Add more languages to consoles (missing voice packs)

For a while now me and many other console players have been wanting and waiting for more languages.

Just like how pc players can change the voice acting to any language for example Japanese and Korean.

So why not on console ?
All that needs to be done is add a couple of voice packs to the game, since there is already voice packs for languages such as Spanish, French and German it shouldn’t be a hard task and much of a problem (although I could be wrong.)

Not only is this a quality of life change, this would be helpful for people who’s first language for example is Korean and and live in Europe/America And find it harder to understand the game in any other language.

Another positive would be for people like me trying to learn Korean become more familiar with the language and pronunciation and just overall help us learn the language while playing the game.

Overall this would be very helpful for a variety of people who need it and want it. Also from my knowledge wouldn’t be to hard to add, but please let me know.

Suggestions should be put in #general-discussion

Ik I thought it did but it’s not working :frowning:

Right, console player. Read this:

I literally can’t I’ve been locked out of my old account because of the stupid blizzard authenticator step it never told me to save a code when I made the account but the only way I can get back into the account is to enter that code …