Don’t know why, but I’m mad at the potg system

AMy play has gotten stolen 3 straight times

1st one - I get a 2 man with death blossom and 2 solo kills, my play is stolen by a Reinhardt that damaged those 4 people and apparently assists are more valuable then elims

2nd one - I kill literally FIVE PEOPLE WITH ONE DEATH BLOSSOM, and an Ashe gets play for killing 2 people with bob

3rd time - me and sombra use our ultimates all at once, I get a triple, and she teleports away, but the play just showed her using EMP and teleporting away, after that you a hear a loud TRIPLE KILL, even though she didn’t even damage them

And I notice whilst writing this that those all happened by people getting assists from my kills

EDIT: I looked over the highlight were I got 5 kills, MY HIGHLIGHT WAS ME STEALING SOMEONE ELSES DOUBLE KILL, WHAAT


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