I am new to overwatch, please help me!

Please forgive me, i have no clue if im posting this or doing this correctly.
Im new to this genre of game, very new. The only thing that i played that was similar is team fortress 2, but i never learned how to play it properly, and due to fear, i only ever found myself playing against bots. Aswell, i played tf2 on the computer, but now i have overwatch downloading on my switch. Im very scared. I have no clue how to play, how to act, and the only videos I’ve found that seemed like they’d be helpfull, basically just told me “if you’ve played tf2 or cod, this’ll be easy for you. Also everyone is gonna wanna kill you, ESPECIALLY your team” and its terrifying. Im very scared. And to make it worse, from what ive seen, i dont think there is any form of player vs bot that i can play to get myself familiarized.
If anybody here has tips for me, please help me out. I dont wanna force myself to learn by chucking myself straight into an open match, then automatically getting verbally beat to death for being a “nood” like i did in tf2. I dont wanna slow anyone down, and i dont wanna make my teammates waste a game trying to be my teacher. Please help.
Again im sorry if im posting this incorrectly, im new and confused.

Hello Mugigane and welcome to Overwatch,

I know the feeling as Overwatch was my first FPS shooter that I have put serious amount of time into and there is a lot to absorb. I do recommend joining the Play Vs. AI modes (in the Training menu) to take time to learn each of the different heroes as much as you would like. Please note, queue times for Play Vs. AI can be very high (as it is not a very popular mode) so you may need to also consider jumping straight into Quick Play or just set up a custom game.

As a brand new player, it is very likely you should be paired up with other players with relatively low experience for many of your starting games (though this is not always the case). Remember in Quick Play, you must form a 2 Tank, 2 Damage, and 2 Support composition and queue for one of those possible roles. I would recommend starting with Tank as most heroes in that role are slow-moving, straightforward, and have a relatively simple learning curve (except for Wrecking Ball, he is a bit more complex). By queuing for the tank, you will be able to take time to identify key factors such as where the objective points or payloads are located along with the general map terrain. Of course, if you feel more comfortable in Damage or Support, consider playing those roles instead.

As you are starting out, the F1 key will be important to remember. This will bring up the hero ability list for your currently selected hero. Also, keep an eye out for the tips displayed between deaths and at the start of the game. They contain simple basic tips to get you more familiar with your hero, opponents you were eliminated by, etc.

As you continue to learn over time, be sure to learn from your teammates and listen to any constructive feedback from them (of course, it is possible that some players may be abusive and you should report them for Abusive Chat). Also, be sure to consider avoiding the Competitive Play mode until you are absolutely confident in your skills as a player (don’t just jump in once you reach level 25). In the long term, if you find that you are really enjoying Overwatch, and want to learn more from the game a great way to understand how Overwatch is played is by watching official Overwatch esport matches like Overwatch League and the Overwatch World Cup. If you own the PC version of the game you can download the “viewer clients” for the Overwatch 2019 World Cup or the Overwatch League 2019 Post-Season (note both tournaments played on older patches of the game) to see how the pros use a variety of heroes and coordinate together. Also, you can watch the past broadcasts of the Overwatch League on twitch.tv/OverwatchLeague and a great deal of the commentary is really helpful for teaching players how to play the game in general.

Right now you are posting in the technical support forum. This forum is primarily where players post asking for technical help such as game crashes and disconnections. The majority of the Overwatch player community does not post here, so you may need to ask additional questions in the general discussion forum. Please note, if you are finding it that you do not have the ability to post in the main forums, please check this troubleshooting guide:

I hope this was not too overwhelming, but hopefully, these tips are great starting tips, in general, to get you familiar with the game and enjoy it. Remember, play fair, play nice, and have fun!

Cheers! (^^)v