Is Your Website Broken or am I Just Inept?

While browsing the “General Discussions” I’m unable to create a post. The button is dimmed, and there doesn’t seem to be another option for doing so. Even Whilst creating a “New Draft”, my only available options for categories are “Bug Reports” and “Technical Support”.

I would like to make a suggestion for a possible fun little game mode and open it up for community discussion.

Is there legitimately no options for me?
Is my account not granted those permissions?
Is there some sort of bug happening?

In Conclusion:
Please Help.

Always look to the stickies in a forum for tips and instructions :slight_smile:

Looking over the account it looks like you may be logging in for the free weekend? Not seeing that there’s an Overwatch license on the account otherwise. If that’s the case, this would be the reason as its required to have a copy of the game to post in the other forums.