Baston needs to be nerfed before he ruins overwatch

If you win the first round in good time you can almost guarentee they counter with a Baston, Mercy and a sheild. It’s getting old quick.

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I don’t know why there isn’t more discussion about this.
I know he can be countered and dealt with but why is there a hero we’re when someone picks them the other team has to change 100% of there strategy just to counteract this one hero.
No other hero has this impact. Other hero’s can have more impact when played well sure! But almost anyone can pick up a Baston and sit behind a Shield and ruin game after game.

I’m sick of queuing up and wondering “ will this be another Baston game”…

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Bastion is the base of a bunker comp, without the setup of a bunker bastion can usually still be DMG boosted or just protected by shields.

This is of course easy to counter by swithing the comp, and this is fairly normal for this game. It all relies on the current heros you are playing with.

Usually high mobility and fast moving targets can work against Bastion.