A rant about the technicality of 4 characters that no one cares about

I find that the technicalities of how there are 4 characters that could be heroes in Overwatch but are just over shadowed by some other character to be very bad and would like that to change. These four characters go by the handles D.mon, Casino, Overlord, and King and it would be cool if they could be in the game, but who cares, no one cares about them, there’s like one fanfiction that attempts to talk about their backstories, (btw I wrote that fanfiction and if you want to read it please email me at [Removed by Blizzard - personal information]) and there has not been all that much that has been published about these 4, so please make these 4 characters known. Also where is the technicality of having only a certain few characters with animated shorts while others don’t get any, like I want to see what an animated short for Tracer would look like, I want to see what an animated short for Mercy would look like.

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