Baptiste immortality/can only post in big/tech sup

Why can only post in bug report or tech support?
My initial post was going to be about Baptiste immortality field, and how OP it seems. First off I’m primarily and support player and am positive I’ll be playing ALOT of Baptiste, really seems like he will be one of my favorite heroes, and I know it’s hard to judge off of ptr play. When there’s 3 imo fields per team being tossed around. But an ability in cool down that basically denies all damage ultimates can’t be balanced. Wouldn’t it be better if it was just a personal invulnerability shield for Baptiste and immortality field could be used for a future support or even tank hero as an ultimate? Maybe with a larger radius and protects a higher percentage of health like maybe 40-50%? Just my own current opinion. I really don’t think we can be too positive either way until he actually hits live, which I can barely wait for.

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