Pirate Skin 2-2-2 Comp Complete with Sigma?

Continuing the discussion from We need another pirate skin for a tank:

My friend said something to me today that I thought was genius. It was a suggestion for a 6th pirate themed skin that completes the 2-2-2 comp!

He said, “What if Blizzard gave Sigma a FLYING DUTCHMAN skin… because he already kinda is one…”

As I sat there awe-struck I realized that I had to tell someone about this or post it on a forum somewhere or SOMETHING. It was too gold.

Plus with Sigma being the newest character, I think it would actually make a super interesting and dynamic 2-2-2 comp with the rest of the characters with pirate skins (Roadhog, Torb, Junkrat, Ana, and Baptiste).

We thought it would be amazing if he had no feet but instead a tail like the Flying Dutchman in Spongebob and was green with a ghostly glow. And a hat and beard would of course be killer. We were also brainstorming about his hyperspheres and thought maybe they could be one of those double cannonballs with a chain between them that pirates would use to break the masts of other ships. But these are just ideas please anyone let me know what you think!!!

Sincerely, a fellow pirate lover

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