Zenyatta Guide:

Hello there. I’m a Zenyatta main, I’ve played him since the game came out and I always will. Whenever I search for a Zenyatta Guide everyone talks about healing, but from my experience he can also DPS (damage per second). In this guide I will go over 3 gameplay styles; Dps, Healing, and Hybrid.

Damage: So, If you can aim well enough, Zenyatta can be a beast on the battlefield, Though this is more of a “selfish” role, what you want to do is pretty much, Discord and then spam your primary. The secondary attack is only useful when getting ready to fight when walking around a corner. If you get low on life get somewhere safe and regenerate, since Zenyatta has shields. Just remember to predict movements in a far range battle. Zenyatta can 1v1 just about anyone with 300 or less life. I say just about because characters like Reaper can easily kill a Zenyatta. Zenyatta is a-mei-zing against D.va and Bastion (pun intended). That’s because D.va has a huge hits and is easily outraged. Bastion, when in sentry form cant move so it’s easy to take potshots.

Healing: Zenyatta is a so-so healer thats very difficult to pull off in a heal only role. Now I haven’t done it but I have tried healing. His Orb of Harmony is a heal that is a semi-reliable heal that is really good if paired up with a other heal. It is not good enough by itself to solo heal. A Zenyatta and Mercy teamup is very effective for a healing role. Zenyatta’s ultimate is a straight up invulnerability to everyone around him. It won’t stop a instakill it though because it is a Extremely high heal per second. Make sure to throw your Discord and Harmony before you use transcendense

Hybrid: If you have ever played with a hybrid Zen, you should know that he is a great asset to any team. Balancing damage and healing us a very tough thing to do. Really just learn to do Damage than work towards healing and BAAAAAM, hybrid Zenyatta

That about wraps up my Zen guide. If you would like more guides request characters and the most popular character will get a new guide. If I missed anything please don’t be afraid to say so. :wink:

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I’d also suggest adding harmony orb to scroll wheel forward, and discord to scroll wheel backward. It makes a huge difference and is what a lot of high level Zen players do as well.

Also make sure you throw out discord and harmony before using transcendence.

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