<The Process> 4/10M 7-10pm EST Wed, Thurs, Mon

The Process

We created The Process as a place to raid mythic content on a casual schedule in a productive raid environment. We have an uncompromising focus on the long-term process of building a stable, positive, enjoyable raid environment, and we have the experience, organizational skills, dedication, and expertise to raid at a high level. We also have limited raid hours, as most of us have work and family commitments that limit the amount of time we can dedicate to the game.

Our team consists primarily of players with prior experience ranging from 1 or 2 Cutting Edge (CE) achievements to players with US top 10 experience, along with a few additional players who lack prior CE experience and have demonstrated interest and potential in developing into CE-level players. We’re primarily seeking players with prior CE or near-CE experience who want a somewhat casual raid schedule while utilizing some of the best-practices you see in more serious environments, and we’re also interested in players with some prior non-CE mythic experience who demonstrate a desire to develop their skill set and want to step into a well-organized environment conducive to their development.

Since creating in July of 2020, we have experienced an unexpectedly high level of interest in response to our recruitment efforts. We received over 100 applications as we built out our roster for Castle Nathria. Since the release of Castle Nathria, we have experienced a relatively smooth transition out of our start-up phase and into normal guild operations.

Raid Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 7-10pm EST | Invites go out at 6:55, we pull at 7, and we never pull after 10

We sometimes run optional RBG nights, alt raids, game-nights, and sales raids. In the future, we may set fixed nights for some of those optional activities.

What you can expect from us

In The Process you can expect a well-organized and competently run raid. We provide resources to help you come to raid well-prepared (boss video guides based on PTR footage, weak aura sets prior to raid-release, and boss strategy discussion threads), and we provide you with well-prepared teammates who have utilized those resources. We also offer various resources on technical skills such as interpreting logs and using you UI to manage your attention. Most importantly, we maintain an uncompromising focus on the long-term process of building a stable, positive, enjoyable raid environment.

What we expect from you

We expect a positive and productive attitude from each of our members. We expect you to collaborate with your teammates in a productive manner; that means analyzing and learning from mistakes you and your teammates make, contributing to strategy discussion, communicating vocally in a clear manner, and doing all of that while consistently maintaining a positive, respectful attitude toward your teammates. We also expect you to show up on-time and prepared. As discussed above, we provide various resources to help you come to raid prepared. You are expected to utilize them to keep your boss encounter knowledge and individual class knowledge up-to-date. Once a tier goes live, we make heavy use of boss discussion threads in our discord. If you sign up to play with us, you are agreeing to prepare yourself by utilizing the resources the guild provides and to actively participate and collaborate in boss discussion threads.

Folks who might not be a good fit

It’s important to recognize that not every player and every guild are a good fit for each other. This section should give you some information to help you recognize if we are not a good fit for you. As stated above, our focus is on the long-term process. We’re focused on building good habits and good relationships, with the understanding that boss kills will come easier in the future as a result of focusing on getting the process right. Any time our short-term and long-term objectives come into conflict, we act in the best interests of the long term. Practically speaking, that means we consciously make short-term sacrifices. We’re comfortable investing a lot of raid time into gearing and developing promising candidates, even at the expense of progression time. When we’re evaluating candidates, we value players with great attitudes and good mechanical awareness, even at the expense of throughput. When we have an individually highly skilled player who has a bad attitude or is a bad teammate, we’re happy to part ways with them, even when we’re currently wiping to DPS check on an end-boss. If those values, and decisions based on them, will frustrate you, do not sign up to raid here. You won’t like it. Furthermore, we don’t sit players for having a bad night. When someone is struggling with a particular boss or mechanic, we approach it as an opportunity for them to grow and for their teammates to help them through that struggle. If you become impatient or frustrated with your teammates in progression situations like that, or if you are unable to productively and politely help your teammates through those struggles, or if you would rather see your teammates benched in those situations, do not sign up to raid here. You won’t like it.


My name is Klik, and I’m the raid leader for The Process. I have over a decade of raid experience, a few years of experience raiding at a US 100 to 250 level in Vox Immortalis, one tier of US top 10 experience in Easy, a year of experience raid leading two weekly OpenRaid heroic mode runs, one tier of experience raid leading in a casual mythic environment for Absolute in Ny’alotha, and, most recently, one tier of experience raid leading for The Process in Castle Nathria. Thus far in my raid leading experience, feedback from my OpenRaid groups, my former teammates in Absolute, and my current teammates in The Process has been generally outstanding. I created The Process in July of 2020 because I want to raid in an environment where the clear expectation, from day one, is an uncompromising focus on establishing and refining the practices and raid culture that lead to long-term stability and sustainable success.

Roster, Rotation & Player Development

We target a raid roster size of approximately 25 players. Within that roster, our raid leader often raid leads from a discord stream, our two primary tanks are nearly always both in the raid, and DPS and healers are rotated equally on a per-role basis. Outside of that 25-player roster, we also maintain a development program for a small number of players who’ve demonstrated a good culture fit for our raid and are in need more coaching and experience before meeting the performance criteria of our members. Players in our development program have access to regular one-on-one player coaching sessions that involve log dives and gameplay video analysis, and raid with our main roster in farm content.

Loot System

We utilize a somewhat atypical loot council where the loot council for any tradeable item is made up of the players interested in that item. If they can agree on who it’s best for, it goes to that person. Otherwise, the item is rolled off. This system functioning well is highly dependent upon how successful we are fostering a collaborative culture. The guiding principles underlying this system are 1) putting the decisions in the hands of those best positioned to make them, and 2) doing a bit of team-building, because our loot system creates a social dynamic that discourages selfish voting behavior. BOEs go to the guild bank to sell to provide gold for consumables etc. See the consumables section below for more details.


The guild provides consumables etc. as our gold earned from BOEs and raid sales allows. If our gold generated from BOE and raid sales is insufficient to cover a particular need, raiders may be expected to provide it for themselves. Currently, the guild provides repairs, flasks, feasts, enchants and vantus runes, while players provide themselves with combat potions, health potions, armor kits, and weapon oils or stones. We do not currently use augment runes, but the guild bank may to provide them on a fight like Sludgefist.

Required Addons
Weak Auras
Exorsus Raid Tools (for raid notes and visual notes)
Pawn (for helping the raid understand the approximate upgrade value of items for other players during loot council discussions)

Open Recruitment
When browsing this section, keep in mind that we are always interested in players that fit our guild ethos, and we may be able to swap classes or roles to make a room for a class or role not listed here.
Ranged: Mage
Melee: DK
Healers: Paladin, Monk

Application Process

You initiate the process by filling out a short application in google forms. Apps are forwarded to our discord where we consider them over 2-3 days. Selected applicants are contacted via a discord friend request to arrange a discord interview. We typically extend trial offers within 24 hours of the interview. During progression, our trial period is typically 4-5 weeks, and we typically do not sit players during their trial period. Outside of progression, trials may take rather longer. Our primary criteria in evaluating applicants and trials, in order of importance, are attitude and culture fit, personal survivability, mechanical awareness, and priority throughput.
Application Link: https://forms.gle/EJe5gdBBGvKzpCfEA


bump, still looking for like minded players!

477 holy pally lf new home to finish this tier and move to SL. LF a guild close to my exp. Currently 7/12 with raden to 10% pre nerf and 60+ pull on cara to 4%. Looking for guild that raids no later then 11pm est, any day . I know its late in the tier but ready to move to SL and push CE then. Bnet. Beefiie#1230

good morning! Let’s keep the apps rolling on in

Howdy, I’m Hirokoalvey, you posted on my looking for guild status. I’m a 480 BM hunter. I’m looking for a guild more progression oriented and am equipped to close the gap between my progression and and current raids via hard work!

We’d love if you filled out our application so we could more formally look things over and speak with you!

Top of the morning

I know there s good players out there looking for the same thing as us. Great guys, adults with good experience in raiding. Dont be shy, apply.

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friday night bump

Raiding tonight at 7pm EST, be there or be square!

Recruitment is still open! Actively searching for members who share a similar goal

Raid testing this week!! Looking for a guild that casual but prepared and organized AF? We create internal encounter video guides based on heroic PTR we use to hit the ground running, and we’re starting this week on Castle Nathria

Wednesday Night bump

Pumped about the raid testing that just got started last night and can’t wait for more tonight? Us too, so come raid with us!

Friday Night Bump

Looking to get back into mythic in a couple weeks. Come join in on the fun and we prepare for Shadowlands!

Bumps baby. Still Looking for like-minded players

The team is really coming together. Excited to raid in SL with everyone (that could include you!) :grinning:

Noon Bump. Looking for a guild thats organized and some solid like minded players.

Recruitment is coming along well. Don’t miss out on finding a great new place to raid!