Is it bad to play Widowmaker and Hanzo

currently i play alot of Ana and this is a bit of a problem because i mainly quick scope or hard scope to heal and the skills needed to do that directly corrolate with widowmaker. this doesnt seem like a problem until you realise i play Hanzo, not Widow. i would like to keep playing ana and hanzo but i feel like my muscle memory will be messed up if i continue to play both and so i will be bad at aiming with both charecters BTW- if you didnt know Hanzo is a projectile hero and widow and ana are hitscan. if you know wether this will mess up my muscle memory or not pls help.

P.S. i couldn’t find away to put this on the general discussion part, i think my account was already given parental controls but even after i (supposedly) fixed them to let me post on all pages, it still wont let me post on other parts of the forums, i am only able to post here. if you also know an answer to this please let me know

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