Human Customization Thread

Hello all,

Thank you for reading / perusing the thread, dedicated to the one and only race that we ALL have a mod for in real life!

This thread will focus on designs and suggestions for human variety and diversity. As they are blood related to Kul Tirans and Worgen, I thought it best to add them in the mix here.

In an effort to keep posts on topic, and to dissuade trolling / offensive behavior, there are four indelible caveats to this thread.

1: Racism will NOT be tolerated. Will. NOT. Be. Tolerated.
Our goal here, is for all humans to receive some representation.
Celebrate our cultural diversity! Add suggestions of your own!
Appreciate and compliment the posts of others! I guarantee you’ll receive the same.

Don’t engage foolishness. Don’t feed the trolls. Racists posts will not only be flagged, I will open tickets. I will defend this thread.

2: I’ve done Point of Origins sections, which conceptualize in-game major Human cities (Stormwind, Boralus, etc.), in the same light as diverse megacities in our modern world (New York, London, Paris, etc.).

These sections NOT represent a “where is Africa?” cultural focus for WoW. So please, do not use it as a topic of discussion. Thank you.

3: Supernatural and mixed heritage suggestions for humans are welcome! However, please place suggestions for the Worgen combat form, and Kul Tiran druidic forms, in their own customization threads (I’ve added several AWESOME threads for them, links below).

4: I fully support customization suggestions and requests for the other races in WoW! I just ask that all requests and conversation regarding other races, be moved to their respective forum threads. They’ll be very happy to have you stop by!

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Let’s get started! I’ve got a LOT of entries, so I may break this up over the next several days.

(Disclaimer: I own none of the artwork posted here, and there is no monetary gain on my part. These are only for concept purposes only).

Click the pics to zoom, and each dropdown contains more! Also, any options and suggestions you all have, will be added as time goes on. We’ll start with the basics:

Faces and Hairstyles

Braid Styles

Tresses and Braids

Tresses and Locks


Long Tresses, All Styles

Curly Hair and Afros

Side Cuts / Fades

Short / Mid Cuts / Buns / Etc.


Jewelry, Ornamentation and Tattoos




Different Body Styles
– (MANY players make mention of this, so I thought I’d take some of the most popular requests, like the petite and thin requests. If anyone feels any offense to posts here, let me know, they will be removed).


City Points of Origin
This section is a conceptualization of many Azeroth city hubs, as mega cities in our real world (New York, London, Paris, etc.), where certain styles and fashions are in vogue.

I think it would be fun for Human players to choose where they started, mostly for unique class gear and transmogs. HOWEVER, I want to be very careful with this section: this is NOT to insinuate that “these are where -blank- ethnicity MUST come from”. It’s more saying, “this is where this person was born, not necessarily where everyone with my features is from”.

To emphasize the transmog aspect of the Point of Origins, in the parentheses next to each city, I’ve placed a “punk” style that I thought would be fun to associate to each. Feel free to come up with your own ideas, I’d love to see them!

Also, if you’d like more info of the various punk visual aesthetics, please peruse the following link:
‘Punk Tropes’ -

Stormwind (Dungeon Punk)


Worgen Druid (Pre-Transformation)

Old Town Warlock

(Possible Class Idea!!) Royal Tinkerer

(Possible Class Idea!!) Traveling Lorewalker Bard

Dalaran (Acadamian Punk)

Academy Professor

Academy Mage

Dalaran Elemental Institute - Kul Tiran Transfer Student

Dalaran Librarian

Dalaran Library Guardsman

(Class Idea!!) Preservation Society Tinkerer

Tanaris / Uldum (Desert / Jungle Punk)

Uldum Oasis Paladin

Uldum Academy Mage

Kul Tiran Stranglethorn Druid

Tanaris Academy Mage

Tanaris Oasis Priestess

Stranglethorn Pathfinder Hunter

Uldum Choking Sands Warlock

Boralus (Pirate / Urban Punk)

Stormsong Valley Ranger

Port Authority Investigator (Rogue)

Royal Naval Mage

Newly Risen Kul Tiran Death Knight

Kul Tiran Shaman

Boralus Sky Pirate

Order of Embers Discipline Priest

Forbidden Monasteries (Ninja Punk)
Lost Mogu Temple Assassin

Lost Mogu Temple Assassin

Lost Mogu Temple Warrior

Lost Mogu Temple Warrior

Sha-Touched Warlock


Though I like the models of human ,op, the rules are too restrictive for a thread so I’ll leave no comment on the matter.

i like her hair. i think the closest blizzard has gotten to long curly tresses is wrathion.


Thanks, and thanks. I say that with no snide undertones or anything.

Also, I honestly don’t see what’s so difficult. I was born and raised in Queens, NYC, one of the most diverse places on Earth. Do you need to know where someone comes from to appreciate how they look?


I’m glad you like it! I recall in an older thread, someone asking for long, fuller hair. After going through the options, I definitely agree.


These would be so nice if they added to skinny kul tirans as well when they become an option!


Holy camoly! Those are some very attractive humans of all races. I like the dreadlock ideas especially. Definitely have some design limitations due to the nature of the gam, but I’d like to see it be a reality.


also like this


The fact that there is no seperate scar slider for human faces is unacceptable. Why are scars tied to faces which are forced to be certain skin colors, meanwhile orcs have their own distinct scar slider that isnt dependent on faces. I want my character mangled. Lazy blizz.


I think we need to see Blizzard expand humans within Azeroth if we want to see more real-world-adjacent qualities in the game. Currently humans are a species that descended from the Vrykul falling victim to the curse of flesh, much like the dwarves and gnomes, (and troggs). That said, they haven’t shown any diversity even as they’ve begun to move around the world, sticking to a predominantly euro/western based society. It would be interesting to see them explore more cultures and clans in the future.


this would be cool. beaded hair.

and this


I’d love tattoos for that option, sense she already has the complexion and looks very similar to me, i’d give both her face, and arms tree print markings with green hair and then cast ironbark and probably faint :scream: :heart:


I totally agree with you, but it’s obvious (to me) that Blizzard designed based off of what they both knew and had around them: people from American and European backgrounds. There’s nothing wrong with this; everyone has a mental picture of themselves in their head, and when it comes to things like customizing oneself, you go to that image.

With game company’s, it’s a matter of realizing that everyone does that, and also realizing that you need input from other people, whether they code or not, whether they go to your gym or not, etc.

When creating this thread, I had to consciously select faces and hairstyles I’m not used to. My family is heavily mixed, so all I had to do was call my nieces and nephews up and I was good :smiley: However, I still worry that there may be one or two more black dudes in my entries…

I have a lot more to add to this post (it felt like a lot already), as I’d like to address different cultural areas, even though I don’t want to give the impression of "this type of human MUST come from here only ". I want people to see it as “hey, lots of humans started here, but many migrated and emigrated, so you’ll find a variety of human features, even if they all dress the same”.


Those stunning beads are giving me ancient Israel/Egypt vibes. I love the sandy semitic aesthetic of it :heart_eyes:

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aye, thats what it is.


Wonderful! Full support!

Much of this is beautiful!


this would look good on blood elves with their golden eyes.


Similar to some suggestions that came up in the Undead thread, I would like to see tattoos or jewelry with variants based on the Seven Kingdoms. Pendants with the Seal of Lordaeron on them, earrings with the Eye of Dalaran sigil, arm tattoos of the Fist of Stromgarde or Anchor of Kul Tiras, etc.