Void Elves Don't Deserve More Hair Colors

Nobody works there anymore.

Oh, this is going to age well, I can feel it.


Like fine milk.

Don’t attribute this to something as useful as fine milk.

Void elves shouldn’t be able to look exactly like blood elves. They need to preserve some uniqueness, and if they could, they’d have more customization options than blood elves. They’re supposed to look like blood elves that are voidish.

Suppose since I’m here I’ll link to an actually serious thread about void elves.

blood elves have void options?


i mean PURE thalassian elves are a core horde race after all. thats just where the population and armies come from


they might. full on tentacles and starcursed are possible and fit the void theme

hell, tyrande has stuff that suit the void elves too

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Alleria Windrunner doesn’t look like that


they already have more skin tone choices. they can use the actual void elf skin tones or any of the pure blood elf ones. not counting class unique DH/DK skins obviously

that’s where i draw the line. no belf hair styles/colors for them.

Says the OP who isn’t the real character but uses set Sylvanas name anyways.

The game was better with just belf and Nelf. The alli got draenei they won forever.

I mean, for all you know my hair is green under here…

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At least three (maybe four) of the unique void elf skin tones look almost exactly the same, and blood elves get a wide range of warm and cool color options from across the spectrum for their hair whereas void elves only get to use cool colors, which fundamentally limits how good a large percentage of the outfits in the game can possibly look on them.

Also if you like having an animated ponytail that responds to your movements, you only have one option as a male void elf whereas male blood elves have like four at least


Remember the nightbourne before complaining the biggest screw job ever. Velf sit where lightforged sit remakes with nothing.

Thats cool and all.

Can my Velf Deathknight PLEASE get white??


I see the Beckys are out in force this morning.

As well as the Karen’s

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To be fair the Karen’s take shifts prowling the forums so they’re always here. A Mean Girl of Beckys is a rare and wonderful sight.