Can all players receive exclusives? Or maybe create another event for the exclusives?

One: no this isn’t a bug, I just can’t find the proper category. And two, I think its unfair how some players may have missed an event, didn’t have the money to travel to the place where Blizzcon was held, or they were broke. I missed the Nano Cola because I was on a long trip. Genji and Symetra I missed because I cant pay for the trip to Blizzcon nor did I even know what was going on, and honestly I’m a bit sad that life got in the way. Come 2019 Halloween we got the Sombra skin for free, which made me more frustrated how they let that go, but haven’t done anything else for the exclusives. At least in some sort of update or another event can we try to get the skins? Or maybe add that to the anniversary? If no, great! I wasted my life time and hate myself even more.

Hold in mind that by doing this these things are going to become non-exclusive or less exclusive this way.

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