Why the lack of Customization?



Kind of stuff could be cool and it would definitely be unique looking.

LFD got cheek armor (and I love it) so maybe BEs could get some of their own that is phoenix inspired.


I’m not 100% if Blizzard would do a charcoal look due to Dark Iron, but it would need to be a must if they build off the phoenix theme.


I was just looking at the LFD new customization’s on the PTR and thought the same to be honest. Glad their there, and will definitely use some of them for my characters. But at the same time, “basic” or even “obvious” seems like the word to describe most of what’s been added.

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I love all these ideas, yeah! That’s glorious! Also fair point about DID. Blood Elves could lean toward lighter colors, I guess, though I hope for variety. Sort of like a brighter fire than lava, more of a ‘forest fire’ than ‘melted rock fire’. Honestly, there could even be some blues in there for blue fire, a blue fire glow. All depends really, the world is the limit.

…why’s there no blue firehawk mount.


Splinter-group of goblins joining the Alliance. Wouldn’t be so bad, they are the better Gnomes.

Too many elf-players to call it a faction war. It’s more of an elder’s retirement home where people fight each other out of boredom.

It’s the other way around. The Alliance hasn’t gotten anything interesting at all.

  • Void Elves - nothing somebody asked for. Could have been easily the Broken
  • LFD, should have been given to the Horde as the Eredar
  • HMT, should have been given to the Alliance
  • NB on the Horde is absolutely acceptable.
  • Dark Ion Dwarf/Mag’har Orcs make sense to be playable on their sides
  • Kul Tiran, a human option as it’s own unique AR.
  • Zandalari Trolls are the winners and something what Troll-players have been asking for since Mists of Pandaria
  • Mechagnomes fit the Alliance but should have been just an update to the original race. Another wasted Alliance slot. Should have been the Sethraks.
  • Vulpera were asked and requested.

:joy: :joy: :joy:

It is completely like this tbh


Bumping this thread to once again thank Linxy, the rest of the CM team and Blizzard in general for listening to the Void Elf and High Elf fanbase! You have made a humongous number of players incredibly happy! The new customizations encourage us all to continue contributing with positive constructive suggestions as we always try to do.


With patch 9.1.5 coming on Nov 2, I’m positive all other races will receive their much desired customizations soon after, but whenever it’s allied races turn again, please have a look at the suggestions posted in Void Elf thread so we can have an actual Void Elf pass with unique elegant customizations.

Thank you so much, as always!


Ironically this is actually very true. Yesterday I joined Argent Dawn EU for a private RP event and I have seen Alliance players preparing their Void Elves in Stormwind. Almost all Total RP3 profiles described them as Quel’dorei High Elves.



The High Elf Discord alone has 800+ members!!! Isn’t it crazy how many people love Alliance High Elves?

There are also many Void Elf players happy they can finally roleplay their “Alleria-like” Void Elves.

It feels so good when Blizzard listens to their playerbase and acts upon our feedback.


The only people who are unhappy are a small amount of players who regularly come to the forums to try and stop people from requesting for things they want. But I am very happy with what we got.

Still, I would like to see more for the Void Elves. Fen’s thread has some amazing suggestions, and Fen would be happy if we can also alternate to also non-void options for some of the stuff too. But in the end, I am glad for what we have been given. And I am happy that Blizzard has given us these options, and all these customizations.


Yes indeed!!

I so definitely want those awesome Void tattoos (and they can also work like Farstrider tattoos too!), new EE skins and eye colors.

Oh and hairstyles… those beautiful sleek hairstyles suggested in Fen’s thread are beautiful.


Yeah sure, that must be why Alliance got an exact carbon copy of the top Horde race while we got a botched version of like the third top at the time. It must also be why Alliance got a brand new model race built from the ground up. I could go on but I’m not going to bother because I see no point in trying to convince you or anyone else which side has it better or worse, I get tired of you people acting like you don’t get stuff when you clearly do.


And we’re the bad guys/gatekeepers for suggesting that maybe blood elves should exclusively get Dark Rangers/San’layn…

Guaranteed if we asked for void options (which… no. We shouldn’t get. Yes, it should stay void elves. But we should get our own unique elves too, which in my opinion/want should be San’layn/Dark Rangers) we’d be snapped at hard. Which is fine, they can keep it.

But us asking for something unique on our side shouldn’t be met with all of this unless the faction barrier is removed.


Like as if it is a competition on who got better or who got worse. Jeez Naughtymoon, just grow up. It is a game. If you have a problem with decisions made by Blizzard, then take it up with Blizzard. Don’t blame one side or an entire faction over the decision made by Blizzard.


What? I thought the High Elf discord is just about the 10 people who post here. How many are in Tarroks discord channel?

We have already four elf flavors available, let them have the High Elves. Regular/Blood Elf, Sunwell/Blood Knight, High Elf and Demon Hunter.

You mean the Kul Tiran? They are an extremely edited Pandaren model which shares several animations with each other.

I’m just not convinced that the Alliance got the “big deal” out of the Allied Races. We got everything we asked for in the past. I never understood this begrudging ideology to give the Alliance second rate races to begin with. If our AR would have been Leaper Gnomes and Gilgoblins instead of Vulpera and Mag’har Orcs, then we would act exactly like them. We have to be fair here, we enjoy Horde bias to the full extend.


It 's literally exactly the same.

“Blood Elves are the normal elves! Just give them Blue Eyes and they will be High Elves!” to “Void Elves are the Goth Elves! Just give them Red Eyes and they will be Dark Rangers/San’layn!”

It’s even some of the same people… too.

Just keep asking for what you want and be constructive. Passion for something is better than spite.

These people don’t really care about anything other than not wanting people to have stuff.

These are all good examples of Blood Elf things that can be made into unique options. And are all pretty much established or within the scope of being so.

((Runes are literally on the Box Art for TBC and Dark Rangers just need to be flagged!)

Pretty sure those people are either trolling, trying to take them out of spite, or trying to keep Blood Elves from getting “icky” from having undead options.

Just keep asking for what you would like to see,


Good philosophy, you’re right. Many people are highly positive to the idea. Those against it can see the thread I made, look at the arguments, choose to disagree, and leave it at that. I don’t think I will stop my suggestions anytime soon. Well… anytime prior to my subscription fading out. But I’m excited to see many people both supporting the idea and giving suggestions that are fresh/new that I never thought of myself.

It’s something I really enjoy. People will continue to come in and surprise me with some new idea that’s a thought outside of the box, or just adding to the box with a wonderful new thought.


I think it was mentioned about 30 people, but I can’t confirm.

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And it’s FAR less stressful.


She means Belves deserve better than to become the glorified foil of the Velves just because people can’t find the actual Velf portrayal interesting, period.

It’s not the “job” of the Belves to make the Velves interesting by proxy of artificially sustaining an “opposites” image (the LF Draenei already fulfill this job tyvm).

I don’t see the NB as the glorified foil of the Nelves cause the Nelves as a core race certainly are more than their nature theme by virtue of more time in existence and a much bigger lore pool that has been developed for them, period.

It´s literally the same people. The funniest thing is, those same people used the “buut, buut!!! Belves can get Dark Rangers in exchange!!” arguments back in January, but now that the “dirty antis” like me decided to ask for that to at least get something remotely unique then they became the Lore Police TM and find all and every reason to complain and deny (first it was supposed “Alliance San´layn” but after I pointed the aesthetics they want are NOT San´layn but Dark Ranger they decided Dark Rangers were untouchable stuff /ROFL).

Stop bothering with Sara, if she didn´t care nor aknowledged when her buddies misbehaved THEN she won´t do now, period.

I´m the “poster child” for using mental health as an “insult”, meanwhile Dr. Femur used that same strat not once but several times with the usual suspects joining in chorus and upvoting him… and nothing happened? wud? (I mean I don´t remember Sara et alñ running rampant to tell him that was not “nice”).

Tl;dr: don´t ask someone hypocritical to admit to wrongdoings, period. They lack the self awareness and honesty to do so -apart from them STILL pretending they are NOT toxic when every time they can they literally post to either harrass Lann or bring petty squabbles on this thread ffs-.


I’m really happy because I love both Void Elf versions (Alleria :blue_heart:/ Umbric :purple_heart:) ! :v:

Now I’m waiting for the new void customizations. :octopus: