We are VOID

more shades of purple/red/pink/blue hair or combinations
skin tones i dont mind so much because we do get all voidy when the racial activates, and thats good enough for me

please don’t
i rather keep my innocents

Alliance was scam out of High Elves. Activision giving what players want in their own way.

I keep my void to myself.

excuse you, FF14 races have culture within their lore. dont group em up with GW2.

Just gonna link to this and bow out here… Probably.


GW2 races do have culture and lore behind them…

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Are you serious? Why don’t you ask for the options you want, instead of asking for blizzard to not add more stuff? Not everything is about you, if other void elf players want to use natural hair colors they should have the option.


LOL you know this isn’t happening.

So you would rather the alliance get a second race with the blood elf model but with nothing more than only blue eyes and normal skin tones?

If anything giving Void Elves the Wildhammer treatment made more sense. Why add a second race when there is only one small difference between them that could be added via a customization.

I mean we wanted second separate race since void elf was like legit a race none of us were expecting or anticipating. but after all those years in BFA and devs denying and ignoring our pleas, their best method to resolve this was shove high elf option in void elf. So yeah, that small difference is an unfortunate thing since it was originally big difference.

all of this would have prevented if devs gave high elves as separate allied race for Alliance.

Not only that, most people play this game and pay for it so that they can get the customization and immersions they wished for. Money sells at the end.

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I don’t think they would change their minds now, after they announced that natural hair colors are coming in 9.1. But there’s a thread for void options for void elves, there’s a lot of nice edits there. Post about what you want to be added, i don’t have much hope for new options for void elves soon, but maybe 9.2?

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I’m of the opinion that Blizzard should have just given you guys High Elves right from the get-go when the Horde got Nightborne. It was a fair trade-off imo.

However, giving the Alliance a second race with the Blood Elf model would be a bit too much in my eyes.

The compromise they have come to now fits the best of both worlds and I don’t have a problem with them continuing to expand upon it.


There was that one time when Horde wanted Vrykuls.

This certainly is a stretch with the Void Elves.

It is too much - but given that they went out their way to mock and annoy the people who wanted this to happen, this is certainly the rightful pain in the butt situation they have asked for.

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They need to give Void Elves a permanent Entropic Embrace. If I’m going to make a Void Elf, the woman is going to be Void 100% of the time. Do it Blizzard.


I think they just need to add subrace catergories to similar looking races. Blood elves and void elves should have a high elf subcategory. And so they can choose to identify as high elf for example.

Humans should be mixed.
Orcs should be mixed
Dranei should be mixed
Tauren should be mixed.
Trolls should be mixed
Dwarves should be mixed, add the wildhammer dwarf category.

Nightborne should have the undead night elf category, and maybe highborne looks. Felbourne and followers of elune looks too.
Night elfs can have an undead night elf category and highborne looks. Nightwarrior tatoos.

Humans can have the skinny bodytype, undead can have the human models with dk eyes and natural skin tone colors of “fresh undead” basically all the customization a human dk can use. So horde would get humans with the forsaken basically. Kultirans too as fogsail.

Forsaken can get leper gnome customization and all the undead dk looks of other races, which would be huge.

Trolls can eventually look forward to jungle troll looks, frost troll, and maybe another bodytype to choose from

Dwarves get to look forward to frost dwarves, metal dwarves, earthen/clay dwarves.

Tauren looks forward to feltotem, grimtotem, Yaungol and Taunka eventually.

Gnomes- Lepergnome customization, full mechanized robot looks.

Dranei- Another bodytype Broken options. Lightforged mixed looks.

Goblins - gilgoblins, hell goblins, lightning goblins, mudgoblins (all fictional except gilgoblins but more elemental goblins would be cool customization).


I 100% agr…


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Because some people want something actually new and tied in to a race’s actual theme and not to be used by a large group of bitter whiners who can’t get past a story decision probably around 20 years old by now. Some people want a void race, and are upset that a bunch of people that do not actually like the race are basically eating up all the dev time going into that race with copied options that ignore that theme.


o relax dont use those options then easy