High Elf Customization Thread (Legacy of the Quel'Dorei)

This thread is for those who want to talk about High Elves and the customizations they’d like to see!

Want to join a High Elf Discord? You can do so here: Legacy of the Quel’Dorei Discord.

Please note that I do not expect all or even any of these to come to fruition. They are desires and wants, that I’ve mostly pulled from the community, nothing more.

With the announcement of the World Soul Saga, and Midnight specifically, the concept of a full High Elven Allied Race has come up a lot recently. As such I decided to finally make a high elf thread to go along with my void and blood elf threads, which you can find below.

Whether or not that is likely is not the point of this thread, but rather to gather and share and speak about customization ideas and issues that players may or may not want to see.

It is expected that all of these requests may only be applied to Void Elves, likely being copied for Blood Elves as well. However, if Blizzard was willing to do another Dwarf race in the Earthen and make it neutral while also copying the entire Dwarven storyline in small form for them, there is little reason not to think that High Elves may be on the table as their own neutral race.

This is not to devalue anyone’s desires or feelings on the matter but is merely the most likely scenario to see these options for player characters.

I will share at times the scenario if High Elves were to be released as their own Allied Race as well, most notably in the Less Likely Options section.

Feel free to tell us what customizations you too would like to see!

Those with an interest for Void Elves I’ll link my thread here:

Those interested in the Blood Elves can check out my other thread here:

And Drede has put together a wonderful thread for customizations for all races!

This thread will be divided into a few parts:

  • The Most Likely Options - The options most likely to become reality.

  • The Less Likely Options - These options are still amazing but are regrettably less likely to become reality.

  • High Elf Heritage Armor, Armor Tints, Weapons and Mounts. - Potential Heritage and current recolors.

  • Legacy of the Quel’dorei - Additional ideas for where High Elf stories can go from here.

  • Allied Race and Customization Threads - In alphabetical order and author notated.

The Most Likely Options
In this section I’d like to go over some of the Most Likely options that have been requested. These are common and low impact to the model and form of the High Elf but are still well within the realm of possibility.

Hair options are immensely common requests for High Elves, especially when still attached to Void Elves.
Requests for braided hairstyles and more wild hairstyles are common along with more refined styles one would expect of the high elves. Indeed sharing of hairstyles between Blood, High and Void elves is a very common request as well.
Other common requests include feather adornments, and more natural colors to expand the range available. Shorter hairstyles are also requested.
As is common for both Blood and Void Elves, beard options are also a very common request for High Elves.

By Ramavatarama - Braids in place of tentacles.

By Unknown

By Krasin

By Unknown

Along with options in similar lines to what the Blood Elves already have, high elf jewelry is requested to be expanded and added in. Often including blue and silver and arcane gems and the desire for feather adornments. The ability to change the jewelry coloration either alongside the underwear color or separate from it is also a common desire.

By Ramavatarama - I apologize I couldn’t find the Helf version.

By Ramavatarama

By Keyboardturner

Tattoos are a common request for high elves, often based on WCII’s Rangers and some of this can easily be seen on Alleria Windrunner. Different varieties appreciated. You can also see several other hair style options within these mockups!

By Ercap

By Ramavatarama

Other Common Requests
Other common requests like scars and battle damaged ears are all too common along with additional skin tones to expand into more tones not yet well represented among the human toned races, freckle options, and ear armor. Eye colors being expanded to include the gold from the sunwell as well as differing blues and purples are also requested fairly often. Additionally some request an eye glow intensity for their high elves.
Heterochromia for both eyes as well as blind options.

Eye Glow Intensity/White Sclera by Ramavatarama

Scars by unknown

The Less Likely Options
In this section I’d like to highlight Less Common, Less Likely options. In this section are things like changing of the nameplate for void elves (if High Elves are attached to void elves) and also changes to Entropic Embrace or Racials in general. With the World Soul Saga and Midnight I expect the possibility of an Allied Race, in which case a slight body rework may occur.

On the whole most requests for High Elves fall into the top section and this section will focus less on customization and more on elements of the Void Elf that don’t fit well with High Elves. Assuming that Midnight releases a new Allied Race of High Elves this section will also include an area for Racials that they might enjoy.

Further, assuming some of these go to Void Elves there is the possibility that things like a name plate change could be applied to Blood Elves who may want to be High Elf on their nameplate. I also assume that any change like this would be applied to some other races (like Wildhammer for example).

High Elf Bodies Adjustment
If High Elves are released as their own Allied Race it would not be impossible that Blizzard might adjust the body a little bit. Here I just want to include an old fan concept for that exact nature, one that was quite popular. Given the Earthen though I don’t expect this to be a likely change that Blizzard may do.

This old body modification takes the Blood Elf format and adjusts it with both Night Elf and Human bodies to create something more akin to what people imagine their High Elves to be like.

Original Body Change Concept By Talendrion

High Elf Name Plate
This one is fairly self explanatory. Should High Elves be attached to Void Elves, it is a very common request to have an option to change the Name Plate that displays as well as what NPC’s refer to the Player Character as. An NPC or option somewhere to allow Void Elves to change this name plate to say High Elf would be appreciated.

Changes to Entropic Embrace or Alternative Option
Another common complaint is that Entropic Embrace is not suited for High Elves as it is focused around the Void. Many request regularly to have an option to either turn it off or to adjust its coloration to a more Arcane look. This is something that Blizzard has kinda shown that they can do with the recent Man’ari customization changing the look of Naaru’s Gift to a fel green.

Another request in this area is one that falls into my next section so I’ll move right along.

The Option for Different Racials/Racials for a Standalone High Elf Race
Here we will briefly go over the racials for High Elves. I will cover changing the Void Elf racials names and making them more appropriate for High Elves as well as ideas for racials for a new Allied Race.

Renaming/Slight changes to Void Elf Racials:
Chill of Night → Arcane Legacy - Reduces Magic(Maybe just Arcane) damage by 1%
This one could either still reduce Void Damage, reduce Arcane Damage or reduce Magic Damage.
Preternatural Calm → Combat Casting - Same as before.
This one is fairly in line with the concept of High Elves and just really needs a name change.
Ethereal Connection → Noble Connection - Same as before or changed to reduce bank tab and reagent bank cost.
For this one its passable with just a name change but alternatively to better fit high elves could be used to reduce regular bank slot and reagent bank costs.
Entropic Embrace → Arcane Overcharge - changes coloration to one more arcane in appearance otherwise the same.
Entropic Embrace is a great power overall and the only real contention for High Elf fans is that it appears as a void coloration across the body. The option to turn this off or shift it to one more Arcane are the two most requested options. This thread purposes the option to do both.
Spatial Rift → Elf Step - Same as spatial rift also with a recolor for the arcane.
This ability honestly doesn’t greatly effect the high elf fantasy and could just do with an option for an arcane look.

Should High Elves become their own Allied Race they will need their own racials. This section will go over ideas for these racials. (I am always looking for further ideas on this as these were taken from an old sources and may not be the best ideas in the community.)

Keen Eye: Range of every skill increased by 2yds.
Arcane Concentration: Resources regenerate 1% faster.
Energy Barrier: 2min cooldown, 12s duration. Shields the target with an energy barrier which absorbs x damage and increases its damage and healing done. The more damage it absorbs, the greater the basters damage and healing are increased, until a maximum of 5%. Lasts 8s.
Magic Seeker: There is a probability to loot enchanting reagents from enemies labeled as Elemental, Aberration, Demon or Dragonkin.
Outcast: Transforms your hearthstone into this spell. Speak with the Innkeeper to change the place where this spell teleports the caster. 10min Cooldown.

Runestone: Create a field that lowers aggro within.
Battle Magic: Attacks have a chance to do extra Arcane Damage.
Covenant Beacon: Party members can use the beacon to return to their Hearthstone locations.
Arcane Guidance: Increases resource regeneration for the party by x amount within x yds.
Territorial: Gain increased experience from Alliance-exclusive quests.

The above racials came from earlier conceptualizations by fans for High Elf traits. They are not my own though I made some minor modifications in some areas where the wording was less than ideal.

High Elf Heritage Armor, Armor Tints, Weapons and Mounts

By James Ryman

This section will assume generally that the High Elves would be their own Allied Race, however should they be applied to the Void Elves instead its entirely valid that a quest could be added to both Void and Blood Elves that allows some way to unlock the heritage armor. Would that occur? Thats up to Blizzard. These are merely ideas.

Heritage Armor

By Lidcarter

This armor set was a fan update for Vereesa Windrunner which I think would be a perfect example of High Elven heritage armor. It hits the majority of the fantasy that your average high elf fan is going for, and could easily have an alternative robe option, possibly with shoulder alternative, for mages to fit that aesthetic. I imagine that it would come in several colorations similar to this mock up made by Lyraseth…

By Lyraseth

As for the chest which is covered by the Silver Covenant tabard above I imagine its look is similar to what Sylvanas and Alleria have been seen wearing, a corset like chest piece.

This particular set seems the best to me for Heritage armor and fits most of the requests I have seen. Please if you have any ideas of your own post them in the thread!

Heritage Weapons Added
I don’t know that heritage weapons would be added but if they are they should fit the aesthetic of the heritage armor and come with their own matching tints!

Heritage Mounts
There are a few ways a heritage mount could go, chief among them, a Courser with high elven armor. However, several other ideas have been put forwards. Those include a Hawkstrider and Lynx and a couple others.

By Unknown

By Lyraseth

Quel’dorei and their Future

The High Elves have had a long and difficult story within World of Warcraft. Outcast (mostly by choice) from their homeland they have long stood strong in their allegiance to the Alliance unwilling to forego their pledge to serve for the greater good of the people under its care. Many found themselves unable to countenance what the Blood Elves had to do to survive and felt that they could not remain. Others couldn’t understand or accept working with the Horde even though it is not the same Horde of old.

Whatever their reasons, the High Elves of today reject the Blood Elves choices and believe that they stay true to the name Quel’Dorei.

Though time has passed and the animosity has dulled, its hard to tell how well trying to reintegrate will go on either side, Blood or High, and with the Void elves in the mix any attempt to reunite the Thalassian tribes will be an interesting story indeed.

So this is a fun bit to play with. We all know the Silver Covenant is militant and hostile to the Blood Elves in general. We all know the Blood Elves return such in kind. But we also now know that Midnight is going to bring a unification in some format for all elves. Is that just the Thalassian ones? Probably. Does that include bringing Void Elves and Blood Elves and High Elves and Darkfallen Elves together? I think so?

The areas I see as the most difficult here are with the three paramount groups. The Blood Elves under Lor’themar, who admittedly in the lore have been trying to open up to all high elves. The Silver Covenant, easily the largest contingent of high elves still standing with the Alliance, hated rivals of the Sunreavers and those who mostly oppose the choices made by the Blood Elves. And the Void Elves, who treat with powers the Blood Elves are concerned will destroy their way of life a second time and who the Silver Covenant likely sees as Blood Elves 2.0 except they are Alliance.

Thankfully because of Alleria and Vereesa being sisters I think the Silver Covenant and the Ren’dorei will have only minor pains if they were to work together. Concern being overwritten by the trust the Silver Covenant put in Vereesa. I do however think it will be an interesting story between Vereesa and Lor’themar. I can see them both being more than willing to put their hostility aside if it means protecting Quel’thalas. If there is one thing ALL thalassians share its their love of Quel’thalas.

I am also curious to see if the Highvale High Elves will get their time to shine finally! They’re my favorite group of High elves personally and rejected arcane magic to learn nature based magic from the Wildhammer. I’d love to see the interplay between these peoples.

I don’t know how that will go, I don’t know who will start what, or what the danger is. But I am very curious to see what happens! Let me know what you think as well!

Paladins, Shaman and Druids
As we all know Paladins, Shamans and Druids will soon be available to everyone. Its a matter of when not if.

As for High Elves I assume Paladins will just be a thing for them. We’ve seen plenty of them working with the Silver Hand over the years, more so after the split between them and the Blood Elves. I don’t see any bar to them there.

Shamans is an interesting one. I think if the Highvale High Elves are included, which I hope they are, this would be an easy sell. The Highvale supposedly rejected the Arcane in exchange for more focus on the natural magics and learned from the Wildhammer. Wildhammer nature magics are shamanistic so its an easy fit there.

As for Druid? Well my headcanon is that Wildhammer also have their own Druids so I think this is a good place to start for that too. Plus it adds Druid to dwarves by default so I hope this happens.

For high Elves I also think this Lynx would be a good form for them.

By Lyraseth

Thank you for your time and interest!


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Thanks for this thread!

I think more facial variation for all the Thalassian elves would be cool.


You’ve certainly put a lot of thought into the thread, as evident from the structure… but I stick to my opinion that I’m against the umpteenth copy&paste version.

The same goes for all those other low budget races based on old races. One could spare themselves an overcrowded character select screen and simply make the races neutral, turning all those clones into subraces. Just my 2 cents on the matter. :dracthyr_shrug:


Aye, I don’t disagree in some respects, but with what is going on with earthen and the community wanting a place to talk about it, I figured since I had the thread almost complete already from an earlier project I’d update it and bring it in.


That’s totally fine. I don’t intend to bash the thread. Like I said, it’s evident that you put effort into the structure and I’m not one of those who seize every opportunity to trash void elves and high elves. Just thought I’d share my opinion on it.
I’ve been critical of the third dwarf recolor awell, so yeah… At the end of the day, the devs will do whatever they want anyway. So, we’ll see.

Maybe one more thing, if they do decide to make High Elves a “new” race, I hope for an improved model, similar to what they did with Night Elves for the Horde. If it’s just another 100% copy&paste with a few new colors… no thanks.^^"

:sparkling_heart: thanks, fen.


I don’t get why they didn’t go Wildhammer and Ogres…

Instead they invented three clans of earthen following the same story as the three clans of dwarves we already have.

I just… Why? Lol


I think that if anything, they should be customisation for velf and belf.
A third thalassian elf race is super redundant.

I understand where youre coming from about earthen, but i also think theyre painfully redundant for alliance players.
If i could make them a horde race and give alliance something else, i would.

But if high elf themed customisation came to void elves… i would want a stubbly beard.
Dont know or care if ite high elven enough, i just want my velf to have a short beard :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally I think it will just be customization.

However because of the Earthen I won’t rule out an actual AR.

I thought it would be bonkers for Blizzard to ever do something like neutral Earthen so clearly there is wiggle room.

I assume through most of the thread that these will be customizations for void elves and blood elves will likely also get them.


Lots of effort, good job there. But I’m tired of all the elf stuff. So enjoy!


also, just normal sclera for melee classes of helfs, since they avoided much of the mana addiction due to not being magic users.

example: forget who did this. mightve been talendrion


Appreciate it, I don’t judge those tired of such things.

I think I covered that in the more options section of likely options.

I’ve seen that one around a fair amount.

Thanks I lost that one in one of my file moves.

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Didn’t need a millionth one, and we don’t need a fifth elf race since void elves are diluted to being high elves anyways and almost deleted the void elf aspect of the race itself.

Have fun.



The majority of this thread assumes that these options will be added to void elves and blood elves.

I mention the Midnight bit because Earthen suggest there is still a possibility of an Allied Race.

However I respect those who are tired and don’t want to see more threads. The hope is that this one will become a more central area for people to gather and speak about it rather than making more threads.


Ah yiss that’s my Teleryn <3, she’s looking so good with her new armor. So glad SL finally gave me her skintone.




First, applaud the effort and thought. I had been really bummed about Blizzard’s response regarding why we didn’t get high elves but got Void elves instead because high elves were apparently not unique enough. As your post highlights though, there’s a lot they could do to make them distinct.

But a high elf is more than just how they look. The high elves are especially noted because these have chosen to remain loyal to the alliance and they have their own kind of culture separate from that of blood elves.

And I have caught flak for this in the past, but I still maintain that High Elves made more sense in that there are other races, etc. that exist in and have an even smaller presence than high elves…

Some might argue well blood elves are in essence high elves. Wrong. Blood elves were high elves that didn’t remain loyal to the alliance.

The closest we have for actual numbers is Blizzard’s bit of explanation that says…

“almost 90% of their population was slaughtered during the Third War. Following this, 90% of the surviving high elves changed their name to “blood elves” or sin’dorei (children of the blood in Thalassian) in remembrance of their fallen brethren, and no longer consider themselves high elven”

First here’s the problem. 90% of the population was slaughtered during the third war Blizzard says. That means that there is 10% of the population in total left right? So part of that 10% becomes blood elves. The survivors of the attack renamed themselves “Blood Elves.” Illidan ends up teaching them how to siphon power (hence the green eyes). Ion Hazzikostas even said “Blood elves are effectively high elves”

So for the moment we will put aside the Illidari/Void Elves.

But it’s important to remember that the high elves outside of quel-thalas still exist. When people are talking about high elves, they are specifically referring to those who remained loyal to the Alliance who are still represented in game in dalaran with military factions like the Silver Covenant. Also you have High Elves addressed by name by Elisande.

Taliesin’s video from like 5 years ago goes into the population which was one of the points of contention for ruling them out as a playable allied race.

90% killed
10% surviving
1% High Elves still around

All Nightborne Elves come from one city (Suramar) … the ones we didn’t kill.
Lightforged Draenei are all from one space ship
How many Illidari are there? (the only Illidari there are are Blood Elves/Nightelves)
How many Void elves?

Void elves themselves are an exiled band of blood elves. So you are talking about a further percentage of that initial 10% who survived. That again had a percentage though likely small that were Illidari.

There are certainly more Alliance High Elves than there are Void Elves…

But I think like Taliesin said the reason we got Void Elves pulled out of …the void (if you know what I mean)…is that Blizzard didn’t feel they were different enough.

To which point I’d point to the above Original post and some of the options there in that I feel there are plenty of ways to make them feel distinct from blood elves.

You could have specific hair styles, of course the colored eyes, blue tattoos, etc.

I don’t think we will get a proper high elf. I think that’s why we got some of the cosmetic options we did for Void Elves. I loved the idea above about being able to toggle a name plate. Instead of a void elf I’d swap that to high elf. Another way is a unique armor set. Blood elves have heritage armor. Make a heritage armor set for void elves with a high elf flavor. Void Elves already have a heritage armor set reflecting the void. But if you have the cosmetic options for high elves? Why not an armor set. It’s the same body type.

What about a special mount with a high elf flavor?

Something like the High Elf Lynx Rider. I saw over on the HIVE workshop. (Sorry can’t include links…)

They could do this as a Trading Post reward. Blood elves and Void Elves both use Hawkstriders as a racial. But a High Elf themed mount like this would look pretty nice. And hey if Horder blood elves want to use it? They could have a red and Gold version too.

Finally some more pieces to fit with the Magisters stuff they recently released on Trading post would be nice.


Really nailed the armor/tabard.

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