Roadhog Ultimate shutdown voicelines?

Heya, So this was an idea that popped into my head not that long ago, and I always wondered as to why Roadhog my big boy, hasn’t gotten any sort of ultimate shutdown voicelines? for example, has voicelines for several ults that she eats using her defense matrix. Sigma also has voicelines for when he eats ultimates such as Mei’s, Hanzo’s, Mccree’s, and so on. Now, I thought it’d be cool if Roadhog had voicelines for when he shut down ults with his hook. It’d be pretty cool if this were to happen and how it would make you feel more immersed as playing Roadhog. Coming from a Roadhog player I’d like to see this happen.

Suggestions should be posted in #general-discussion to reach developers, as this forum is only for troubleshooting.

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