Vulpera Customization Thread

Hello, this is the thread for ideas for Vulpera customization! Add any you’d like to be seen and I’ll add to this post!


  • New fur colors; dark brown, purple, pink, yellow, faded red, dark green.
  • Ability to choose fur color separate from markings so if you had red fur you could select a color for the markings other than purple.
  • Scar options, swipes, burns.
  • New faces
  • Different fur types like more fluffy fur, more shaggy fur, etc. Mainly would effect tail and top of head.
  • A further option of the fur types would be different “hairstyles” which would be different fur types on top of head
  • New eye colors
  • New fur patterns
  • More earing types and color types, necklace jewelry as well.
  • Different types of tails
  • More ear shapes
  • More muzzle shapes
  • Fang options

I always wanted hair cuts for them


I’ve always wondered what that’d look like, would be pretty interesting!


Even just some shorter styles idk I am surprised they didn’t launch w any


I’d love to see more options for vulpera. I had ideas but it’s late and I am tired so for now I’ll just add my support.


A glorious thread!

Went ahead and added this to my list of AR and customization threads.

Vulpera could use more options.


More pink shade fur options,

Short, medium, long or an alligator chomped off my tail options.


Here’s some ideas from the customizations megathread. I need to expand on these so I’m throwing the Vulpera ideas in here.

Vulpera Suggestions

  • More Fur Patterns.
  • More Ear Shapes.
  • More Muzzle Shapes.

OP’s character is hiding behind a large melon in his profile pic.


I kinda want to make a vulpera rogue.

hugs random vulpera in thread

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I would too if I could… sometimes it just be like that.

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more tail options.
like maybe a tail bow or tail weapon/ equipment.
maybe some feathers or other things for the tail.

for pirate theme a half tail and no tail option.
a hook or sword attached to the tail end could also be effective. totally not stealing ideas from a certain pirate dragon or anything

a thin fur tail option.

also more body paint options. like maybe steal some DH markings and have more color options for the existing markings. color options for the existing options alone could be very quick and easy to implement. low effort way to really expand on the over all customization options.

also… fur dye colors. people dye their hair. why not their fur? so non natural color options could be nice.

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Rather pointless considering how little hair would cover their head.

Gimme hairstyles with flower options like what tauren got. Those are adorable and would be cute on foxes.

Lol, it’s my weapon but randomly it will show my weapon like that in my pfp

I love the little ‘extra’ customizations that were added (leaves for night elves, tail ornaments and flowers for Taurens, etc… It would be wonderful if any race that had tails could get little ornaments like that they could add.

More marking options than the three available, whether it be alternate colors for them or more marking styles in general would be nice.

Like I said in the other thread, a Vulpera rogue, you should make.

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Make a Vulpera rogue and name him Swipper.

I honestly would love this. Vulpera are one of the allied races that has very very little by means of customization and they tend to all look the same as a result.


Literally still want all of this!

I hope blizzard is planning to hit up the remaining AR’s for 9.2.5. and they’re just keeping it hidden for now!


I’m sad this doesn’t get as much attention as other threads Vulpera deserve a pass