New player-wtf are these queue times?

So I just got overwatch today. And I’m really surprised how long these queue times are. I understand that they’re trying to match us up with ideal players, but it really makes for such an unsatisfying experience.

I have to wait 10 minutes just to play a 10 minute game… What is that? League of legends queues might take 4-5 minutes and that wait time makes sense considering lane roles. But at least league games are 30+ minutes long?

Literally every other fps game has a game mode where you can just turn on the game, and play. Matchmaking takes no longer than 3 minutes. Games like apex legends often put you in a match instantaneously. And they have 60 players in their matches.

I don’t understand how such a popular game has such bad servers. Honestly really upset I wasted 30 dollars on this game.

I heard that the queue times get better once you get out of lower levels. How long do I have to sit with my thumb up my butt before I can actually play the game? What level do I have to be before I can play the actual game?

I have no problem with waiting- but the matches are over very quickly. Often times the wait time is longer then the actual match!

I really hope that people don’t comment flaming me saying “this is just how the game is” or “if you don’t have patience don’t play the game” .

What happened to standards? Why are people okay with this? I was really excited to play overwatch but honestly all that excitement is gone. I’m probably just gonna go back to playing literally ANY fps so I can actually play the game and not spend my free time running around in a skirmish where players just sit in the spawn area anyway.


Hey there!

Are you talking about the DPS queue time in particular, or all queue times for competitive?

The reason the DPS queue has shot up so high is because around 70-80% of the playerbase actually plays somewhat DPS and the other 20% support and tank/support.

This is why the system is struggling with filling a match. If the players just play DPS less to the point that it’s all even, then the queue times become more reasonable.

That said, it’s the fault of the players that play alot of DPS

It’s not competitive, just quick play. If it were competitive I would understand the long queue times. And yes it’s just for DPS roles.

But what kind of standard is the game setting when they make most of the characters dps? And the most appealing characters are dps. I don’t want to have to play tank or support just to play the game.

I like that they add rewards for people who pick tank or support, but it’s not enough incentive. The tank players just don’t interest me and support characters don’t do any damage. And I bought this game- a SHOOTER so I could SHOOT and do damage lol.

I’m trying to get better with other tanks and supports. Did well with Ana and roadhog yesterday. But the gameplay is so repetitive with them, and I get bored of the match almost halfway through.

Since there are so many dps characters I’d like to get better with a few of them.

Long story short this game is just so unsatisfying because the queue times are longer than the actual matches.

It should be fixed . Maybe if you play a role as tank or support- you should be rewarded with a lower queue time if you pick dps for the next match.

I don’t know how this game has such a big fanbase. I guess people just love loading screens? Smh


A part of the community wanted role queue, of course this wasn’t an issue that could have been seen by the devs or community beforehand.

This game is a shooter, yes of course it is.
But it’s actually a strategy team-game. Meaning that the shooting element isn’t the main part of the game.

There are more DPS hero’s because DPS composition can really make a change. The DPS basically can change the entire comp.

Then in the other hand we have story, so it all depends on how they’ve released it.

Of course there are more DPS hero’s but that doesn’t mean the entire community should gravitate to it. Because as mentioned before, it’s not only about the shooting. Also about strategy and getting together with the team.

And of course games can really become repetitive, especially when the current dev team is too busy with the build of Overwatch 2. This is the reason why there will be less meta changes in the upcoming months.

Sadly enough fixing this problem isn’t as simple as it seems, and if you’d like to suggest something then i recommend you post it in #general-discussion.
You probably can’t access it since you don’t have an Overwatch license linked to your current account.
I’d recommend you check this thread for more information: Unable to Post in Other Forums? Information here!.

If they ended up with adding the system you suggested it could cause even more problems.

  1. Part of the playerbase won’t play support/tank and then go to DPS, resulting in even longer standard queues because others are getting priority.
  2. More people would end up playing DPS knowing that they can finally stop playing so much support.
  3. If more players start to use this then this function actually becomes obsolete, because then everyone will get “priority queue” but that doesn’t make them all faster because they all got the same thing resulting in these queue times again.

Well indeed this game has a big fanbase, and it all depends on how the matchmaker puts you into matches, what rank you are and what platform you play on.
Players just like too much DPS, and if they want to make it normal. Then the player has to step up, people need to stop stepping to the dev’s whilst they could fix it for themselves.
But of course noone takes initiative and keeps looking for excuses, and tell them it’s their fault. Just so they can still be lazy whilst dev’s keep working on player feedback, some say players will never be fully satisfied with a game. And that’s perfectly fine.

Hey, do you play with anyone? I strongly advise you to queue with a friend in a tank or support role. This will help speed up queue times usually by 40\50%


So basically you’re saying I should “step up” and just not play half of the characters in the game?

I guess that’s how the developers intended people to play… To just ignore one of the main aspects of the game.


It’s MY fault that half of the game isn’t playable, I see.
Quit defending this garbage game and admit that this is ridiculous.

I understand that 10 minutes for a wait time isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things… But think about all the other great video games we could be playing instead of waiting.

I know no one’s going to agree with me but I say let’s boycott overwatch until they fix this


Well a big part of the playerbase wanted role queue, so either role queue gets removed or there is forced flexing. Which would restrict players, for now they’ve added while you wait. We know Blizzard doesn’t remove things with 99.9% so the chance that role queue will go away is practically 0.1%

This is the exact excuse used by the playerbase, of course i’m not expecting the players to do it. But if that wont be done then it’ll be like this until an actual fix is found.

Noone knew role queue would cause these play times, but you could always play Quick Play Classic for faster queue times.

The only reason i’m defending this is because i actually enjoy Role Queue, and a fix for it isn’t just that easily put in.

Unfortunately that’s the way it is :frowning: .

I bought the game a long time ago and I definitely got my money’s worth, but that was a while ago. They basically stopped caring about the game over a year ago letting whom ever is screaming on the forums dictate balance and changes. It’s not the same game.

I wouldn’t pay $10 for this, there are much better things out there. You shouldn’t settle either, contact support and get a refund.

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Been playing this game since it came out. I stopped because of the wait times With role queue. Tbh, I thought role queue was a great idea. And I was dumb to think it wouldn’t create a queue-time issue, but it did and I totally never thought about it. I think they should consider adopting something similar to apex. Have a role selection before each match where each player gets to select a role In sequence. You might get first picks between healer, dps, or tank one game and get last pic the next game. But, if done right, you would get the option to play the role you want one out of few matches and you wouldn’t have to wait in a role queue. Idk, just a thought. In practice you’d probably get to play what you want more often than you think because people going first might select tank or healer and leave DPS open. Either way, I think it would solve the wait time issue and deliver a similar experience.

Yup -basically role queue ruined the game. The only ones that really wanted it were the loud 20% that play tank / supp anyway.

They should just make an OW game for dps players only, i’d play that.

I know it’s not #general-discussion but posting a reply as a new topic in another section is kinda pointless.

The best thing they could ever do to reduce queue times, and balance one team to another is further divide the SR matchup system in half or 1/3.

You don’t see 600 sr (bronze) players playing against 1300 (bronze) players. The system has tiers within each rank. If they broke it up more, it would help on both accounts of more even team match making, and spread the dps over various further sub ranks. It’s clear that they are not interested in accomplishing either of these improvements as it has been suggested many times ("…we listen to our players") and have had ample time to implement such changes and not done so.