork. I just don’t think that our feedback is more likely to enact a new system than to change the already existing ones, we simply do not have that kind of leverage.

Coincidentally, I think that’s my end goal/want. The way I see it, if the customization system keeps growing, it might lead to a better reorganization and tabulation of it: sub-races. races being organized according their origin (Human, Dwarf, Troll, Gnome, Elf, Orc, etc) With both customization and “AR’s” becoming ways to customize your characater, including stuff like totems, druid forms and racials.

But I have no way of knowing if that’s ever going to happen. So, a bird on the hand is worth two in the bush, so I’d rather see how the already existing systems can be made to work to enhance the player experience.

If that leads to a better re structuration of assets, all the better.


I play them quite happily.

There are plenty of folk who love their little mechagnomes with quite the passion. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean no one else does.

I disagree with this sentiment, however I will definitely agree its kinda hard to get people to play them when they’re hard to unlock in the first place… even without the rep requirements.

Kul’tirans have a bit of an issue on the same line… so many dungeons…

Really wish all ARs were just unlocked now. Maybe keep the heritage armor from being acquirable until you get the main story quests done? I don’t know.

They should have been added years ago. :angry:

They should be a full AR. :angry:


I think the main reason they are so hated is because the only way for the mechagnome race to actually be good is if they were a full race with plenty of customization. The whole appeal of a cyborg race is being able to do all kinds of unique and cool customization combinations, that’s not a great matchup for the Allied Race system where races are given very limited customization.


I think the main reason is people were widely hoping for a different race… one I was at the time also hoping for.

I’m going to mention what you say after this and I agree its a part of it but mostly when mechagnome fans get attacked on the whole its either people who far too quickly buy into the diaper gnomes meme or its Sethrak fans who really were hoping to see them playable on the Alliance.

(No shade to Sethrak fans. They’re my most requested race. I get it. Just don’t think they should take it out on mechagnome players who had no choice over the Sethrak race not being picked.)

To the rest of your point.

I agree.

We need a lot more customization with mechagnomes to increase the wider appeal and the limited capacity of AR’s in general is a major hamstring to that.

We need more cyberization options for them and more flexibility in what we can already do as well.

Oh, and more color options for their metal bits. While they’re adding that in the future I hope they give us the missing silver and copper heritage colors as well.

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I totally agree here. There’s some races that are just one deal, but some races pack some more.

The way I see it, when you click on a race with numerous variants, a dropdown lists pops out to the side and has the variants of the race there and you can select which you roll with.

What I can think of off the top of my head would be something like:

Orc: Orgrimmar, Mag’har, Fel, Mok’nathal
Taurahe: Kalimdor tauren, Highmountain tauren, Taunka
Dwarf: Wildhammer, Dark Iron, Bronzebeard, Frostborne
Gnome: Gnomerganian, Mechagonian
Goblin: Bilgewater, Gilgoblin
Troll: Zandalari, Darkspear, Revantusk
Human: Stormwindian, Kul Tiran, Gilnean
Draenei: Exodarian, Lightforged


It would allow for different racials, heritage, druid forms, shaman totems, that whole deal, but it would certainly help organize the creation screen to be less cluttered.

Oh and btw, fel orcs do exist on the Horde, they’re down in Blasted Lands near the portal.

If it were already in place, I imagine there probably wouldn’t be this weird gap between races like Draenei/LFD and Kalimdor/Highmountain tauren with things like tail and foremane lengths, but that’s pure speculation and we’ll never really know, not that it particularly matters now that’s it’s been announced stuff like that is finally getting transfered over.

I also feel it would help with faction racial balance. If we added everything separately, every race for Horde would require something added on Alliance, and vice versa, and I don’t see that being an issue if we start putting some together in this sort of way. To give an example, I’d like to see more types of trolls tossed onto Horde, but every new troll requires something new on Alliance, but if we make them sub-races, there would be less worry about adding an entirely new race to Alliance for every new type of troll, since it would be adding more variation to a race rather than an entirely new race. But that’s a very personal opinion, and with how dead set Blizzard is on maintaining an equal amount of classes on both factions, I doubt this would play out, especially since it’d less just adding new options and more halfway adding a new race.

Oh I see.

That’s a mild pet peeve of mine.


Oh yea, most definitely people wanted something else. Personally I always thought that Sethrak was too unrealistic for an AR considering their model but it was a cool idea and there were plenty of other options. What also probably doesn’t help is that the shorter races aside from maybe goblin and vulpera get a bad rap.

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I disagree of course on the Sethrak being unrealistic model wise, wowhead had an aritcle disproving most peoples issues with it, but it wasn’t gonna go Alliance very likely back then lorewise… like we don’t do anything with them…

Definitely there were other requests at the time that could easily have gone over well too. Jinyu/Ankoan strike me. Plus theres always the outliers that weren’t directly involved in BfA.

This most definitely.

Honestly it was 9/10ths the reason I wasn’t thrilled back when Mechagnomes were initially released.

Thankfully I got over it. Now Mechagnomes are among my most favorite races in this game. I wouldn’t trade anything for them.

(Though that in no way means I don’t support more additions.)


I’m late as heck to this but thank freaking goodness it’s finally happening. I felt like that Antonio Banderas laptop gif:


Thank you to every single person who contributed graciously to this to make it happen!!! This request went on way longer than it needed to. It’s been a long strange trip indeed.

With the ear options and normal colors, one can truly make a high elf/half-elf on the Alliance now!