Why the lack of Customization?

Coward. Don´t erase the “jewerly does NOT help the Lighforged RP fantasy”, cause that is a very important piece of feedback unless you guys wanna get buried under jewerly asets and nothing else.

I don’t make a lot of customization requests but regarding Nightborne it would be nice if we could get more variety for hair color customization and ones that have been extremely desaturated to be a variation of an off white color to be more saturated to the color that they should be for example the pink one to actually be a shade of pink since it has a very light pink undertone already. :blush: :blush: :blush:


Ok this one more.

Not me then.

Why do you think that I said jewelry should be the only thing belves ever get? I literally only said that it was a requested feature lol
I’m also not advicating for the removal of jewelry on LFD or any other race BTW.

It’s already posted above, twice.

Everyone saying HMT and NB aren’t getting more stuff than us are wrong. Female HMT are getting 59 brand new customization items, fem NB are getting 60 and fem LFD are getting 50. LOL. 12 of the new LFD customization numbers are made up of jewellery colours too. Thank you, Blizz. There’s def no bias here

I didn’t bother counting for the males because they normally don’t get as much as the females.


My Nightborne going to look fabulous :kissing_closed_eyes:


Ty Linxy! Please take a look at this thread Void Elf Customization Thread
there’s a lot of amazing ideas for void elves there.
I’m very happy with high elf options, but please don’t forget void elf fans! We want more void customizations for void elves! gothic hairstyles and dark makeup would be amazing too :purple_heart:


Hey, don’t cross this out! We still need arcane hair and feet effects. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  • Glowing Hands/Feet/Hair like Nightborne NPCs.

This is truly amazing, thank you for communicating and listening to some of the feedback! I’m so stoked to see how it looks :blush:
Please consider a couple more of the overwhelming requests all nightborne fans have been talking about as well:

  • Fix most nightborne faces to have less of an aged look to them (we’re okay with a couple options but we’d like to see more of them be younger/more attractive)
    We’re not so much asking for new faces per say (although the female npc face would be a welcome addition as well as the NB male example face that was shown when you initially released the nightborne customization announcement) but we would like the existing/newly added faces to be touched up/smoothed out - especially in regards to the male scowl.

  • Mana effects on the hair
    Perhaps a saturation toggle could work so people can further customize their desired intensity :slight_smile:

Those 2 are the biggest issues all the fans have agreed upon
& to list a few more that we would love to see down the line when possible:

  • more saturated/varying hair colors (blues, purples, pinks)

  • different skin tones (blues, purples, pinks)

  • eye colors (blues, purples, pinks)

Again, thank you for listening, a lot of people including me are so happy to hear about the mana hands & I’m super excited to see it! :blush: all of these additions would truly make the nightborne come full circle and give them their identity


I love all of these ideas, especially the one to match the glow colors of your hands/feet/eyes/tattoos & hair!
I’m excited to have my nightborne not look the same as everyone else’s xD can’t wait to see what lies ahead!


Hello, a thing for void elves could be to give them the unused idle animation for female belves


Differentiating them just like NB females have a unique stance to differentiate themselves from nelves.


if you really want to differentiate between void/blood elves how about something that actually reflects the void? imagine sprouting tendrils, sharp teeth and claws for a few seconds before retracting them


I’ve been avoiding the trailers to not see how carnage looked before the movie… thanks.

Reading through the topic feels like a waste of time with the elf-people being petty as always. I find it also very disingenuous from the Helf-people to say that they got nothing. They literally got the Blood Elf race integrated into the Void Elves. This is a big deal.

The Nightborne customization are great, will definitely use the glowing hands.



I do not agree with you. There are people who just want a small pointy eared option for humans as an option, but since humans are finished, that doesn’t seem likely.

I also, personally, do not understand why on earth they wouldn’t just unlock the 3 undead skins for DK for all the other races. That would allow me to make an undead orc warrior or a Leper gnome mage!

This is within the confines of an expansion directly dealing with the death theme.


Amazing, so glad the customization train hasn’t stopped yet, thanks Linxy!

:crossed_fingers: More HMT customization :crossed_fingers:


Great news! I like this one. I hope to see more customizations for other races.

Here is some more ideas:

  1. The broken horns for the Lightforged Draenei are great. Is it possible to have these customizations for the regular Draenei too?
  1. Is it possible to have more hair styles for the Dark Iron Dwarfs? Having a little bit more for them would be welcomed. Some new tattoos would be welcomed too.
  1. Is it possible to have more hair styles for the Mag’har Orcs? Having a little bit more for them would be welcomed. Some new necklaces and blue eyes would be welcomed too.
  1. Is it possible to have more hair styles for the Zandalari Trolls? Having a little bit more for them would be welcomed. Some new hair colors would be welcomed too.
  1. Is it possible to have asymmetric earrings for humans? I always wanted to have this custimization for them
  1. I’m also thinking about the corrupted red skin color, the corrupted orange skin color and the corrupted purple skin color for the regular Draenei. The green eyes color for the regular Draenei too. These colors are only availabled for npcs (Man’ari Eredar). Adding them could finally allow us to roleplay a Man’ari Eredar. Another good customization for the regular Draenei could be the purple color for theirs eyes so we could have some other colors (three) for the eyes and not only one. Is it possible to have these customizations for the regular Draenei? That could be a great addition for them and for the world of warcraft roleplay community.
  1. But also the green skin for the regular Trolls (Darkspear tribe). This color is only availabled for npcs (Revantusk tribe, Witherbark tribe, Dazar’alor => Revantusk Speaker, etc). Adding it could finally allow us to roleplay a Forest Troll (as you do it for Sand Trolls/Farraki tribe and Dark Trolls). Is it possible to have these customizations for the regular Trolls (Darkspear tribe)? That could be a great addition for them and for the regular Troll/Forest Troll fans.

Thanks for this nice addition for the Nightborne. I hope we could see some of suggestions I put here (mostly for the regular Draenei and the regular Trolls). I can’t wait to see the next ones. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s nice to see the players are getting what they want. But when are Void elves getting some new customization? Compared to what Nightborne, LFD and HMT are getting, Void elves are not getting much right now. All three will be ahead in customization compared to Void elves once 9.1.5 hits.


This animation is used by Venthyr now :smiley: