Competitive Play Suggestion

I have a suggestion; maybe implementing some sort of tracker/algorithm that logs how a person plays and sets them up with players in that category if you catch my drift. I am a very aggressive player(Doomfist main) but I play tank and healer because I don’t want to wait over 10 minutes just to lose, understand? So either an algorithm of some sort should be considered for players who actually put in work or start banning players who are just all around doodoo and hurt the team as a whole. Treat them in the same manner as if they leave games early. I am a real bruiser and tired of carrying garbage players. People really waiting a whole 20 minutes just to have the whole teams SR go up in a flames @DPS
I gets down man. Thanks for listening.

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I get that you don’t want to wait 10 minutes to lose, but hold in mind this is a Team game, you need to work better with your team.

What kind of algorithm? Something that pulls you out of matches with people who just lack the skill needed to be good. Or you’d like them to get banned? They purchase a game, but if they suck at the game they can have that taken away from them? Seems like bad consumer rights.

“Treat them in the same manner as if they were to leave games early”

Like hell you’d know why they would leave a match.
Sometimes something gets in the way of their schedule and they must go. Rage quitters? Unnacceptable, but still human people, you cant treat a consumer like garbage only because they have small issues, it’s a game. It’s about the gameplay, not per say about win/loss.

I don’t see your issue with losing if you can per say “carry” those players. Don’t think you’re the top of the world when it comes to team games where you insult your teammates by calling them garbage and then continue thinking you are the solo god.

What rank are you even?