Remove natural velf options

They are and they now have a complete second theme all their own they can do whatever they want with. No other race has that. They were the exception when the first round of customizations were coming out and everybody was hoping allied races would get more love, to which they were told no but void elves got so much. And now they’re an exception again. It is irritating.


As much as I dislike many of the creative choices the story team makes, I really don’t see this happening.

Think of what that would require. A literal retcon of the void elves would result in half of their customization options, their heritage armor, and their racial mount all getting Thanos snapped out of existence. There is no universe where that massive amount of content getting removed goes over well with the community.

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They didn’t separate beard and mustache like they did for other races.

They didn’t give us tattoos/paint.
They didn’t even give us scars when our leader has scars.

Meanwhile void elves are taking all our stuff because aLlErIa IsN’t PuRpLe.


Nah it’s literally because High Elves have been like one of THE most frequently represented races in the Alliance ever, and yet have not ever been playable. They had a a major presence in:

  • The Burning Crusade: (Allerian Stronghold)
  • Wrath of the Lich King: (The Silver Covenant, in Dalaran and at the Argent Tournament)
  • Cataclysm: (Prelude to Zul’Aman)
  • Mists of Pandaria: (Purge of Dalaran and the Isle of Thunder)
  • Legion: (Literal armies of them in patch 7.1, leading up to the liberation of Suramar)

They’ve legit seen more in game representation than many of the actual playable races of the Alliance…

And yet they’re not playable.

Now people can finally play a race, on allyside, that looks like High Elves. I think that’s a win.

And frankly it’s not actually lorebreaking from a “void elf” perspective. Their literal faction leader, Alleria Windrunner, has pale skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair.

I hope we don’t get Paladins honestly. Paladins were never a cultural mainstay of the High Elf community - there’s one or two here and there sure. But the Blood Knight order is, and always has been, unique to the Sin’dorei.


Void Elves aren’t taking anything from you. They are copying you, theres a difference.

For real though, I don’t see the issue with Void Elves getting natural hair colors. A friendly reminder to you all that the co-leader has blonde hair and certain NPC’s have pitch black hair.


Some of these might be interesting.


Hmm I like this. I hope they would consider some night elf customization for nightborne now! I would love many of the night elf hair colors, skin tones, and hairstyles on nightborne too. Would be nice.

If not night elf hair colors then undead hair colors would be nice for nightborne, and undead night elf customization would be cool for nightborne or forsaken.


I’ll never understand why more choices would be a bad thing.

And no, I am not saying that because I am a velf. I quite like the void look and would remain the same, or my skin would have been changed by now. I just think that for the ones who would like more options, it can’t possibly hurt anything other than reasons.


I agree. Blood Elves should get Void Elf hairstyles and facial hair styles as compensation for what they are losing.

And scars and tattoos.


And you’re comparing void corruption to a demigod blessing.

That’s chess vs checkers at this rate


Because the parent race can’t be played on the same faction is the obvious answer.


I agree Void Elves should have more void options instead of trying to turn them into discount High Elves.

Blizzard should just give the Alliance High Elves (and the Horde the vampire elves) and let Void Elves be Void Elves.


I find funny how people are bashing void elves and no nelf players is bashing nightborne, they literally The same thing as well.

Its hilarius


The point is to play a character that looks like a blood elf but on Alliance instead of Horde. I really don’t care about the void theme at all; if I wanted to look like a tentacle monster I could do it through transmog.

If Highmountain Tauren were Alliance then it would actually be a great suggestion, and people would be stupid to get butthurt about it

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If you think this, I don’t think you’ve ever seen a nightborne :grimacing:


People think they’re the same but I’m willing to bet I could import both models into a 3d program and they’ll be different.


I have warlock one. And its the same skeleton, its and elf, that was a nelf, that now is skinny and have only 3 faces.

Its a night elf, that needs more faces


High elves are a thing in the setting. ‘Blood Elves’ that stuck with the Alliance that aren’t fel-corrupted like their blood-elf counterparts. A lot of people wanted to be able to play as them. This customization option gives them a way to, there’s nothing wrong or bad about that. It’s been in high demand and now it’s here.

As an active roleplayer on a roleplay server, I’ve seen a lot of people who’ve wanted to RP high elves now being able to freely do so. It’s been nice for them. More customization options are almost never bad unless they’re immersion-breaking in some way. Making your void elf into a high elf instead doesn’t at all qualify. It doesn’t negatively affect anyone who isn’t interested, it’s only a positive for people who are.

But yes, I made a void elf recently on my RP server and I have no desire to make her a high elf. I want her as voidy as possible, personally. More options along those lines would be good, but that doesn’t mean the natural options are a problem.


I mean even without doing that you can see how disgusting nightborne look and well, night elves don’t look like that :laughing:

You’re right more options are better, but the right ones. Natural options aren’t the right ones.

The point is that the corruption is what sets them apart from helves like how the antlers set the HM apart from the bloodhooves.

Stop focusing on the lore logistics, that’s not the point.

That’s the helfers problem

ARs aren’t meant to be the fix to cross faction play. Blizz should have dug their heels in a gave the finger to helf fans and stuck to their guns on making them go horde of they wanna play a pale elf.

Void should be void. You can’t always have your cake and eat it to. Player races need tegrity in their themes and lore. Having pale velves is like having green maghar.