Unable to Post in Other Forums? Information here!


Hey all,

We’ve received a number of contacts from players who are unable to post in forums outside of Bug Report or Technical Support. Below are some common causes for being unable to post topics.

  1. You do not have an active Overwatch license linked with your account. You need to purchase a full version of the game to post outside of the Bug/Tech Support forums.
  2. If you are on console, you must link your console account to your Battle.net email address.
  3. Parental controls can prevent you from posting in other forums. Check your parental controls settings. If you need to don’t have access to the parental controls email address and need to remove or update the email, contact support*.
  4. Accounts which have been suspended from the forums are unable to post. If you were previously able to post and your posting ability was removed, check your email for a message detailing the suspension duration and reason.

*Please be aware that support will not remove parental controls for users under 18. ID will be required to remove these controls.

Keep in mind that accounts which were recently purchased or linked to your battle.net account may take up to 24 hours before they can post in other forums.

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