Want to go to blizzard entertainment

I want starcraft, starcraft remake, warcraft triple edition, overwatch, hearthstone, storm hero gift physical edition and digital edition surrounding specific matters! I would like to visit blizzard in the United States for gifts and the chance to watch the game and exchange at the scene of blizzard carnival. Can you give me the chance? I want to get the official invitation email from blizzard USA, can you invite me to visit?

I am sorry, but your post is confusing. If you are interested in attending BlizzCon, the annual convention celebrating Blizzard’s games at the Anaheim Convention Center, please note that upfront ticket sales have already sold out for this year’s event. Tickets may still be available through sites like wtblizzcon.com. The BlizzCon virtual ticket, which allows you to enjoy all of the great panels and esports events from the comfort of your own home, will be available soon on the BattleNet store.

Please note, your post has little to do with technical support, if you have inquires about Overwatch in general, please post in the general discussion forum. If you do not have access please check it this post.