Not Bug (Story Issue but can't post there)

Dear Blizzard Team,

Let me first apologize that this is going to be a stupid question, however, due to my friends giving me almost endless harassment everyday, I feel I do need an answer directly from the team to settle the issue.

It was brought to my attention that there was a joke email from the team in 2016 regarding Roadhog and Mercy being lovers and as I am a Mercy main, it is getting distressing to have them poke fun at me daily about this.

Can I please have a serious answer to whether that particular lore is true or not? However, if that lore is true (or will be true in the future), I will concede, though unhappily.

Thank you.

Its not officially canon to the lore of Overwatch. Yes there was a reported exchange with a Blizzard Customer Support Team member and a player but that person is not a member of the Overwatch Development team and to be more specific, not part of the creative writing staff for Overwatch. Officially in the story progression it is very likely Mercy and Roadhog have yet to see each other directly (that may change in Overwatch 2).

There are stronger lore connections that connect Genji and Mercy together including what is seen in the Overwatch Comic Reflections (see page 11) and certain voice lines that have appeared throughout the game.

Now to more serious business, if you want full posting access to the forums, you need to make sure your BattleNet account is activated with a license of Overwatch or linked to a game console that has played Overwatch. Please follow this troubleshooting guide for assistance.