Changes needed for Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch

I have some modifications that I would like to be made to the Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch:

  1. Add the option to disable vertical camera movement with the right stick
  2. Add the option to disable yaw axis gyro controls
    These modifications allow users to liken their motion to controls to that of Splatoon’s. The first adjustment means that your camera controlled by the gyro cannot be offset vertically by the stick. This is how it is in splatoon, and it does help a lot as you don’t find yourself with the controller flat and looking straight up. There is also no yaw axis. I honestly find this frustrating more than anything as I and many other people I know do not keep their wrists perfectly flat when using gyro controls, which means that the yaw gyro controls just ends up offsetting our aim, as the slightest twist adjusts where you shoot at. These changes would be greatly appreciated and I’m sure many others would agree. Thanks

You can already do both of these… just turn the sens to 0

Turning sensitivity to zero does not give you zero movement. I have tried this. It does not work. Try it yourself.

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I wish it would do that though…
But for some reason, when you set it to zero you still have a sensitivity
And I can’t seem to isolate stick sensitivitiy either

I know you definitely can with the yaw axis, dunno about sticks though

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In Splatoon the right stick doesn’t let you look up/down when using gyro. In Overwatch you can set a 0 vertical sensitivity for the stick, but it’s not really a 0 sensitivity. You’ll still get a bit of up/down turning when tilting the stick.

As for the gyro sensitivity to my knowledge you can set it at 0 for pitch, yaw, or roll to set them individually and this does essentially turn them off. Also, unless I’m mistaken Splatoon actually uses all 3. If you are wanting to emulate Splatoon controls exactly then you’ll need all 3 and I think you may need to turn on or off the inversion for the yaw. By default (for the Switch Pro Controller setup anyway) I think inversion is checked.

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