How to do shotgun balance in overwatch CORRECTLY. (If you care to be correct)


Roadhogs primary and secondary fire in his shotgun should do a flat 200 Damage with headshots removed, with his whole hog receiving the same changes, oh and he would only have 4 shots, not 5. (Similar to Zarya’s alternate fire)

Reapers shotgun should do 150 body shot, 300 headshot with lifesteal REMOVED with his current range buff to compensate the balance of the removal of lifesteal with his ult also receiving the same changes.

This would also make hog, Zarya, AND Sigma significantly easier to balance in relation to one another and make hog better against squishes, and slightly worse against tanks, as you’ve wanted anyway.

It would also give them both distinct niches.

Hog would be good against squishies and reaper would be good against tanks.

Make it happen. :clap:t5:

Um no.


Don’t need more noobs severely disconnected from or who have a severe lack of understanding of FPS games either.

But here we are.

Can’t all get what we want friend, only the 1% can.


He edited his statement, this was his original statement:

“Um no, we don’t need anymore one shots.”

Go play CS or COD.


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When I complain about a hero, say hanzo or echo, for example, I don’t complain because he killed me or how fast he killed me.

I complain because of his power level IN RELATION, to other hero’s, how exactly I die in game is irrelevant and in general, how a person dies in any game is irrelevant.

Being decimated by any hero and in particular shotguns and snipes is apart of the game, there’s no such thing as a pleasant death in a video game, get good, and get over it.

Sounds like something you need more than me…


State SR, experience level and if you SoloQ Please, all I care for is objectivity, those who choose to engage in blissful ignorance will be met with obtuse hostility, that they brought apon themselves and that they deserve.

Edit: Nevermind, the dots at the end of your statement only proved the expected fallacy to be true, after viewing your profile via the forums, you’re statistically one of the worst players who play the game (bronze) while I’m in the top 3% (Masters) of players who play the game, all while Solo queuing and still on a controller, G.G.

I have an open profile and did my placements. I don’t care so much about this game or any game or what you say about me on this forum. Simply stating an opinion.


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Great, then don’t talk smack like you’re any good at the game. Lmfaooo… :woman_facepalming:t5: (G.G Secretly means Get Good, noob, but don’t tell anyone… :shushing_face:)


This is a perfect example of why we need all profiles to be public again, lmfaooo…:

“Shut up you gold player, your opinion doesn’t matter”

Well, this is a public forum for those who play overwatch, and I am free to post on here as long as I follow the code of conduct. So, to bad so sad, I’m going to state my opinion.

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And I’m going to debunk and devalue it.

It’s all apart of life. :woman_shrugging:t5:

Also don’t attempt to play victim, you literally just told me to get good and the evidence is in your previous comments, I simply objectively proved you’re bad at the game and that im not only objectively better, but good at same said game… :woman_shrugging:t5: :woman_facepalming:t5:

Please post this in general instead of the bugs section. Thanks

Ah yes, like this belongs in bug report. :confused:

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5 years later…


Unfortunately, this is not the best place to provide suggestions for game features. The Bug Report forum is only monitored by Blizzard’s Quality Assurance Team which tracks for issues such as in-game glitches or bugs as you play Overwatch. Please consider posting your suggestion in the general discussion forum.

If in the event you are unable to post in the discussion forums, please check this troubleshooting guide.

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