What is the code that i need?

i have the game but cant post in the forums because its not registered, what is the code that i need to be able to do that? i dont know where the box is which might be an issue but i do have the disk if its on there

Make sure to check the sticky threads before creating a new post :slight_smile:

i have read that post but i am still not sure where the code is that i need to prove that i have bought the game, there are numbers on the disk but i dont know if they are the code i need or if its on the box(which i cant find)

The Blizzard website shouldn’t request a code when linking the account. If this is with the Microsoft (Xbox) account needing the Overwatch license, please reach out to Microsoft support.

maybe i am thinking about the wrong thing, i am looking at setting up an authenticator(which i assumed i needed to post on the general forums and i assumed was a code linked to the game box) and whenever i try it asks me for 2 codes i have no idea what they are but maybe that has nothing to do with posting on the general part of the forum


That’s the issue. You’re not linking an authenticator. You are linking your console and battle.net accounts. From what I see here you appear to have your PSN account linked now. If you still cannot post in other forums, log out of the forums and log back in by clicking your battletag at the top right of the page and selecting the logout option, then logging back in through the same menu. That should fix you up.