No comp for free accounts

thanks to you guys for letting anyone jump in at competitive at free weekends, just lost close to 1200sr due of leaver, quitters, feeders.

After 4 years I say goodbye to this community.
Is really annoying that the reports neither do a good or remarkable change. nothing happens.

good bye, thanks for the ggs

The game already does not permit those on a Free Trial weekend to participate in Competitive Play, any other players you saw in Competitive are those who paid for a license for the game.

Furthermore, reports do matter but you should not expect immediate action taken for players you suspect are violating the Blizzard Code of Conduct. Note, teammates who simply are underperforming is not necessarily gameplay sabotage, they just may not be playing to your own perceived standards. It is more important to constructive coach and support new players and enjoy the game together. Remember, unless you are in a full-stacked group, only you are the only consistent factor in the performance of your own games.

Finally, the technical support forum is where players like myself and Blizzard Support Agents (who are different from the developers) to lend a hand for players who have technical issues (such as disconnections or game crashes) with Overwatch. I suggest posting your suggestion in the general discussion forum.

If in the event you are unable to post in the general discussion forums, please check this troubleshooting guide.