PS4 players cannot post to general discussion

There is absolutely no reason PS4 players shouldn’t be allowed to post to general discussion forums. If it is intentional then it speaks a lot of Blizzard.

I’m a PS4 user and I can post on every topic??

Check this out:

I don’t know…can you?

Uhhh, yes? I just linked a topic that helps you fix this issue. Hope it works out for you, buddy.

I’ve connected my PS4 account but the “New Topic” button is not activated.

Check all available solutions on the topic I linked.

Maybe try logging out and logging in? Hello??

Just tried. No luck.

Well idk what to do right now, buddy. :\

It hasn’t been quite 24 hours yet. I’ll try tomorrow and provide and update then. Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome. Anytime. Good luck!

Update. Waited 24 hours with no luck. The only thing I hadn’t done from the link above was setup the parental controls. Once I did that I saw an option for allowing posts to forums. Once enabled and logging out and them back in the general discussion option appeared when creating a new topic.

Thanks for the help Carl69.

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Any time! :smiley: