It's That Time of the Year Again: Remove School of Hard Knocks from Children's Week Meta Achievement

This was the last achievement I needed to get the drake and I just completed it like 2 days ago XD

BTW, since you’re removing this from the meta and therefore more people are finally getting their drake, maybe you could fix the animation bugs with the model? I’m so crushed that I can barely use the drake I’ve been working on since 2009 because flying is so disorienting and the /mountspecial is simultaneously unnerving and hilarious XD


Is this what Salandria references in her “pissed” quote? She says, “I’m going to tell the orphanage about the school of hard knocks!” or something like that. I guess she’s referencing telling on the player for taking her into battlezones when she was a child?


I got this years ago, but this really is one of the best signs that you are listening to your players!

Thank you!


if your fixing achievements, can you look into alterac blitz, this achievement has become almost impossible to do in today game. Another one is the 5k pvp pet battle achievement (legendary pet battler) when most time I queue for pet pvp battle and on one joins for an hour or more. horrible achievements that need fix.

You got to be kidding now I got it way back when it was first put in…dang Participation Trophy Generation …sigh…finally caved too the cry babies…


Here’re the customization Megathreads for Void and Blood elves:

We’d really really love to see customizations added in 9.2.5 for our current races or as soon as conveniently possible thank you very much Linxy for being our port of contact between us and the devs <3 xxxx


couldn’t it just been moved to comp stomp and have comp stomp active the entire time children’s week was up?

now the poor children will grow up not knowing how to violently murder the enemy win combat strategy games vs other teams.

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cries in happiness

Finally! omg. I can get the mount. I just.

Thank you.


It really is a horrible thing to implement achievements that require people to do things that run counter to normal gameplay in a BG, especially yearly events like this, it must suck for the PvPers to have swarms of people coming into their battles trying to get a stupid achievement done.

(i say this as someone that got it way back in the day)


This is what makes the game unappealing to people. This is what pisses off most players. Newer people that want these achievements do NOT want to work for the hard stuff. I don’t really care how many people want to scream and yell at me for this post, but come on. It’s supposed to be challenging. “BETTER LUCK NEXT YEAR” if you can’t get it done. But you are slapping us all in the face so you can get what you want. We tried multiple times until we got it done. “What a long strange trip it’s been” You know why the achievement is called that? You work hard, and you do it again, and again… Stop whining. I hope the Blizz team reads my post…


I am a PVE’er all the way and I felt genuinely terrible that I had to do actual PVP objectives to get this achievement. It would be one thing like GNERD Rage where you just had to get some HK, but having to actually, for example, capture a flag in Eye of the Storm and take that away from people that actually like to do PVP…feels bad man. I don’t want to be there any more than y’all want me to be there, I assure you, and while I try to make myself useful I know I suck at PVP, I cause stress for PVPers by not knowing what I’m doing, and hate that I was forced to do it for this achievement.

Also the insane queue times (I literally spent over an hour for an Alterac Valley) adding to the stress does not make this achievement any more endearing. Additionally, there are definitely people that will help you, but there are also definitely people that will go out of their way to make it difficult or impossible to get the achievement credit.


i had done the achievement on four characters back before VPD became account wide but i still cheer this change


I did this 12 years ago and got the mount why nerf it now and give in to people who are not willing to do it now?


Thank you.


That the problem Haroc this newer player base doesn’t want to work for anything they want it all handed to them …I knew this was coming when they said back in Feb the change to the Love Rocket drop rate will change next year…they caved to the cry babies and will keep doing that for this Participation Trophy Generation in the game now…everyone got to get a prize mentality…


If people cry enough that its hard to get mythic boss mounts or pvp mounts cause they are too hard to get why not give those out too?


Got too let the cry baby generation get their prizes…its the Participation Trophy Generation players causing this now.

Agreed. It is unfortunate. But I can always slap everyone in the face with the Month, Day, and Year when i got it. When you had to try. And so can you! :slight_smile:

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This particular one has been a point of contention since it started. Hence the jokes about yearly threads on this one.

I am glad they finally stopped listening to people who said that.


Are you kidding me?