Any Character Customization for 9.2.5?

So far, the only things we know about 9.2.5 are:

  • Cross-Faction Gameplay
  • A quest for Blood elves where the San’Layn invade and attack the Blood elf zone
  • A red tint of Blood elf Paladin armor and a spear weapon
  • DID weapons
  • Some QoL changes to M+ and raids.

None of these are in any way related to Character Customizations. If Blizzard is not planning to add any more customization in SL they are going to miss a very good chance of finishing customization, and keeping to their promise that it’ll be an ongoing thing. And most importantly… there’re no new classes and no new races.

If you can’t then at least give us character customization in return, what will we have to remember this expansion for other than the absolute minimum requirements of a new expansion (zones, dungeons, raids)?

For the record:

  • Worgen are still asking for tails and maine color options.
  • Trolls, Zandalari and Humans are both asking for more beards. Especially long beards.
  • Void elves haven’t got anything new, just re-colors and a tentacle toggle, but also need more hairstyles and more void options like starcursed hair and N’zoth eyes.
  • Blood elves want some Dark Ranger options like red eyes and undead skin tones.
  • Both Blood and Void elves want tattoos, scars and jewellery.
  • Night Elves need a complete model overhaul, especially the males due to their wonky body proportions and postures. And the faces look quite odd.

These are just some examples of the many customizations players ask for across the board on the forums and on twitter. If you don’t do it now, when will you? In 10.0 when players will already have so much more expectations in terms of new classes and races? The time is now Blizz.

Threads for reference:


Hopefully they’re listening. It’s always exciting when they add new customizations with all the barbershops swarmed with players eager to try them out.


No none of that has been seen on the ptr. But if the expansion leaks are to be believed, we may get class skins next expansion and that may come with cosmetics for stuff like dark rangers.


I just want my dark spear troll heritage armor and upright forsaken.


speaking for void elves. i want actual void themed stuff. if i wanted to be a blood elf i wouldnt be a void elf


Voidy tattoos. Scars are scars. Also go check at what kind of jewelry Void elves have, go on. You won’t be impressed. They could use dark themed jewelry like chokers, and silver, black and purple colored jewelry.


im not interested in jewellery for my wow characters. too bougie, not my thing

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Be nice for humans to not have faces and scars locked at certain skin tones.


this was such a weird thing to me. blizz adds all these options for more diversity then locks them to particular skin tones


No more customizations for elfs, they need to have better customization options for other races. Lightforged are the only non-elf race with as much customization options as Night Elfs have.


Mag’har orcs need some love for customizations too.


Don’t forget mechagnomes!


Don’t be shy. Tell Blizzy Bois (and gals) what you want to see. 9.2.5 better have some more customization otherwise there won’t be enough hype to keep us subbed for 10.0! Especially not with Grimrail depot and Iron Docks as part of M+ :face_vomiting:

Oh and along with customization we’d also very much like Void elf and Nightborne DHs, Void elf dark themed paladins, Nightborne druids, Gnome and Mechagnome Druids, Blood elf druids…am I asking for too many druids? Oh heck we can’t ever have enough druids! And Panda Druids! And Kul’Tiran and Night Elf Paladins for a change! And Dark Ranger skin for hunters! And Necromancer skin for warlocks, and Moon Knight skin for Night elves. Etc etc.

Chop chop WoW team!

Mag’har and Non Mag’har Orcs need to share all Hairstyles.

Shal’dorei (nightborne for you uncivilized scum) need more things

HMT and standard Tauren need more stuff

Vulpera need more stuff

DID need more stuff

Would love to see more class/race/themed things.


I am very bummed when i go to Zandalari troll customization and click random six times, and then go over to worgen and do the same. Or any of the others for that matter.

There is occasionally cool if often very specific condition jewelry. But worgen, most males, and all the little people aside of vulpera look overly similar when I click random 10x.


You are free not to use them then.

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An unleashing of customizations and cosmetics are a good idea during the hiatus.


It would be a weird thing to go into a long drought between expansions without adding customizations. They’re generally an easy win with the community and can help bring life to alts and existent toons.

I do hope Blizzard adds some customizations in 9.2.5. At the very least for the AR’s that haven’t had a pass yet.


Guy characters don’t even get a choice

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Guys need jewellery too. Both Belfs and Velfs. Maybe some chains for the neck for the guys, as well as armbands for the arms and wrists. Golden, silver and red for Belfs. Silver, Black etc for Velfs.