Orisa Suggestion

Hi whoever may see this,

I’ve thought a little bit about Orisa and how she works and I’ve come up with an idea for you to test out or perhaps look into…

In regards to her Fortify ability, it is useful as it is, but my idea was to instead change it from a cooldown ability to more of an ability that uses a Resource Meter.
Currently when she uses it she is definitely very tanky and slow (which is the point), but the ability is also Orisa’s only means of escape in certain situations.

Of course she is pretty much fine as she is, but it is rather difficult to get out of situations say, if your whole team happens to die all around you.

My idea was:


  • Changed cooldown ability to resource meter.
  • Speed slightly increased.
  • Lowered Damage Reduction to make up for the increased speed. (Optional)
  • Still able to avoid Crowd Control Abilities. (Earth Shatter, Mei’s Ult, Doomfist Punch. Etc…)

So imagine.

  • You hold it down and after about 4 seconds it depletes.
  • It takes an extra 2 seconds for it to start charging again (to prevent people abusing constantly tapping the button)
  • During recharge, cant use it until it is past half way. (After using the entire charge)

A small bar such as DVA’s would probably be most ideal for this idea.

I believe these ideas would force Orisa players to be more aware of their surroundings and make Fortify a much more skillful ability.

Thanks for your time.

Please leave feedback on gameplay in the General discussion forum :slight_smile:

My bad, I thought posting it here would have a better chance at the idea being heard as I think it’s a decent idea…

This forum is mostly monitored by Customer Support to help with troubleshooting, whereas General/Competitive are where dev eyeballs look for feedback on the game.

Your idea is one of the most requested changes for some aorisa mains.

With the recent knockback changes, I añso think fortofy needs a buff. Maybe this, maybe other.

I’ve played a lot of Orisa, and I’m not sure this has ever been an issue for me. (peak 3450)

Mainly because there’s only 2 real instances when I use fortify.

  1. VS rein shatter. If ever i’m caught off guard, and I don’t have a shield up, or available, I can get the fortify off before the hammer comes down.

  2. When my shield has broken before expected. Generally good shield managements means I only have to fortify if the enemy make a big push, or I’ve misplaced a shield.

Off all the changes i’ve seen requested for Orisa, the only one I think I would like to see if any change was even necessary was to her shield deployment.

And this is because her mobility is so poor.

I would rather it be an extension of her, like Rein’s shield, as she is punished too much for planting a shield too far forward on attack, just for the enemy to step over it.

If your DPS don’t pack a punch, I’m constantly left leap frogging either forward or backwards depending on the enemy rein most of the time