Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

It just goes to show that the CC represent themselves and not the community.


That’s not your job on the CC. It’s not supposed to work like posting in general chat. You are a representative of the community. That is why it is called the Community Council. Not the Maizou Council.


Prove that they’re paladins. I’ll wait.

You clearly are acting as an authority. If you weren’t you wouldn’t have decided to deem certain requests invalid.

You are not going to post it because you hate Blood Elves and want to hurt us however you can.

This is a fallacy. You make a claim, the burden of proof is on you, not me, to back up your claim.

So get to it.

Uh huh.

And yet their magic school is holy regardless.

It means nothing.

It’s a fallacy.

If it’s a paladin, it uses mana. < - True
Therefore if it uses mana it is a paladin < - False

If a mage uses mana, it’s a paladin.

This doesn’t work.

I could say the same about you.

It’s really clear that you have an Alliance and especially Anti-Bloof Elf bias.

You are not acting on good faith or being a good representative of the community. You can’t seem to put aside your hate of Blood Elves even when actively acting as a community voice. And the threats of acting out of spite are uncool.


Yeah, I think that’s why though that Blizz doesn’t just take feedback from them. They know the community and how it is. Feedback still matters and there was a recent hire that had posted here months ago that was really into the concept of Belf Druids.

So just keep making suggestions and laying out concepts. I’m sure they’ll still see it. It might not happen right away, but I see in expacs to come it become a theme to knock down a lot more of the customization limitations in the game.


I still want tattoos and scars.


Yeah you’re right. It just gets so demoralizing. You put effort and work into something and Blizzard never responds, rarely shares any info on what they’re doing for any of this and then the CC members seem to be off doing their own thing or choosing quasi-forum politics to make their posts… flipping their lids at the earliest provocation.

I’m gonna repost my customizations list again.

Still working on a new draft of it for better flow and organization.

Blood Elf Customization List

Still a work in progress…

  • Amber eyes, orange eyes, red eyes, pink eyes and black eyes. Also teals and between green and gold colors to represent our eyes shifting from green to blue or gold. (bonus if there is one for green to purple) Phoenix eyes as well.

  • Heterochromia Eye Options

By Somand, Also features removable tiara.

By Somand, includes Dark ranger Red and Black eyes.

  • Farstrider Warpaint

By Somand, Also includes scars, damaged ear and blind eye options.

  • Runic/Arcane Tattoos

By Lance, Rommath tatts

  • Henna Tattoos

  • Pheonix or slightly fire/light based looking tattoos kinda like the Nightborne have going on.

By Ace

By Somand, Light Tattoos and Light “Tentacle” or Hair option. Also Ear Armor.

By Lancelot, Light Tattoos like the Nightborne have, blue and gold eyes and green and gold eyes, male jewelry and two shorter hair styles.

  • More Hairstyles

By Lancelot

  • Scars, body and head…

  • Damaged ears

  • Pink and burgundy hair…also a few more shades and colors of hair in general.

  • Ability to remove the tiara (and other jewelry) from hairstyles.

  • jewelry for both genders.

  • makeup separate and for both genders.

  • Removed Jewelry from initial pass.

By WoW

  • Beards

  • Eybrow Options

By Somand

  • Fully encompassed blind options… Including half blind options that actually hits every color for both sides.

  • Several body types for Blood Elves.

  • Depending how Blizzard chooses to do it I’d like to either see San’layn or Dark Rangers be represented as well… though my preferred is with San’layn as their own AR and Dark Rangers as customization (or a class) for blood elves.

  • Felblood Elves represented through customizations we saw on them in TBC.

  • Updated Paladin mount for Blood Elves using either a Hawkstrider or Courser with armor themed on the Blood Knights.

By Somand

By Somand

  • More Heritage Armor tints.

By Somand

  • More Classes

Druid: Between the Botanists of the Botanica the closeness of Tauren and troll druids and the Farstriders closeness with nature alone Druids make a good potential class for Blood Elves.

By Kagesatsuki

By Riotfury

Shaman: Though only one individual there is already at least one thalassian studying the elements. This could easily be expanded out. (I suspect the Farstriders wouldn’t mind the help of shaman.)

Feel free to toss suggestions at me to add.

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There have been some ideas for Druids that the community has put together before

There’s probably more out there, too. For other forms. Like riding, healing and tanking.


I don’t normally add classes but I don’t see why not. I love working with new druid forms.


Male Dragon Evokers are our Blood Elf Customization content, I guess.


Welcome back Reno!


I’ve been here the whole time…


Not really.


I said it before and I’ll say it again, but giving male blood elf and human female models the pandaren treatment was NOT on my New Expac Bingo.

You’ve been here in our hearts. lol

Now go get your boots.


I tried but I forgot how to navigate Revendreth and tumbled down a ruined… ruin.

But don’t worry, I did a super hero landing and was a-ok.


Actual footage of Reno, moments after his triumphant landing:


Nailed it.


I’m out of likes and the phone doesn’t want me to be Classic Sledge or the alts, but consider spiritual likes reparted according to my predilections (jokes, being kind, shinies for everyone).

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I get this with my internet browser sometimes. It locks me to my Classic account only, and I can’t switch.

Only way I can clear it is to logout, clear my cookies, internet files, browser history, all that jazz, then relog and I’ll still be on the Classic character, but then I can switch.

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I’m torn. On one hand I already RP a Blood Elf that is a disguised bronze so my guy being able to look like my guy still is neat.

On the other hand this is the second time my particular avatar model has by made available to the other faction and that is very slightly annoying.

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I’m gunna use it as my excuse to smuggle an Alterac human Redside with a mog that hides dragony bits.

Though not being able to tank is a near-personal affront.