Unofficial Playable Mok'Nathal Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Unofficial Playable Mok’Nathal Discussion Thread

The goal of this thread is for the discussion about the mok’nathal as playable race but also about the mok’nathal in general: lore, cities, mounts, heritage, class choices, customization, etc

Allied Race or Core race? It doesn’t matter. I only want to see them added to the game as playable race.

Feel free to share your opinion here or what you think about this or just to say a little “hello”: everyone is welcomed here.

Please keep in mind this thread is a work in progress. I will try to update this post when I can with new information, artworks or other things.

This thread is in several sections.



  • Who are the Mok’Nathal?
  • Mok’Nathal Tribe
  • Which Faction?
  • Racial Leaders
  • Racial Capital
  • Racial Mount
  • Racial Crest and Tabard
  • Heritage Armor
  • Recruitment Quest Ideas
  • Class Choices
  • Hunter Pet Possibility
  • The Model
  • Customization Options Overview
  • Racials
  • Language
  • Dances
  • Do female Mok’Nathal exist?
  • Other thing
  • Other threads

Who are the Mok'Nathal?

The Mok’Nathal are half-ogre, half-orc hybrids. They possess the strength of ogres and intelligence of orcs. Most mok’nathal are part of a clan found in Outland, though it is nearly defunct.

Their last remaining settlement is Mok’Nathal Village in the eastern area of the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

(Mok’Nathal - by Cosmin Ţîrlea)

Mok'Nathal Tribe

The mok’nathal settled in a remote corner of Gorgrond after the Battle of Bladespire. Resources were scarce, but they were able to live in peace. They swore off fighting, only taking up arms to defend their meager lands from threats.

Mok’Nathal Village is a settlement situated in the eastern Blade’s Edge Mountains, just north of Vekhaar Stand, inhabited by the Mok’Nathal Clan. The Mok’Nathal are a clan of half-ogres of brownish hue wearing distinctive shoulder armor.

The village is guarded by Mok’Nathal Hunters and has several notable characters such as Leoroxx, father of the Champion of the Horde named Rexxar. The village hosts a couple of buildings and a watch tower, and its inhabitants are friendly to Horde members.

Which Faction?


The Mok’nathal Clan are already part of the Horde and most half-ogres have already joined the Horde.

A race descended from two current Horde races: orcs and ogres.

Other named half-ogres who may or may not be mok’nathal include Mag Bearmaul, Tagar Bearclaw, Gorsh Talonfang, Maxx Rocmane, Gaz Boartusk, Mok Rocksnout, and Gish Eagle Eye. (Warcraft III)

Racial Leaders


Rexxar, Champion of the Horde, is a half-ogre, half-orc beastmaster of the Mok’Nathal clan. He is one of the founders of Durotar

Due to his mixed lineage, he is a towering and massively muscled warrior, and he wields his two huge axes with tremendous skill and ferocity.

He is a friend of Thrall, Rokhan, Vol’jin and Cairne Bloodhoof and they are founders of Durotar too. He doesn’t hesitate to fight for the Horde or to protect his friends or animal companions.

Racial Capital

Mok’Nathal camp (Durotar)/Orgrimmar

Racial Mount

Warp stalker

(Warp stalker - Hearthstone)

Racial Crest and Tabard

(Something like that, I think you get the idea)

I don’t have ideas for a tabard so if you have an idea for that, let me know.

Heritage Armor

(Example of a heritage armor for Mok’Nathal - Hearthstone)

(Example of a heritage armor for Mok’Nathal - by Samwise Didier)

Recruitment Quest Ideas

Rexxar has seen the Horde changed between the Old Horde and the current Horde. Now this Horde has more noble purposes than the other ones. Rexxar is well aware that Mok’Nathal can’t live hide and in safety all their life in their village. We will see how Rexxar will convince the other Mok’Nathal to follow him in Azeroth to give a new star for his people in the Horde.

Class Choices

  • Warrior

  • Hunter

  • Rogue

  • Priest

  • Shaman

  • Mage

  • Death Knight

  • Monk

Hunter Pet Possibility



The Model

Use these models of NPC from Maldraxxus


(Beastmaster Leoroxx - Hearthstone)

Customization Options Overview

  • Skin colors
  • Eyes colors
  • Face forms
  • Hair/Beards
  • Earring
  • Jewellry

(ideas from Hipnos allied race concept)


  • Free Spirit: 5 minutes cd, 6 secondes duration. You are immune to root effect.

  • Nomad Dexterity: Decreases the damage recieved by poisons by 10%

  • Animal Bond: 6 minutes cd, increases the damage of your pets by 15% for 6 secondes

  • Tribal Knowledge: Leatherworking skill increased by 5 points and crafting speed by 25%

  • Strength of the Wild: Increases your main stat (Strength/Agility/Stamina/Intellect) by 1%

(ideas from Hipnos allied race concept)


  • Orcish
  • Ogre


Female dance:

(Dance from 0:26 to 1:41)

Male dance:

(Dance from 0:06 to 1:34)

Do female Mok'Nathal exist?

Yes, female Mok’Nathal are confirmed in lore.

But, for now, World of Warcraft does not currently have any female Mok’Nathal model in-game (they use the Orc female model)

(Matron Varah)

Other thing

This thread model is based about the Fenelon, Zitga and Bagzak threads. Thanks to them for this.

Other threads

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OMG, it’s like you’re reading my mind today on what would be cool to add for a race in game. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is another race I wish for!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Two awesome posts in a row, nice!


Mok’nathal for the Horde!


Nicely done op. I fully support this. I am a for playable half race options.

(Half dreanei and half-elves would be nice too)

To be honest, at this point I’d settle for just a skin colour option like Rexxar’s for the mag’har.

Hmm I could have sworn we already had a thread on this.

Oh well, I support!

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Yes to Mok’Nathal!

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Blizzard seriously needs to make Mok’Nathal a Allied Race or atleast a Customization Option at Best because really Orcs really need Variety.

I hope we could expand the Mok’Nathal lore and their relationship with the Horde. More story with Rexxar could be nice too.

Having Mok’Nathal as playable race for the Horde could be great. It could be a fine addition to the Horde.

Maybe we could update the Mok’Nathal village with these new models or add some of them in Ogrimmar.

I would make a Mok’Nathal hunter or warrior too.


One of several races folk have been waiting on for the Horde.


I was pretty excited when male Kul Tiran shared a rig with Rexxar. I thought “woo maybe that’s why they gave Alliance a brand new model! We’re getting half ogres one day!” but it never panned out :tired_face:

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Yeah I thought we were gonna see em too cause of the work on Rexxar.

Maybe we still will.

Yes, one of several races with Ogres, Taunka and Forest Trolls

Well, at least, the rigs for the female and male mok’nathal are “ready” :wink:


Don’t forget the San’layn and Hozen and Saruok. Suppose I have a few other races on my list there too for the Horde.

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I’d love to see Mok’nathal added as a playable option.

I’ve said for a while now that they would be a great one to pair with Broken for the alliance as well.

Rexxar’s current model shares rigging with the Male Kultiran, so that’s what I’ve figured would be adapted to the playable versions .

The female maldraxxi gladiator is based off the female kultiran rig, so that’d be a great way to go as well. It’s nicely muscular, which they could retain for the new mok’nathal model as well.

I’d also like to see Vrykul and Ogres both become allied races as well. The addition of these four would round out things nicely.

I wouldn’t mind if there were a tweaked model that had more draenei features. That’d be a neat way to add additional customizations. Both varieties of half-ogres.
I always reference this model as it was pretty well done.


Yes I think it too.

Yes, I find the female maldraxxi gladiator model is perfect like that for the female mok’nathal.

It could be an interesting additional customization for the mok’nathal.

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Half dreanei is a seperate group from mok’nathal. And due to their history they suffered from orcs i doubt they would ally themselves with them.

I disagree. The mok’nathal were notably different from the rest of the orcish clans being made up of both half breeds and Orcs and ogres. They were peaceful and a safe place for half breeds.

I’d bet half draenei and half ogres would have done well among them.

Also I doubt they’d be terribly against the current Horde all things told.

I hope we could have more interactions between the mok’nathal and the Horde in a near future.