My ideas for a new tank character Arkos

Hey i get that this isnt where i put character suggestions but i couldnt find anywhere else and i need to get this off my mind. So i had an idea for a new tank hero that is pretty unique and i will be explaining his abilities in xbox format since that is what i use. First off he looks like a sort of spartan look but also like Jaune Arc from the show from RoosterTeeth called RWBY after the 4th season just with a bit of a beard and brown hair. His main atribute is that he is a tank with only 300 health but his shield which is just at a natural side position and gives like about a 30% damage resistance so he would be able to take more damage than say a dps like doomfist or bastion. His left trigger ability is a grappling hook similar to hammonds(wrecking balls) where he can go faster with increased momentum and be able to traverse the maps with ease. His left bumper (LB) would be a combat form switch where you click it he will change from being the fast moving off tank to a more main tank role where he loses alot of movement speed and attack speed but puts up a barrier like reinhardts (his shield originally never was a partical shield but was just a metal circle shield) and the shield sould have health so it sould have a cooldown say like 800 health shield. His right bumper (RB) would summon 3 floating swords behind him and when clicked again would send the swords forward in the derection he was facing and mildly home in on targets dealing about 75 damage. And i probably should have talked about his primary fire first but he is more of a melee focused tank where his primary fire is a spear jab that is pretty quick and does electric damage but in defence mode goes at about half speed. And his ultimate is mire to hold ground amd cut off access to locations where he sends out little discs into the air which create clouds that drop lightning in a certain area dealing alot of damage and meant to close off a payload from the enemy team or to break or hold a choke. And now to his backstory and personality. He is actually american and from New York. When he was of age he went into the military eventualy serving along side Soldier 76 where he was caught in a deadly explosion and lost the right side of his body defending civilians while they escaped. This lead him to being cyborneticly enhanced to save his life, and from this he lost parts of his brain and thus to help the organic part and cybornetic part from destroying each other he had to have an AI implant in his brain to settle the 2. The AI would have about the same personality of Church from Red Vs Blue( another RoosterTeeth show). From his Cybornetics he joins overwatch and serves alot with Reinhardt and Torbjorn while also being an engiuneer who made his own armor with the help of Torbjorn. Arkos sees the good in everyone and in the world. Arkos’s personaltiy itself would be a sarcastic, cocky, and funny but a bit in a douche bag way with clever roasts and witty comebacks. I would hope for him to have alot of random chance voice lines to help make him a real fun character.i have had this in my mind for a while and i would think he would be a real fun character if he was added.

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