Who Qs with who?

Can we get the function where you see whos Qing with who back? Srsly, there was not even a valid reason to take it out.
Like this we can at least see whos Qing with a hacker or booster to make it easier to ban those people.

For example, Ive just been in a game where we played against lowlvl who was, lets say, suddenly very good at aiming and suddenly got pocketed, some of the team accused him of hacking, I for myself dont really care as Blizzard doesnt do anything against it anyway as it seems. But seeing who is Qing with who would have given us the answer if the Mercy who suddenly started pocketing him after he played mediocre (at best] before was his premate and got himself boosted.

I hope Blizzardsupport finally answers here after there didnt happen anything to the VODs I posted before.

To the honest players, have a good night

Everyone else, leave this community no one likes you.


A little-know trick is you can invite someone to a group in a game and it will tell you if they are in a group already. This also works in comp.

Developers don’t monitor this forum for game feedback because this place is only for troubleshooting installs, patching, and connections. You’ll want to post in #general-discussion or #competitive-discussion.

Not in the slightest bit helpful, because if you might have read properly its about knowing who they Q with.

But thanks for trying.

And oh damn would you look at this suddenly the support can react to something as soon as its against their precious rules. How about you use your time and do something about still not banned hackers and boosters??


+1 for showing whose grouped though

My goal was to give you a way to check if someone was in a group. This is the best you can do right now. Checking if multiple people are in a group can give you an idea of who might be in a group with who.

Green text is for volunteers. But this is still the wrong forum.

Nicole is right, you need to post suggestions in the appropriate forum. We do not field suggestions in tech support. We’re here to get people technical support.

If you are on console and unable to post in those forums, follow these directions.

FInally, you’ll want to watch how you interact with others on the forums. If you don’t keep things civil, you’ll find your posting privileges removed.

Locking this thread for all of the reasons mentioned above.