Playable Covenant Races

Playable Covenant Races

I wanted to create a thread to discuss the possibility of playable covenant races. In this thread I’ll list possible options for each covenant along with classes and abilities. Feel free to add additional ideas.

Why would the covenant races be a good playable option for players?

First, their models are amazing. It’s unfortunate when new races are created, with a variety of options, but aren’t accessible for players. Some of these races would fulfill the fantasy of playing a Fae related race, vampires, and/or angels. Allowing these races to become playable shouldn’t require much work since they are already built on skeletons/rigs from current, playable races. Lastly, Blizzard has stated they are open to incorporating additional races if they align with the direction the story is heading. Since the Shadowlands expansion is ending, hopefully we visit these races again in the future as we have with others. There is so much potential here, and it would be a shame if they aren’t incorporated back into the story down the road.

Lore-wise, these races could easily become involved with our realm if their leaders task a small group from each covenant to help aid Azeroth, and protect the Shadowlands on the outside. This would keep history from repeating itself since some of the Shadowlands’ problems came from our realm. We also have the situation of cosmic forces invading parts of the Shadowlands, like the void. The covenants could also aid us as we try to keep these forces at bay; protecting our realms.

If the covenant races do become playable, ideally they should remain neutral since both factions are helping them out, and races from both factions make up part of their ranks. We already have 3-4 races on both factions that are either the same thing, or look very similar. Additional neutral races aren’t going to change anything in this regards.

Browse through this discussion to see additional pictures of options, fan art, and some self-created customization!

The Covenants:


For this covenant, the Kyrian and Forsworn are the most likely possibility. Hopefully we could choose to be either an ascended or aspirant.


Flying (actual flying without the need of a mount)
The current covenant ability with summoning a steward to aid you.

Currently working on Kyrian/Forsworn customization options. Here’s what I have so far:


For this covenant, either the necrolords or gladiators. I think the gladiators are a more likely choice since there’s a distinct difference between the males and females. Playing as a straight up skeleton would be cool though.

Death Knight

Something involving domination magic?
The Fleshcraft shield

Will create customization options soon.

Night Fae

For this covenant, the faun-like Sylvar are the most likely candidate.


Rebirth, since that’s kind of the whole theme behind Ardenweald.
Soulshape could be their racial.

Here are some customization options I’ve created:


The Venthyr are the most likely possibility.


Perhaps some sort of health regeneration ability through a bite.
Door of Shadows the covenant ability could always be their racial.

Here are the customization options I’ve created for the Venthyr:

I didn’t include Demon Hunters for any of these covenants since they’re strictly only elves at this time. Although, another player made a very good point in that perhaps the covenants could be every class since some are individuals from past lives and classes, and each class already gets covenant abilities relating to each covenant.

Another player brought up the idea of having our characters soul shape into the covenant races. This could be another way to make them accessible without taking up allied race slots. When considering some of the covenant races being souls reincarnated, the idea fits really well.

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Feel free to share any suggestions!


It wouldn’t make sense to have Shadowlands’ races outside of Shadowlands, but then again Shadowlands itself makes 0 sense. Let people play as Ogres for all I care. Just don’t introduce any new classes because the ones we have already are difficult enough for the devs to balance properly.


+1 for Sylvari. I need a skinny male Draenei model.


The lore is kind of a mess at the moment. On the other hand, there have been times in the past where races from Shadowlands came to our realm. It’s possible. :woman_shrugging:


I haven’t been following the lore as much anymore because of how bad it’s degraded, but the only such instance I can remember outside of Kyrians going to fetch souls in other realms are Dreadlords, but the entire lore behind Dreadlords has been retconned to hell at least 3 times now, so I don’t think I can even consider that anymore.

But I’m not against it, since just as I said, I don’t care anymore since the lore itself hasn’t bothered being consistent for awhile now.


I mean this with no disrespect to you at all. You might be a very wonderful person and I hope your day is going along well and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family but,

I do not ever want to be reminded of this horrible expansion workfest. That’s the last thing I want. Now my mind may change come 9.2 if it’s good or not but right now, I’m still mad this expansion is still live.

I usually watch cinematics from wow vanilla all the way through the last expansion before the new one releases just to see what we’ve been through but next time, I may skip Shadowlands.


Sorry for the dissent and negative opinion, but I personally don’t want to see covenant races playable.

I would rather then focus on Allied Race requests from Azeroth, like Sethrak, San’layn, Ogre, Vry’kul, Saurok, Arakkoa, and more, and/or customization for existing races.

As a vampire fan, I do not like the venthyr myself and would not play one when it comes to the ‘vampire fantasy’. I would like the vampyr curse expanded for things like San’layn, something present in Azeroth since Wrath, as opposed to random ‘morphed soul vampires’ which really aren’t actual vampires to begin with, sit around lazily in parties all day, and such like that.

They could add ‘nosferatu’ options to San’layn if they were added along with more aesthetically pleasing ones, which would cover the vampire fantasy I personally would like to see, not the ‘soul sucking’ thing Venthyr have going. I personally (again - this is just my opinion) do not like Venthyr or their lore at all. San’layn were actual scourge tacticians with a real bite as opposed to things that sit in parties all day as the main ‘draw’ of their covenant.

If others like it however, I am not putting them down. I am merely sharing my opinion on this matter and wish those who do like these things good luck. I am content with leaving Shadowlands behind, however, and having them focus on race requests from our realm of living.

To end this, once again, I want to emphasize how I am speaking for myself and this is just an opinion, I am NOT putting down those who like the covenant races or ideas, I just wanted to speak up about mine too. For those who like them and want to push them, again, great, and I wish you well. Posting ideas and opinions in a respectful manner is always a good thing.


As a vampire fan, I’m putting up with the jumping of the shark (lolplayableangels) to be able to actually play a Venthyr with my friends. I still have my san’layn characters over on Alliance with void elves, but having the real thing that isn’t just another Blood Elf would be enough to make it worth it.

It’s actually insane how popular the request for Venthyr is now, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they wound up making some of the covenant races playable just because of them and them alone. (…and so long as I get Forsworn customization on Alliance, I’ll be happy. Been RPing one since the beta.)

I’d still rather the final covenant perk being a transformation into the races out of combat - a permanent toy sort of a thing, but, considering just how popular venthyr are, that’s probably a bit much to ask.


I respect your views.
I think we should have all of those options along with the covenant races; those are overdue. The more options the better in my opinion.

If San’layn don’t become customization options, I don’t see a problem with having more than one playable race based on the vampire aesthetic. They’re already a thing in game.


Honestly, I agree with you wholeheartedly there. I would be entirely content if San’layn were customization as well and Venthyr an Allied Race (much as I really want a dance…) if we got lore for the Azeroth vampyr too. It’d be a bit disappointing but indeed satisfying to a ton of people.

Also, multiple races for it sound pretty good to me. Someone suggested a “Vampire” race which would have venthyr, San’layn, and human vampires.

I’ve suggested ‘covenant customization’ where we’d unlock related-options for all races.

Agreed, to be honest. If Blizzard were to add in all of those options and covenant races, I wouldn’t have a problem at all. Or if they said “Yeah we’re looking at the race requests but for now are adding in [x] first, however don’t fret if you are waiting too, we want feedback in general for all!”.

One thing I will say is I do like the Stoneborne, if the covenant races ever did become playable, I do think they should be neutral just given both factions work so much with them (yes, I know, Nightborne, mechagnomes, etc… they probably should have been neutral too if you want me to be completely honest .-. )


Right right, exactly! I don’t mind waiting if they’re seriously considering race requests.

Complete agree.

The game is bleeding players at this point, and the company should be pulling out all stops to bring people back. New playable races have always been an exciting feature that brings in people and money. I hope Blzzard continues to take advantage of that for everyone’s benefit.


No disrespect taken.

I understand where you’re coming from. BfA and Shadowlands have not been that great for me, and I find I’m not as excited to play as I use to be. I blame the excessive systems and grinds for most of that.

I will say however, even though many aren’t a fan of the idea of unlocking allied races, I find that more enjoyable to work towards than a new, temporary gear set. I don’t raid like I use to anymore, and I love to bounce around on alts; it changes up the game and feel for me. Having and/or unlocking new races is more fulfilling, personally, because it’s a permanent reward that I can continue to use in different ways.

So even though I’m not as excited about the current expansion in general, I do love new races, especially the covenant races, and being able to play them in whatever way I want does excite me. I do get where you’re coming from though.


Well, not alone there, on an RP server a lot of RPers didn’t buy SL and actively pretend like the Shadowlands isn’t common knowledge to the setting most of them. It’s bad when even in character people are refusing to acknowledge recent lore developments :joy:.

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I’m 50/50 on this topic. I love the Venthyr so much. I absolutely adore everything about them.
Do we get just the small models? Likely. Gargoyle people would be my favorite but of course stoneborn probably won’t happen.

Kyrian would get blue dudes.
Necrolords would get… well. They have a few types. The bulky brawlers, the small (zandalari) casters, lich types and boney bois.
Night fae would be fluttering moth people and centaurs.

We’d have to have something definite that can effectively wear player armor. But also, they’re undead races. Kyrian, however, have made it outside the Shadowlands, so it’d be interesting to see how they put it to use.

If ANY of them became centered toward one faction as they did Nightborne, I’m honestly going to be mad. What a terrible execution of dialogue for great characters.
“We don’t trust you. How can you prove you won’t be Elisande 2.0?”
“Oh well okay thanks for helping us WE’RE HORDE NOW LOL. Oh they they’re throwing out their own people from their city! Sign us UP. NOT LIKE THEY DID THAT TO US LMAO.”

[edit for coherent thought lol]


The whole faction thing is what bothers me.
I’m just fully expecting Venthyr to go horde because of the sheer amount of temper-tantrums anything “gothic” or vampiric has shown up on Alliance, so even having them be neutral might lead to the usual suspects complaining somebody’s playing the thing they want where they personally believe it doesn’t beolng.

I’m prepared to just have my venthyr as the alt that’s just connected to nothing for RP purposes in my friend’s guild, but like, my Alliance characters have helped them extensively. My San’layn - Alliance and allied with Void Elves - is with their covenant.

Why I’d rather us have the chance to turn every race into the covenant ones as a transformation, rather than an actual playable race. Two in one deal.

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This is the problem. I like the idea though, if only because I’m starving for Shadowlands lore. One thing that might be possible would be a parting gift given to us to take when we leave. Personally I’d like the Night Fae thing where you can double jump and then levitate for a few minutes.

Edit: I’m totally keeping my Steward assistant. Haka works everywhere.


Agreed. They should remain neutral if made playable.

I’m not sure if the moth people would be a possibility for a race itself because they don’t wear armor…perhaps as a companion or a druid form?
The centaur-like people would be cool, but then there’s no way for them to wear current player gear or use mounts. Would be awesome to play as them though!


Do you mean like a permanent transformation? That has been a theory passed around.

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Oh yeah no. The new races look great! And if they do somehow become playable I’ll take a bite! It’s just the expansion kinda ruins them for me to be honest.

I personally would go with Nathrezim and skeletons inspired by Liches.

The Nathrezim were created so maybe a not completely evil brood could be created. If they joined the Horde they could give us a cosmic race that isn’t too over the top in the sci-fi elements.

Helcular could finally become a Lich and bring in more skeletal undead in.