SR Dropping Unnecessarily

I can’t put any other category other than bug but I know it’s not a bug. So, I think it is VERY unfair that in competitive play, it dropped ALL THREE of my roles because I got disconnected due to inactivity in a TANK role. it dropped my Tank over 50 SR, my DPS 10, and my Support 10. I don’t know why Blizzard thinks this is a good idea. if anything it’s just making people not want to play their games.

The rating system is by players long confirmed to be terrible and one of the main reasons for players to stop playing OW. It is just what it is. Don’t be so focused on rating and try to enjoy the other aspects of the game that actually are really good. Become the very best and find strong friends you grind games daily if you want the SR to go up.

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Don’t be inactive then? Be a help to your team and go do something.

I do have a group I continuously play with. It gets annoying after grinding all day and getting to where I want to be, then an accidental disconnection due to leaving the room for a minute drops SR in the roles I wasn’t playing. And it was just in the character selection. I left the room while in Queue since my friend goes DPS. Longer wait time. I love Overwatch for sure. Even though I get frustrated with it I do come back. Many hours in the game and many fun moments.

That’s sadly enough your fault then. You made the choice to leave the room perfectly know it’s random if it’ll find a match or not.

Your SR cannot and will not be refunded, and it’s not a bug.

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Did I ask for a refund? Most definitely not. I also clearly said at the beginning that I know it’s not a bug but I cannot put it into any other category. So read better next time :slight_smile:

That was done as precaution due to people usually asking it.

Fair enough.

I’m just going against this argumet. Why do you think they made their game so people don’t want to play it? Seems like a company wasting money on projects.

Secondly you made the choice consciously, making it your own fault. Not Blizzard’s, it’s unrightful to talk bad about a company when it’s your own fault.