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Ok. Hi Blizzard, my name is Ryan. I’m a T3 player playing in a pretty high rated Open Divison Team. I have a lot of problems with the game, which I’m almost 100% positive other players also have. First off, the competitive mode is absolutely atrocious. People don’t try, people smurf in very low rated games and completely destroy the experience for newer and and inexperienced players. imo, smurfs should be cracked down on, and to a certain extent alt accounts as well. Alt accounts enable people to not be competitive and just throw games. Next is balance changes. Characters like Doom a few seasons ago and more recently Brigitte have really impacted the game for the worse. I’ve seen literal silver players get Masters or low GM playing her. My thoughts honestly are to just revert every change made since season 3, but obviously that’s not going to happen. (I mean this in the most respectful way) You guys need to stop focusing on money made from OWL and start focusing on balance and fixing your game for the people that actually like it. I personally have sacrificed mental and physical health, social life, and grades for this game. I had the hope I can love it again and maybe just maybe go into Contenders. Also, think about it. If you fix the game, more people will come back, thus earning you more money, which right now seems to be the only thing you guys care about. GGs, please fix your game. ily all c u l8r.

This is the technical support forum which isn’t for suggestions regarding the game.

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